The Difficult Journey of a Profoundly Gifted Healer

Perhaps you’ve heard of an absolutely amazing German healer by the name of Bruno Groening (or Gröning). He healed people (and animals) by the thousands since he was a boy, just by being in their presence and “radiating a divine wave” to them. He never accepted payment – not even free-will donations. He was a humble servant of God who lived from 1906 to 1959.

Image result for bruno groeningHis “sending center” was his throat, which blew up like a puffer fish when he worked or spoke about his work. I’ve never seen anything remotely like this elsewhere and I’m quite sure you haven’t either! Just mind-boggling to witness!

Bruno’s life was filled with victories – healing many thousands of the previously hopeless – many who suffered incurable illness and also a heartbreaking glut of disabling injuries (physical & mental) inflicted by two brutal world wars.

So many lives lost; so many more doomed to live in agony.

Overshadowing his entire journey were endless attacks by the “powers” that went after him relentlessly to ruin him right from the start. The crucifixions just never end for Christed beings, do they! Or many benevolent endeavors, for that matter.

Much to reflect on here re: humanity’s endless battle between good vs. evil!  .. and what’s possible.

All is captured in the documentary I’m sharing with you now.

This is a long 3-part film. I wasn’t sure I could hang in with it, as it’s in German with English subtitles and each section is about 90 minutes!

I admit I was a tad grumbly about this at first, having to read everything while trying to SEE everything as well! But, turned out, I just couldn’t stop once I got started. I find his life, his mission (which he had known since he was a small boy), and the abundance of details, vignettes, and wisdom shared of such high caliber, I spent a big chunk of yesterday drinking it all in and still wanting for more.

Spiritual healing has fascinated me forever. I’ve had numerous first-hand “miracles” myself; I know this is quite doable. But lately I find myself in chronic pain of so many varieties, and have had no success in clearing it. It’s been quite difficult, frankly, and disheartening.

This film restored some of my struggling faith re: living out my life in this condition, and I share it with you now because I believe we could all use something inspiring to focus on.  AND:


The documentary just went up yesterday and is available to view free for the rest of this month only. It was produced in the 90’s, I’m guessing. It’s a gold mine of a faith infusion – faith in a benevolent God, and great love for a selfless man who embodied it. How Bruno died is no less incredible than how he lived.

May you be inspired to believe as I was. What a piece of work is man!

BTW: If you do not see the captions once the opening titles are over, click the CC option at the bottom of the youtube window to display them, and use the little gear icon to bring up a list of languages for the subtitles if it doesn’t default to your language of choice.

Love… Whitehawk

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

5 comments on “The Difficult Journey of a Profoundly Gifted Healer

  1. Am watching the first one now. Thank you Whitehawk. Just because he has passed on, no reason why he still cannot help people. No harm in asking for yourself eh?


  2. I found it in English… just do a youtube search for Bruno Groening documentary film. Thank you for pointing it out… I lived in Bavaria for a while and attended a group… He is still very active!


    • BlueMorpho, I found numerous excerpts and trailers, but not the whole 4.5 hour documentary in English. If you have a link to the full English doc, I’m sure many would appreciate it! W :)


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