Enki Girl in an Enlil World

I just stumbled upon a bunch of free episodes of Gaia programs on (subscription supported) gaia.com. I included the link to them below. Watched the first one in the lineup, about the Enki/Enlil Sumerian creation story – an interpretation (many believe the truth) of the Biblical Garden of Eden myth.

Enki & Enlil were the sons of Anu, the great ruler of a galactic civilization we know as the Anunnaki (“children of Anu”) whose home planet is the mysterious Nibiru, which travels a lonnnng elliptical orbit that passes right through this solar system approximately every 3600 years. Anu dispatched these two sons to Earth (“giant gods from the stars” by earth-dweller standards) to establish a new domain for the Annunaki to develop and dominate.

Enlil’s MO was to use violence to break the “lowly beasts” (primitive humans) into becoming slave laborers to mine gold, build Anu’s new empire (for Enlil to rule), and otherwise stay out of the way.

Enki, on the other hand, focused on genetically enhancing the primitives with highly evolved DNA to produce an evolved, peaceful, and productive race.

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Jai Ganesh, Obstacle Slayer

Decades ago, I was given a curious dream. It was very brief but included an ‘instant replay,’ which has never happened before or since. In it, an elephant stormed across my mental screen from the right, straight into a tall brick wall to the left, which crashed down into a heap of rubble. Instant replay: same scene repeated, as tho to ensure I’d get it and remember… which I did.

That is to say I remembered the dream but had no idea what it could mean at the time.

Some years later, I learned about Ganesh, the ancient Hindu god known as The Remover of Obstacles – a revered protective deity in elephant form. One of India’s most worshiped, respected, and – I venture to say – busy gods. I figure that, quantumly speaking, the copious love lavished upon this being over millennia surely ensures that Ganesh sustains a vast reserve of spiritual clout to bestow upon all who come to him for assistance. The highly benevolent energy is t/here to be circulated – why not join the flow?

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