Thought I’d share the following from German graphics artist Jurgen Ziewe (now in England), not only one of the most experienced and skilled out-of-body adventurers around, but also author of illuminating books featuring his fantastic experiences and reflections on their significance.

He is currently involved in creating full-blown virtual reality experiences that recreate some of the “astralscapes” he has visited.

I’m sending links to two of his videos: the first (above) is a sample of drifting through a beautiful astralscape, even further enhanced by its soundscape. It’s very nice, but he’s now endeavoring to upgrade his system to allow for full-immersion, Avatar-quality environs in virtual reality.

I’m intrigued by the possibilities re: this, as it allows people not yet adept at OBEs (out-of-body experiences) to have similar adventures, which may bring us all closer to initiating our own OBE excursions to fantastic etheric realms.

(I’m confused by this new version of WordPress… it seems I’m supposed to upgrade [$] for the ability to include videos now… but “something happened” and I DO have a clickable live screen above, but it didn’t happen by dropping in a link, as it always worked previously. Don’t actually understand what happened… ??? Guess I need to spend time with WP to figure it out. Erf)

The second video, linked below, is of him explaining what he’s endeavoring to do via his exciting new project. This man and his abundant gifts –– his ability to have endless, at-will OBEs; his gracious way of sharing those experiences in his books, including meetings with people/souls/beings in various realms and their potential significance to us; his impressive skill at recreating beauty via computer-generated graphics; and his current passion to recreate the entire gestalt in virtual reality for all to enjoy (and aspire to?) –– is worth sharing and supporting, which I’m happy to do!

Overview of his work and this project:

Please visit Jurgen’s YT channel to see more of his wonderful offerings there. BTW: I noticed his YT link to this project is goofy; it just links back to youtube. This is the correct link for his VR project.

This is Jurgen’s original (almost overwhelming!) website, multidimensional man

I’ve now fiddled with this post so much, I’m basically hoping it’s reasonably coherent when I finally hit ‘publish’!!  Maybe visitors will let me know in comments. Further post-publication edits may occur. :)

See you in the upper worlds!

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