Enki Girl in an Enlil World

I just stumbled upon a bunch of free episodes of Gaia programs on (subscription supported) gaia.com. I included the link to them below. Watched the first one in the lineup, about the Enki/Enlil Sumerian creation story – an interpretation (many believe the truth) of the Biblical Garden of Eden myth.

Enki & Enlil were the sons of Anu, the great ruler of a galactic civilization we know as the Anunnaki (“children of Anu”) whose home planet is the mysterious Nibiru, which travels a lonnnng elliptical orbit that passes right through this solar system approximately every 3600 years. Anu dispatched these two sons to Earth (“giant gods from the stars” by earth-dweller standards) to establish a new domain for the Annunaki to develop and dominate.

Enlil’s MO was to use violence to break the “lowly beasts” (primitive humans) into becoming slave laborers to mine gold, build Anu’s new empire (for Enlil to rule), and otherwise stay out of the way.

Enki, on the other hand, focused on genetically enhancing the primitives with highly evolved DNA to produce an evolved, peaceful, and productive race.

These two opposing motivations caused much conflict between Enki & Enli, and much chaos on Earth.

Enlil is said to so resent Enki’s efforts to bump human evolution and abilities up a few notches that he, the wrathful Enlil, brought on the event we know of as the Great Flood, intended to clear the planet of all evolving sapiens – and everything else while at it, what the heck, only a planet loaded with life! Enki, meanwhile, provided warnings and blueprints for an ark that would save at least some of his beloved higher-consciousness humans (and other life forms) to re-populate the planet when the water receeded.

Oversimplified of course but this is the essence of the situation as I grok it. Also, some believe the Enki/Enlil roles are the reverse of mine, but of course – they are mistaken, ha!!

I’ve a long-held interest in Enki & Enlil… and sort of identify (just occurred to me here) as “an Enki girl in an Enlil world,” meaning, enlightenment – not force/brutality – is the preferred (and ultimately the only viable) way forward (Enki’s hope & plan for humanity). Yet the powers that be in this world continue to forcibly maintain Enlil’s dark preference for bondage/control/opposition/punishment… In other words: loosh (energy of fear & suffering) for himself and his ilk to feed upon.

Any of this ring any bells, regarding our current circumstances?


I believe (at least I tell myself!) we’re now witnessing the last gasps of this entire Enlil legacy that has wreaked endless havoc for hundreds of millennia. The perpetual keeping down of humanity presents the challenges from which we will rise and release ourselves, to usher in the dawn of peace.

Or – perhaps our ascent is into a more refined frequency in which peace already IS, while the denser realms of 3D continue to harbor overwhelmingly negative forces, for further “learning experiences” to those who still need them.

Anyway, check out the freebies linked below if you’re curious enough to peruse spiritual/cosmic/ancient mystery themes. This page features George Noori’s ‘Beyond Belief’ and a variety of ancient mysteries/civilizations programs, among others. There are likely other free programs grouped elsewhere on Gaia that I haven’t seen. Who knows, you may end up subscribing, as I have on and off for years.

Here’s that group of free Gaia programs; happy browsing :)

How ’bout we live the Light as best we can and leave all the blood sport in the rear-view.









PS! I haven’t blogged in quite a while, and have “lost” the categories and tag functions. I actually managed to begin begin tagging at one point, made a goof, and now tagging isn’t where I found it in the first place to edit goof. Have never seen ‘categories’! Put in query to WP help. Meanwhile, kinda hangin’ here… w/out those features. If anyone can direct, big gratitude to you. W

6 comments on “Enki Girl in an Enlil World

  1. Soooo glad you are back W, blogging in your own unique way, contributing to the greater good. Gaia has such interesting programming, I do not currently subscribe but this show sounds really good to me.

    WP keeps flipping the script with its editing functions. Do not get me started. I would definitely contact them to assist. :)

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    • Hello, also I am wondering about page 60 of Kundalini Rising. And the forced yoga posture and cracked molar in regards to a better connection with the Pleiades. You are talking about the ET Pleiades? they are the good guys from what I hear. I’ve had 3 extraterrestrial experiences as well. Started in 2014. One in 2019 and one beginning of new year 2021. Take care would like to hear more.


  2. A nice surprise email from you today! Welcome back! Especially with the Ehlil/Enki story. I remember the Wes Penre Papers from way back also. Wasn’t their mother the Queen of Orion?? Some think she was the one who created our planet. And some call her Sofia, I believe. I’d have to look it up. Anyway, it’s a good story!

    On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 9:44 AM Winging with Whitehawk wrote:

    > Whitehawk posted: ” I just stumbled upon a bunch of free episodes of Gaia > programs on (subscription supported) gaia.com. I included the link to > them below. Watched the first one in the lineup, about the Enki/Enlil > Sumerian creation story – an interpretation (many believe th” >


  3. Hi,
    A few years ago I read your blog that included the description of a book, and now I can’t remember the name, I bought it at the time, loaned it out and wasn’t returned, 🥰 the part I remember most was the government take over with nanobot technology, the sun had changed so Caucasian people could not go outside, there was a self sufficient community on the west coast hiding from the government, any help in letting me know this book title would be wonderful. I want to reread it, I sense it is about our world today.
    Thank you

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  4. Hello White hawk, been studying the Kundalini yoga after my 3 month awakening in 2003. Awesome page here, love the ENKI and ENLIL story from Sumar in ancient mesopotamia. Really surprised me when I seen this link, I picked up all of that from Dan Winter, been studying ET politics and history since 2017. Found your name in my book here called Kundalini Rising. I also spoke with Dr Lee Sannella over the phone back in 2004. His book Psychosis or Transcendence is pretty much a cornerstone in this subject. Hope you are doing well, would like to chat. Get to know more about you so I can write a short article? Or YouTube video? Take care.


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