Fear, Chaos, and Steadfast Love

Passing along this message recently received by Sophia Love during the wee hours.

As for myself, I’m spelunking some personal tunnels and caves – and feeling pretty quiet while involved with this. Seems everyone I know has recently gone noticeably, viscerally deeper into this mysterious experience in which we’re all participating, in our own unique ways. It’s as though we’ve shifted into another energetic octave; it’s unmistakably different.

I sometimes seek out an innocent, nostalgic thing or music or event to just pause and appreciate it for what it represented back in time; its role in my heart and my world… I feel it fading as a natural process and want to hug, honor, and thank those sweet moments and learnings from my “road well stumbled” 3D life.

Bless you, bless all with so much compassion…  Whitehawk


As you will soon read, I was woken up for this message. This hasn’t happened in quite some time. I had been woken a few times in the previous week or two, but did not ask who it was. I think I will start now to do so again, as the energy is changing and apparently so are the rules for contact!

With love and appreciation for all that you are,

February 11, 2019 approximately 2:00 AM

Is someone wanting to connect and keeping me awake?

Yes! We are here Sophia! It is us! Your family in the Pleiades. We’d like to tell you some very exciting things. We have been wanting to share these things with you for some time.

You’ve woken me a few times, haven’t you?

We have. We know it is not your favorite time.

No, not really.

Yet tonight we feel rather urgent about contact.

Okay then, hi. Please go ahead with your reason for contact. You have my attention.

Yes, well, this will take some time to explain. As we witness your current planet in what appears to be escalating chaos, we simultaneously watch a most extraordinary circumstance. It is a reaction of some sort to the escalation of energy that looks like fear. The reaction is more of a response, we suspect, and it is showing up naturally.

That is, it seems to be a by-product. Something automatically occurring in the lightworkers/volunteers who’ve shown up for this moment now on earth. It is showing up in equal volume to the fear (meaning the fear/chaos that is present on the planet right now), and it is power. It is steadfast love. It is pure light.

This is not something that any of you are trying to do or even attempting to carry out (meaning consciously and on purpose).

It seems to be an effect that is triggered by the escalation into chaos that occurs now on earth.

Please hear what we are saying as we feel it will encourage you and even validate your purpose.

It is as if there is something that had to happen. A recognition perhaps of a moment or circumstance or specific level of demonstrable fear. (And) that this level, once reached, has had the effect of turning up your light’s force. And without any conscious effort you are working as a team to carry Gaia through her transition.

You are in the midst of that moment right now. You have been synchronized somehow, without even noticing and are showing your true colors in your private moments.

It is as if you can’t help it. You can no longer pretend. There is no outside force that can hold you down.

This light that you are emerges now, and you and Gaia put on a brilliant display!!

We see you, dear, dear humans.

You astound us with your determination and your light.

Even now, when on the surface what you witness is darkness and horror, you have proven, once more, and finally, your devotion to your mission.

It is a beautiful thing to witness.

We wanted to say this so that you will trust these new inner thoughts, feelings, desires and responses as they show up.

You are in the right place and it is the right time.

We thank you for your service to the whole. It is a privilege to witness.

We love you.

Thank you.

Goodbye now.

Goodbye, Sophia and friends.

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2 comments on “Fear, Chaos, and Steadfast Love

  1. Things are different. And I feel incapable of engaging the fear. I didn’t realize I was shining light, but now that they mention it…. Nice message.


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