Designing Reality

Listen to your higher self


A couple of weeks ago I listened to a QHHT session (hypnosis; Dolores Canon method) between Suzanne Spooner and her client Beverly on youtube. QHHT sessions first explore another life stream (past/parallel/future) that holds relevant connections to the client’s present life… and then proceed on to consult the client’s higher self, which typically delivers information of a higher level and broader scope.

I found myself skipping forward in the recording because Beverly’s past life material was going on too long (about 80 minutes) and was too subjectively detailed for my jumpy attention span.  But then enter:

The Designer

When the session came to the part where Suzanne starts talking with Beverly’s higher self, something unique happened. Beverly’s delivery became strikingly mechanical/robotic/choppy, and the information coming through was relatively unique, regarding what we are, what this “reality” is, and how events show up here.

I’m sharing two videos pertaining to this QHHT session. The first one is the two women discussing what happened during that session, as it was worthy of deeper discussion/exploration. The video below that is the session itself.

Regarding time: If you, like me, prefer to skip the small talk and get to the essence of a topic, you can jump to minute 10:40 in the first video to beam in on what came through Beverly’s higher self (aka The Designer). Suzanne plays a couple of brief clips from that session to provide a sense of The Designer’s style. They go on to discuss various tidbits this designer delivered in the session. This video is of their recap conversation:

Then, below is the original session. It’s long – over two hours. If you, like me, find the past life part going on longer than you can engage with, jump ahead to approximately the 80-minute mark for the higher self. There’s no mistaking the change in delivery style when this aspect comes in. I’m putting this after the follow-up talk above, as the former may serve as an intro to/overview of the latter.

My Own Errata :)

While here I’ll share a couple tidbits of my own as “sidebars” pertaining to the session and subsequent conversation.

Molecule/Creational Particles

Beverly (or rather her higher self) uses the term “molecules” as something humans can relate to, when discussing the process of reality creation. I think of her “molecules” as conceptual/creational particles. In my mind this would be pre-molecular, or pre-physical/form.

The Void/Nothingness

Re: Beverly’s experience of “black nothingness” … this is what my guides referred to as The Void, which confused me at first because my mind perceived “void” as a place into which things could disappear, ie, a black hole. The guides corrected me saying the void is a zone of pure potentiality into which we add our own ingredients in our process of creating something (whether or not we do so intentionally), and we could think of the void as an oven into which we put our ingredients to “bake” into form.

Cylinders & Engineers

One of the more curious parts of the session (to me) pertained to “cylinders.” A few months ago I had an experience of a cosmic nature that involved my being in a cylinder that was filling with a swirling gaseous substance. I’ve pondered numerous potential explanations for this (most of my experiences do not come with narration, manuals, or subtitles to help me consciously understand!)… Beverly’s discussion about cylinders added another possibility to the mix.


The extremely mechanical nature of the Designer’s voice brought me back to my first major deep-dive into the nature of reality, which for whatever reason is my abiding quest in this life: to really get how this is all happening! (Just this morning I awoke from a dream where I was repeating emphatically, “Quantum. Quantum. Quantum.” I remember nothing else but I seemed to be attempting to drive something home in myself!) 

That early “ignition switch” for me was entire library of SETH books by Jane Roberts, starting with Seth Speaks. I was given Seth Speaks in college (40+ years ago!), and it became the most highlighted, worn book of my reading career. I brought it everywhere with me to pour through during any spare moment. ANYWAY… Beverly’s Designer reminded me of the occasional appearance in some Seth sessions by a level of consciousness Jane referred to as SETH 2, as it was a much higher (and rather robotic, distant-sounding) level of communication than typically came through Jane’s sessions.

Corona Virus

Because this “event” has been of universally major impact, it’s covered at some depth here as a collectively created experience. Interesting.

Hope you find something useful in all this… please drop a comment if anything speaks to you or brings up questions.

Blessings & love,



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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of this. I found it extremely deep and well worth the time to listen to every part of it. Thank you whiteHawk for bringing this to all of our attentions. 💗Anna Justina

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