WOW May 27?? Penny Kelly’s “waking message”

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wakey wakey

CORRECTED to accurately reflect the date Penny received her message: it was on Wed, May 6 – not the 8th as I previously posted. The 8th is when she posted her video. This change rippled back to the title of this post, which has been changed from 5/29 to 5/27, if her “3 weeks” notice is to be taken as an exact date, which I of course don’t know. Apologies for the confusion! ~W

On May 6, Penny Kelly was awakened with this message that came in “as clear as a bell.” Seems to me this very well could be related to the experiences shared in the previous post. (Sophia rec’d her message on May 9 – very close in time.) Numerous people have been receiving “wake up and hear this” messages, of late.

Penny shares what she was told, and then goes into how to best respond to current events  … which may well be relevant re: keeping our VIBES HIGH when something totally unprecedented happens … and how to thrive after this event occurs. Her lens leans into politics, which you may or may not appreciate, but I’ve learned that Penny’s POV is worth serious consideration. This video includes her research and observations re: primary political players and historic trails that may well be overshadowing today’s sociopolitical atmosphere.

Penny’s book, The Evolving Human, was the first detailed American accounting of a kundalini awakening and how it can impact a life. I read that book voraciously and repeatedly. She went on to write numerous books about the unique mentorship she received from numerous “beings,” specifically elves who taught her organic farming and brown-robed monks who showed her visions of the future.

Penny’s website is here.

As always, view with discernment engaged:




5 comments on “WOW May 27?? Penny Kelly’s “waking message”

  1. Yes, it’s about informing ourselves.
    Yes, history has been skewed.
    Yes, we need to grow our own food.
    Yes, we need to be aware.


  2. Growing our own food for city people is somewhat of a tall order. Is it not? We sure will have to develop our skills! But I choose to trust! May whatever event happens, happens with as much ease and grace as possible! Thanks W.

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    • I agree, it’s not an easy transition for a planet filled with people to just MAKE. But may I mention that there are vertical gardens that grow veggies in tubes about the size of rain gutters (one hung below another) that can be hung from walls (the exterior wall of a house, and I’ve even seen an example of one of these strung from an apartment window) and produce quite a bit of food. Even hydroponically.

      I’m in the country now, and trying to grow some food, but it’s a very small amount that wouldn’t sustain me if I had only that for food to eat, even just over the summer. I like the “staying positive” mindset (not always easy, especially of late) for affirming and believing that your needs will be met, you’ll have creative ideas that will surprise you in their brilliance, etc, as that consciousness can “create miracles.” Keep the faith and remain open to happy surprises. Why not? Love, W

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