Timeline Bleed-throughs / Impossible Things

“There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

In recent days two astounding “not possible” things occurred, both involving the city I grew up in, and have left, returned to, left again, returned again, left yet again… in what I believe was my final exit.

But thanks to the internet and social media, I enjoy keeping up with the home turf (and its characters) fairly regularly.

The two “surprises” I’m sharing here happened right on top of each other – within, I believe, 24 mind-twerking hours.

The Office Building

One day last week I was reflecting on my mother’s career, and what an achiever she was, and what she accomplished. She also enjoyed her work in which she made worthy contributions to an important cause, in her roomy corner office-with-a-view in a well-known high-rise professional building downtown.

The hand-drown city skyline in a pastel shades. #81267661

I thought about how, during vacation days from grade school, I’d occasionally “go to the office” with my mom, to see her in her element and perform little tasks for her like stuffing envelopes. I remembered how she helped boost my Girl Scout cookie sales by posting the order forms on a bulletin board. I thought about the commute by rail she made every day for years, and how much I looked forward to hearing the click-clack of her high heals as she came up the walk every evening. Yay! Mom’s home!

Simple daily life memories like this. Aw.

During this reverie, I hopped online to look up that building where she spent her days; the building I visited numerous times as a kid. It was an easy find because it’s a standout in the city’s skyline. Then I discovered I could read all about this building’s history, too. With a quick click, I dove in.

Which is when IT happened.

According to this building’s architectural/historical write-up, it didn’t even exist until the year I graduated from high school and shipped off to college!

The account of all the steps that led to the manifestation of this building was very detailed, and there was absolutely no mistaking the building in question. But the date of its opening for business was off by about eight years, according to my experience, my mother’s career, and the zeitgeist of my youth that was integral to her work!

This in itself was a major mind-bender.

Then the other shoe dropped.

The Upscale Restaurant/Neighborhood “Joint

This one was just plain crazy. And it points to some kind of substantial timeline shift or merge in just the last few months.

Earlier this summer I read a very favorable review about a restaurant that had opened in my old neighborhood – an upscale jazz club with a grand piano, a beautiful bar, live music, and a pricey menu. I was astounded at the incredible vision that someone had, to take what used to be there (a particularly funky old cafe) and create THIS out of it!

And now, just a couple of months after making that discovery, along comes info on Facebook about that very same location – except now it’s a casual beer & burger establishment that was advertising its daily specials! I clicked over to its business page on FB to see if it might have just opened … to discover it had actually been there for quite a while. The “new” jazz club simply didn’t exist. Like, ever.

The “1-2 punch” of these two impossible realities hitting my reality was quite something, let me tell you! It was *quite* discombobulating to digest it all.

I know this “Mandela Effect” subject is nothing new at this point, but having these two unmistakable examples of it smack into me was, you know, a deal.

I’d love to hear your experiences of impossible things, if you’re willing to share in the comments!

Reporting from my little perch in the upside down

6 comments on “Timeline Bleed-throughs / Impossible Things

  1. Whitehawk, Hi! How interesting and indeed discombobulating it must be for you! … challenging your memories! I have not had experiences such as yours… other than… last week , I was talking to my daughter about an 1837 rebellion in a small town having left bullet holes on its old church porch, and the day after, watching a TV program showing that same old church emphasizing on the bullet holes! Regular synchronicity? Thank you for your blog!

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  2. I absolutely feel your discombobulation! Last week was a doozy for me, as well.
    ~An almost complete gas station popped up overnight on a route I drive to and from work 5 days a week, where only an empty lot had been before. It will be opening in about a week from now, and I have never seen it before.
    ~In talking with my husband about a well-known spiritual teacher, I recalled watching her videos in the late 90s, and not being particularly impressed by them, although my now-ex-husband loved them. Turns out, on this timeline, she would have only been 15 or so at the time I remembered watching her as a grown woman. I very clearly recall her videos and watched them for many years, but according to this current timeline, she is much too young to have had a full library of videos when I recall watching them.
    ~This one happened some time ago, but one Friday evening, my husband and I were talking and wondered why no one had ever explored Venus, which seems like a logical next step in space exploration. We both grew up fascinated by space travel, and are both well versed in current scientific avenues. We started looking around on the internet, and were shocked to discover that not only had Venus been explored, there are currently drones deployed to the planet’s atmosphere regularly! There were a number of articles and videos detailing the attempts by several different countries to penetrate the atmosphere, and photos sent back by those that were successful.

    This stuff happens to us more and more regularly, and now we can tell when it is likely to happen. It’s fascinating stuff! Thanks so much for sharing your stories!

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  3. I’ll have to think about my “impossible” thing, for a while – before I write about it.

    But when it comes to a Mandela Moment, it is strange that the timeline is NOT affecting everyone, perhaps just being in a slightly different phase helps holds us in place?

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