Rebel Wisdom for Our Heroic Journey

Today I’m pleased to share with you a video clip of an interview with Richard Tarnas – one of the most influential and perceptive cultural philosophers of our time. In Passion of the Western Mind (1993), he presented a vast overview of the history of western thought and culture, with predictions of where both were heading. In 2007 he published Cosmos & Psyche, which traces the connection between cosmic cycles and archetypal patterns of human experience.

The following clip (at the end of this post) references Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey,” and discusses how we as a planetary body might now be in a mass “death & rebirth cycle.” How is it playing out? Look around!

The hero’s journey justly applies to our current situation. If you’re unfamiliar with the hero’s journey, here it is in a simple diagram in which our “hero,” trucking along in his mundane life, finds himself called to an adventure. He must leave all that he’s known up to this point behind to answer that call. The adventure is deep, profound, and wrought with danger.

The Hero's Journey
Of all the depictions I found online of this “journey,” I chose this one because of all the “tentacles” reaching for the hero at the most critical juncture.

This grabbed me because when I was a kid, my eldest brother – an accomplished artist – would create comic strips about my young life as I was “coming of age,” and he would include this exact image wiggling around the edges of my journey, to depict the dangers I should beware of in a culture filled with meaningless distractions (a raunchy carnival in his comics). I dearly loved these “graphic tales” he created for me and treasure them still.

Back to our collective story: this is just a 7-minute clip of a longer interview where Tarnas discusses how our collective mess (my word) can be related to the hero’s journey model. Is this a mass death/rebirth (or “near death”) experience for the planet and our species?

As an “Ascensionista,” I would say yes. With a bit of an alteration to the original form.

Notice in the diagram that the hero goes through the “unknown,” an “underworld.” A shamanic dismemberment / kundalini awakening very much fits this scenario, and how often have I likened this whole ordeal to a vast collective kundalini “dismemberment”!

My “edit” to the standard form would be that our heroic humanity does not return to the normal world, but rather, we will traverse the cycle in upward spiral fashion and arrive at a more refined level of existence: 4th density, aka 5D – our NEW “NORMAL.”

We will pass through “atonement” into “at ONE ment” – or oneness, in which we will truly deeply understand that what we do to others we do to ourselves as well. We can and will find buoyant cooperation in this oneness; the opposite of the egoic competitiveness we know now.

We are ONE in the sense that we all consist of the eternal “God stuff” of the cosmos, and these egos we currently bear are, essentially, our illusions of the underworld of separation we’ve been unconsciously traversing for aeons.

(Review: 4th density is the next collective evolutionary step up according to the Law of One. In the dimensional model, the 4th dimension is the realm of the psyche, dreaming, and afterlife territories. “4D” is a vast mental/emotional realm that is hardwired to 3D, whereas 4th density actually refers to “5D” – the fifth dimension – which is an entirely “other” space that leaves the 3D/4D birth/death/rebirth “trap” behind.

I consider 5D to be the first available platform for those of us graduating from 3D… but 5D is not “home,” it is another construct we can hang out in if we choose, or use as a springboard to other realms, including HOME.

To understand HOME as opposed to other levels of this multi-tiered construct, please consult the Ja’li messages offered on this blog.)

Ok, here’s the video clip of the Tarnas interview:

The full 55-minute interview is here.

Tarnas’ Cosmos and Psyche website is here.

Support for this work – so very appreciated and helpful – can be offered here as a one-time “tip” or on an ongoing monthly basis.

Thank you; may you be abundantly blessed~


2 comments on “Rebel Wisdom for Our Heroic Journey

  1. Ascensionista? yes! Can I borrow this term?

    Since you brought up $D and 4th Dimension, Why wouldn’t humanity ascend to 4D before 5D? Or, rather not label 5D as 5D, but something else? Are we skipping a step? If you rather not address this yourself, could you refer me to a source? This concept has confused me for a while.

    peace, l


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