Expanding an Inspired Mind

Regina Meredith offers a worthy 38-minute flow of ideas to take on board as we navigate into a new decade of vast potentials and streaming energies.

Be love! Bless all – including all YOU ARE and DO!

Join me in intending to pour our light-infused creative juices into the living pools of time, that all may revel in the results. ox:Whitehawk


How many of us have ended another year feeling as though we haven’t manifested the things we promised to do at this time last year? I would venture to say, nearly everyone! Why? Because we are not taught how to use our minds.

We are born into this world without an instruction manual, without any deep memory and without an understanding how our very mechanism for living and creating life works – our Mind. In this video, Regina explains her views on how the mind works and how habituated and repetitious thinking is our only obstacle to an otherwise more creative and satisfying life experience. She draws from her own experience, the Hermetics, Bruce Lipton, Amit Goswami, Don Miguel Ruiz and the late Patrick Flanagan. A new world awaits whomever is willing to think a new thought a day! Enjoy!

2 comments on “Expanding an Inspired Mind

  1. Thank you, I practically crawled over here! But alas the spark from my higher mind that told me to come back to your site and see if maybe something there could help to break the circuit, as your posts have before. And what do you know!? Something so perfectly delivered and coordinated with my current state of being. Thank you again Whitehawk. May you be blessed in this joyous play of dreaming awake!


    • Hello dear Andrew – I truly relate to the ‘crawling,’ things can be (have been) wicked harsh! I hadn’t posted in months because I’ve been quite challenged, myself. Positive feedback makes my heart sing, so – win/win! Thank you for stopping by, and may 2020 bless you in abundance. Whitehawk

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