The Skyworld

I’ve been captivated by this eagle dancer dancing to Skyworld for a few days now, and keep finding my way back to it for another experience. It touches me with its flowing beauty, considerable male power, and the sweet female voice singing to the ones who reside in the Skyworld. I admit to having deep responses to Native American rituals and performances, but I have a hunch you’ll love it too. Very brief.  ox:W

(blurb for clip) We’re not promised another day on this earth, but we can only hope that when we lose the people we love that we will see them again! If your heart is hurting for your loved ones who have gone to the other side camp, be encouraged that you will see them again! Dedicated to all the missing and murdered Indigenous women around the world and anyone who has lost a loved one! Beautiful song by Theresa Bear Fox’s Sky World sung by Teio Swathe. #mmiw

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