Connecting Your Bio-body To Your Lightbody

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I shared this with my Inner Circle Community a while ago and intended to film it, but time moves fast and I am entrenched in so many exciting projects, that a cut and paste is the best way to distribute.

There is a process that I would like to share with you that I believe is very timely to coincide with the energy shifts and solar activity we have been receiving. We are entering a time of collective energy and manifestation. This is not just about our human race. It starts within our own experience.

Our energy fields have been operating separately of one another.

There is nothing wrong with that; it is just how we evolved and adapted to our environment. But that environment is now energetically changing. And, the earth, surrounding planets and solar frequencies are assisting us in this transition.

This meditative process is designed to help you merge your energy bodies to allow for easier direction of your physical material in alignment with your higher purpose. What does this mean? Well, all of us have a divine plan. And in order to fulfill that plan, our higher self can direct our physical bodies to respond to the calling of our consciousness and intentions.

Shortly after the New Year, I was guided in meditation through the process below to connect my physical material to my lightbody or non-physical imprint. I have had some very interesting results and powerful experiences. I am excited to share this process with you!

First, it is important to note that, although we are all now vibrating at the same speed, we are still unique in our soul record, intentions and sensory abilities. So just because I experienced this a certain way, or someone else does, does not mean you will have the same results.

However, I believe that if practiced, it will energetically assist your physical material to become more easily directed by your consciousness.

What this means is that your higher self becomes involved in the process of materializing physical energy; as opposed to your mind directing the material, which has been the problem for many of us over the years.

It’s far easier for the higher self to direct your physical imprint and over-ride the mind when the time space reality between your physical and non-physical energy is decreased. You will also open the field to Source energy, clearing the path to pure information that will assist your physical experience.

Typically at the New Year, many of us make resolutions about our physical bodies. We are going to get into shape, eat differently to lose weight or finally heal that disease or pain. Although these are great goals, they are very open ended in their interpretation and implementation. What works for one does not work for all.

Your higher self understands how your physical material must be directed to experience the fullest aspects of your divine record. Instead of making and following a plan, you may find yourself guided to information, simply craving the best foods or wanting to exercise in a certain way. If you are struggling with a disease or illness, notice subtle decisions you make that take you in a new direction.

Here is the process:

1. Sit in meditation and invite all of your guides, teachers, masters and collectives in. Ask them to assist you in facilitating this process. You can also ask them if this process is appropriate for you right now. Listen for confirmation of this. Sometimes confirmation comes from a gentle voice outside of you or a subtle feeling inside. If the guidance is no, trust and respect that you are going through your own transition right now which is more important than doing this process.

2. As you breathe, focus your attention inside. The heart chakra is a good place to start. Once you feel centered inside, slowly move your attention to the very edge of your physical field. Your goal is to be focused in the space between your physical body and non-physical imprint that exists as light. There is a field there, or a barrier. Keep your awareness in this space that exists just outside of and around your physical body.

3. Notice how this space feels to you. For me, there was a very thick, dense material I experienced. This is a field of information. Does this information feel heavy, cloudy, light, clear, or is it non-existent? Just stay in this space for a while and notice what is there.

4. Now imagine a sieve that becomes available to you at the root chakra. Open the sieve and allow whatever material you are immersed in to begin to drain through the sieve. Be the observer of this process, as information that exists between your physical and non-physical field becomes released. This is information that no longer serves you. It has blocked you from integrating your light imprint and allowing your higher self to direct your physical material. Sit and observe the process until you receive an indication that all of the information has been released or cleared. How does your energy field feel to you now? Is there a void? Is it lighter or clearer? Is there space? In step 3, if you noticed light or could not feel anything in the space, that is OK. Stay with the process, as you are in the midst of transition but not fully integrated yet.

5. Now imagine a sieve opening at the crown chakra. Golden light begins to pour into this newly opened space between your physical and non-physical energy bodies. As this begins to take place, call forth all of the organisms and cellular structures in your physical body. Invite them to become a part of this process at the outer edges of your physical field. Sit and observe as the light fills this space until you receive an indication that the process is complete.

6. Now that the light is present, feel your physical material becoming like a magnet connecting your body to your higher consciousness or non-physical imprint. For me, this was the most visceral and intense part of the process. As my two bodies merged, I had a full kundalini experience as each of the chakras aligned and the time space reality between these two energy fields became one. Sit in this energy for 7 minutes, if possible. Or listen to the specific guidance that comes in for you.

7. It will take approximately 3 full days for the muscular tissues, cells and organisms to come online with your new structure. During this time you may feel extra tired or need specific nutrients and extra fluids. Listen to your body as it undertakes this process. Also listen to your own guidance as it may take more or less days for you according to your unique structure.

Once the process is complete, begin to notice how you are making decisions about your physical material or any subtle changes you bring into your routine. These are directives from your higher self. Trust this.

No need to force.

No need to push.

You aren’t alone in this, to figure it all out by yourself.

Resist less. Allow more.

ALSO: There’s been much reference (mainstream!) that this planet’s magnetic poles are shifting noticeably. Micheila addressed this in an extensive channel in 2018; that message is posted HERE

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