Hark The Heralds

Whitehawk here, sending breezy greetings from my blog perch.

Pondering synchros, those seemingly unrelated coincidences that come on in boom-boom-boom rapid succession to gain attention. My stream of consciousness concerning yesterday’s curious stream of phenomena follows; a video about event tracking is offered at the end.


Good Omens (Amazon Prime)

Yesterday brought a flurry of versions of the word herald, which were seemingly complemented by a few synchronistic vignettes in nature. Busy day for this observer!

noun: herald; plural noun: heralds
  1. an official messenger bringing news
  2. a person or thing viewed as a sign that something is about to happen

Yesterday two people with homonyms of the name came under my nose – one whose first name was Harold; the other whose last name was Herrold. This morning WordPress put a blogger’s post entitled Angelic Herald in my Reader feed as a suggestion. Three in a row – enough to make my mind go hark! (Edit: 2 more came in within a 24-hour window.)

Then in nature yesterday afternoon, I passed a black snake fatality on the road (sad), spotted a raven perched on a fence next to the road (different location), and upon returning home, discovered that two bird feeders on 7-foot-tall metal poles had been ravaged by a bear (black) at some point during the day. (Three black animals in “feature roles” yesterday.) The poles were pulled out of the ground (one bent into a bow shape), the feeders had been opened and emptied, and general chaos dominated the yard as numerous smaller critters scurried about, seeking what might be left of the spoils for their own dinners.

So: I’ve got synonyms of “herald” in my awareness, coupled with two encounters with what many would consider omens of death: a black snake (snakes are symbolic of Kundalini/Life Force… also Eden/end-of-innocence); a raven (often associated with death – particularly due to a bloody or significant battle), and a black bear, which could kill most any other creature around, if so moved. I’ll classify the bear as more a potential threat.

Now, with the immense & intense dramas going on behind the scenes of the global stage currently that may be about to *blow* the winds of change right up our (masked or not) noses (some if not most readers know the nature of news I’m obliquely referencing here), these possible omens may well be squarely on the beam!

Further rumination on receiving “prophecy”

As I write this, I’m reflecting on the recent accounts of two unrelated sources – women believed to be psychically gifted – who received spontaneous messages from a voice that just “interrupted regular programming” with the bulletin that something major was coming by the end of this month (May 2020).

Finding this an evocative coincidence/synchro, I posted about it here on this blog. One of the women was told this would be an event of cosmic/planetary significance. The other believes it will involve disclosure of a 3D variety.

I know we’re all sooo wary of prophetic dates, as many have come & gone without (noticeable) incident… but my personal MO is to take note of things like this, so if we’re suddenly facing some heart-pounding, mind-bending jolt of an occurrence, we’ll recognize it as something we’ve at least had hints about, which might keep us from just expiring on the spot in shock.

Small mercies. :)

BuoyA bit of forewarning can be helpful to reach for if a storm hits. Kind of like holding onto a buoy if the boat capsizes – you’re still wet and bobbing around in the waves, but hey, you haven’t gone under and you aren’t adrift!  You’ve got a grip on a reference point, at least for the moment. Wobbly as it may be, it does carry you forward to the next unfolding moment.

When I reflect on these two “big event immanent” messages spontaneously received as voices, I hold numerous possibilities about them in mind, ie:

  • these women may have really received relevant prophetic information
  • could also be some negative or trickster entity messing with them (I’ve experienced this a few times; quite disconcerting) to plant seeds of fear
  • could even be that unholy DARPA/MKULTRA “voice to skull” technology (aka “Voice of God” tech), where some agent or asset speaks into a microphone possibly miles away, beaming a message directly into someone’s head (using some kind of nano-address they have on that person), which the target hears as a perfectly clear voice. Imagine how many victims have been driven mad by this torment. They’re around. Some dark agency implants alarming predictions (or instructions to do something, a la Manchurian Candidates) into chosen people’s minds.

All of these scenarios and others are possible. I’ll just leave this at that.

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Ole Dammegard interviewed by Sacha Stone

In this interview, Sacha Stone interviews Ole Dammegard about Ole’s eagle-eye tracking of events around the world, his dot-connecting among them, and his predictions re: what’s likely to come in the wake of them. Ole – possessing a notably placid face & manner – reports on his observations from a “street level” perspective. This isn’t about sources in higher planes or covert insiders providing scoops on the future. Sacha is the polite interviewer/listener in this video, tho he does inject his POV energetically during a few minutes toward the end. How could he not; he’s Sacha Stone.




On goes the great awakening. As we in the US remember our servicemen this Memorial Day weekend, let us also remember to honor our own spirits, which have served in so many heroic ways in so many timestreams… not something to forget, at least in essence if not episodic detail!

Blessings upon you,



12 comments on “Hark The Heralds

  1. Woke early this morning and read your very interesting post. Then had a big nosebleed in my right nostril. When did I last have a nosebleed? 40 years ago?

    Bizarre! All fine now. No idea what caused it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Curious indeed, Pod! I’ve had them for decades (also right nostril)… sometimes waking from them in the middle of the night. Once this happened upon ending a particularly intense phone call. Dunno! Maybe (since the topic here is synchronicity) something in this post reminded your body of something? Something to take note of? If anything “dawns” for you re: this, I’d be interested to hear more. <3


      • Right nostril = right brain = feminine

        It is also the side I get my optical migraines on. Just had a sobathan. I think we are getting big downloads.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well I have to say that I have had the worst day for nearly a month now. Great grief from my feminine. A loss of power too.

    WE in Scotland are due to start to come out of lockdown on Thursday, in about 3 days. I am so happy it is beginning to happen. I write a Facebook page for Dumfries, and I am always eager to maintain a positive outlook and keep people “connected”

    Then I met a stranger when I was inspecting the gardens at the station and I said how happy I was feeling that the end was in sight and he said “Until the second lockdown”

    I had never heard of it but what became apparent was that he was, in some dark way, enjoying the whole drama and did not want life to go back to normal.

    I think such consciousness is probably more dangerous than the virus.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I certainly relate to your comment Pod. I’ve been feeling rubbed pretty raw by all the friends that are in such deep fear over current events. Some are, let’s say, half “awake” re: certain matters, but still firmly stuck in old stories that they just can’t let go of.

      Too… there are people who are *relishing* the *plague vibe* and discuss it in a harrowing terms as they can muster. Why anyone would enjoy pumping up this hellish scenario, I can’t imagine. But they’re out there.

      May you find a soft. peaceful place in your heart-mind to curl up in and “watch the wheels” as the saying goes… or not, if you so choose. I like to have a good sense of what’s happening but try to not let it “stick” all over my field. Be aware, release. I’m trying. :) Of greater concern (interest / hope!?) is where it’s all heading for humanity at large. Where we get off this bus, where will we be? What will we see? Will we be able to navigate freely? So many questions. Can drive a bird mad :)
      Love, W


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