Penny Kelly’s Update re: Pivotal Event Prediction

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[Editorial insert: I really unleashed in this post, and may come back later to hose it down a bit. Regardless, I’m publishing it as is.. at least for now.  Whitehawk]

Penny’s experience of receiving a booming message three weeks ago (as covered in this blog) garnered much attention and speculation. We waited to see what might happen. (Her latest video re: this follows.)

I know, by my familiarity with Penny and some insights she once offered regarding my personal situation, that she’s worth giving a listen to about impressions that intuitively come to her.

So, what about that 3-week “biggie” message shared on this blog on May 15?

It appears the highly suspect and convoluted George Lloyd “murder” under a knee of a uniformed officer is proving to be a trigger event of great significance. Let’s be honest: the world has been a powder keg for some time now. This latest event has served to set off an incredible stream of polarizing activism that could conceivably escalate into a civil war across the land/s, and citizens will have to stand for what they believe in ways we haven’t had to before and probably still cannot as of yet imagine.

Anyone who saw that disturbing and downright odd video coverage had to have noticed numerous details that seemed just plain unlikely about it. Now, I don’t know if Floyd really truly did expire after being taken to a hospital after this oddly passive scene (echos of the Epstein mystery: what really happened there?); the officer with one hand in a pocket, so casual, and Lloyd offering no struggle; other uniforms standing around passively looking on… and more just plain oddness around this event.

And, the subsequent info released on numerous channels that the two “key players” of this event had actually known each other for years? Was this a staged event that went too far (Lloyd’s unintended death)?

Then, elsewhere… a man in a gas-mask is seen setting the first fires in Minneapolis – another loaded story swirls around him and his actual identity. 

Anyone who really looks into this Lloyd matter, and all the “riots” that have ignited in the wake of it, can see how orchestrated it seems (and continues) to appear. I’ve become something of an amateur “digger” into all manner of weirdness going on, since first becoming aware of Jeffrey Epstein’s expansive and incredibly dark role in activities prevalent among a huge swath of “elites.” OMG, what a horrific eye/mind-opener.

I’m soundly convinced at this point that most of what is scripted and “fed” to the population via mainstream news outlets is calculated fiction, geared to keep us in a state of palpable fear and anxiety. I could spend days endeavoring to explain all this and WHY it’s going on, but many others are far more educated re: all of this than I, who have been reporting on the astonishing increase of socially engineered dramas being aggressively projected into the mass consciousness. They’ve done a massive amount of footwork and documented/recorded it for all who have the wherewithal to LOOK and LISTEN and SEE the efforts going on behind the curtain.

This is ALL about getting a certain dark faction securely in roles of total power and control of an entire planet’s populations. I encourage everyone to research, by which I mean, research the citizen journalists, the edgier channels and platforms, the outliers who are not being force-fed pure ca-ca on their teleprompters to feed to the non-discerning public. Please dig and learn – the witching hour is upon us.

This Lloyd event and the “righteous” instigation of riots/fires/all-round violence has been planned and planted by hidden hands (Soros’ prints are all over much of it, as they were re: Pussyhats: “Racist” & “Transphobic” Feminists Say | National ReviewBlack Lives Matter, Me Too Movement, Mass Border Migrations, on and on) to get their program for a New World Order firmly on track. We think we’re “liberals for justice” by aligning with these “causes,” when we’ve actually been playing into the claws of the dark side and energizing opposing sides; we need to stop being pawns perpetuating duality.

While at it: Bill Gates and his cronies are NOT our allies; they are eugenicists who intend to cull the human herd by many millions. And Gates’ current fortune of over $100 BILLION will DOUBLE if he’s allowed to continue his vaccine-every-single-person-on-earth agenda. His true motivation is unrivaled, unimpeded power over life itself.

This isn’t a so-called conspiracy blog, but this year – this MOMENT, and who you choose to BE within it – is ALL IMPORTANT. I sooo encourage readers to curtail exposure to their “old familiar” news outlets and talk shows (the propaganda arms of the DS/NWO) and seek out the truth re: the real unfolding storm we’re in… the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Think all the lofty thoughts you like, but each one of us is now being called to take a stand for what’s careening at us and will impact the future like nothing has before.

Righteous anger is appropriate and needed. Anger moves energy. We need to know what’s TRULY happening and choose what’s best for ALL, not complacently let an iron-clad matrix far more severe than what we’ve had for millennia claim dominion over every “asset” upon this planet. Do you consent to dehumanizing domination of yourself, your activities, and future generations?

THIS NOW is the plot point when it all starts solidifying. It’s up to US to BE AWARE and NOT CONSENT. If we’re at the brink of a timeline split… make your highest intention for the future CLEAR for the universe to respond to. I’m thinking, if we end up participating in the dread NWO, we must’ve let it happen ourselves.

When the impeachment failed, “they” unleashed a long-planned pandemic to keep the fear and anger raging… and when the ever-changing CV story started wearing us down, “they” reactivated the old RACE card (Lloyd/ Black Lives Matter), to get us worked up and taking sides about that issue again. POLARIZING the people as much as they can conceivably manage to do.

Many relationships among families and dear friends have become strained to the breaking point, we’re so torn apart by our opposing perceptions of global affairs. Which is a highly desirable outcome for the bad guys. Divide and conquer. We must not let it be this easy.

This is ALL ABOUT social engineering… about herding vast numbers of people into situations inciting hatred and rage, herding humanity into the “internet of things” matrix where there is no freedom of expression or movement, under tight control by implanted/ injected nano-tech for their social credit scores: Who may work? Who may pursue livelihood appropriate for their soul’s expression? Who may receive pay? Who may have a family? Who may receive medical care? Who may purchase food?? Who may board a BUS? Who can cross the street into the next suburb????

China is modeling a miserable hell re: all of this; it’s the model the NWO is counting on expanding across the planet.

To get populations divided and killing one another (ie, incited by paid instigators starting the first fires in city buildings, or providing stacks of bricks on streets for agitators to throw at police cars, through windows, etc) makes their jobs easy and their “entertainment” (and loosh) to their immense liking.

We can’t let them keep hacking away at our inherent oneness. This is NOT an ascending path forward; it is a DESCENT for humanity. A reversal. We have to look beyond the headlines and mass media BS being foisted at us 24/7 and really see how we are being MANIPULATED and commit to ourselves, our souls, and all living beings on (and including) the blessed Earth that this will NOT BE PERMITTED.

I do go on. I’d love to hear readers’ POVs. If this post triggers some to leave their subscriptions to this blog, perhaps leave a farewell note in the comments? ;)

Meanwhile, here’s Penny’s update on her “In three weeks know who you ARE.” We are coming to the razor’s edge of a critical shift in humanity. Are we cattle or are we sovereign souls, free in this universe, not consenting to being dominated and diminished by a dark cabal?

Talk to me dear souls. So much love… Whitehawk


10 comments on “Penny Kelly’s Update re: Pivotal Event Prediction

  1. Last night I was “led ” to see what David Wilcock was up to and lo and behold he had posted a video a few hours earlier. David is a “character” of sorts but he referenced the 2020 Grammy awards and a review of Tyler by Rolling stone magazine. I researched it independently and my mind was blown. Could you add some of your vetted resources for readers to explore on this post?

    blessings, Linda


  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Yep, the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative, the contrived impeachment fiasco, the plandemic that locked down America, and now, the CIA-MKUltra’ed pack of Antifa, mind-programmed youngsters setting fires in POOR neighborhoods, attacking police, burning cars, looting family businesses and this is somehow a “liberal” agenda? Wake up, snowflakes, you’ve been had… snookered into believing a marxist, satanic agenda is somehow “good” for humanity. It isn’t, never was… the global satanic elite have NEVER had our good on their minds, just power and more control. Eugenics, sure; kill babies, sure; burn-down cities, go for it! Are you kidding? Follow or support these so-called “liberals” who insist on censoring everyone who doesn’t mimic their narrative and you’re just like them. Useful idiots.

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  3. This disintegration of the old system is sad and scary in some respects but we have to trust that the fire brought on by these events invokes the change and we will be supported through it all. At least that’s what I am telling myself. :) When Penny mentioned she was thrilled by the meaning of the protests, I understood her: Last Friday my soul was so happy, despite everything: deep joy. Not sure what I am so happy about except that “its finally here”. Blessing all


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