Download Your Upgrade

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon by [Dispenza, Joe]

Time Sensitive

Just a brief intro, as the clock ticks re: free access to this interview of Dr. Joe Dispenza enthusing about breaking through your habits of limitation.

If you’re in a place where your “normal” feels too small, tight, stagnant, or incessantly stressful (hellooo!), take a deep dive through your personal portal into the Quantum Field to merge with your SUPERNATURAL SELF.

You have 24 hours (if not a Gaia subscriber) to soak up this encouraging, inspiring session between Joe Dispenza and Lisa Garr in on GAIA TV.

GO!    oxW :)

One comment on “Download Your Upgrade

  1. Hi W,
    This is the second time this message about this interview came up for me so I need to take a look! I was able to see him give a speech live once and his ideas are so powerful. I recall taking notes about how often he mentioned cats while he was talking, lol! If he is about cats, you cannot go wrong :)

    peace, L

    PS Have been thinking of your health challenges that you shared on a previous post and have been sending love and compassion and healing energy your way,


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