About Whitehawk

About Whitehawk and the Energies of Transformation

(I keep intending to whittle this ‘about page’ down to a low roar, but meanwhile… it is what it is.)

Whitehawk is a lifelong questing spirit whose various modes of professional expression include writing, editing, publishing, software & web site development, group facilitation, and producing/promoting evolutionary media & events. She considers herself an agent of change primarily, and her passion is ignited by creative collaborations that resonate with the tone of this blog.


Integrating the infusion of Spirit with form (i.e., via kundalini, spiritual emergence, and other transformative awakening or ascension experiences) comprises the conceptual hub of the wheel here.

A profound awakening is descending throughout our world – ready or not! Relative to this increasing merge with Spirit (higher planes & consciousness) on earth, Whitehawk’s interests include learning to gracefully negotiate kairos (the fertile moment); increasing her multisensory, multidimensional, and manifestation abilities; applying such gifts of Spirit to healing by any means available; “deep meeting,” plumbing the greater depths and heights of soular awakening, and probing the intriguing & impending galactic phenom of a dimensional shift.

Also dear to her are innocents & innocence (including one’s own); animals & nature; indigenous cultures; clean green cuisine; juicy reading; exploring the quantum edge, and of course — convening with inspired friends & colleagues to ignite synapses together toward illuminating ends.

And: “Laughter is carbonated holiness.” ~ Anne Lamott

Parallel Planes …

Awareness of other dimensional realms began when Whitehawk was a baby; her earliest memories include leaving the crib and flying around the house. As time went on, the breadth of her OBEs (out-of-body experiences) grew to include other cities, countries, and continents; other time frames, other life frames, and reality systems that exist in parallel to our own. Befitting her bestowed name, she has traveled on the wings of her spirit her entire life. One of her more common journeying “themes” involves assisting souls cross over when they leave the physical plane (for an example, click here).

Whitehawk believes her somewhat atypical spiritual trajectory (other-dimensional awareness in particular) has been preparing her to serve as a conduit – a passage for flow between earth and incoming energies during the penetrating, all-encompassing shift that is now live online. The sheer scope of this event is so “unimaginable,” it’s easily dismissed as lunacy by those who can’t open to the possibilities of the literal quantum leap at hand. Whitehawk’s only response to this is … all water finds its level.

The imminent interdimensional fusion (‘ascension’ is actually a fusion of higher frequencies with this one) is bringing tremendous and challenging change to us all. The essence of life itself is being reconfigured; evidence of this percolates throughout the universe. How these events will be perceived, received, and integrated (or not) depends upon variables including each soul’s own inclination. Whitehawk’s ideas are not for everyone. She offers her experiences and insights to serve those who feel resonance with them, or are seeking expansion of their own parameters of consciousness. When ‘shift happens,’ she knows from experience, a seeker’s search turns to nonordinary channels for clues.

Ignition: Kundalini

Soon after the turn of the millennium, a lengthy, profound, and often harrowing initiation with kundalini – the transformative, electromagnetic, living & highly conscious “energy of transformation” – dominated Whitehawk’s life. This mysterious and powerful force of nature lies idling quietly at the base of the spine until activated by any of a variety of triggers, often associated with spiritual practices.

Once awakened – like a power pack plugged into an unfathomable energy source – it is virtually guaranteed that one’s life will be profoundly and forever changed… which was the case here. Her reality-changing experiences and learnings via kundalini are integral to her current perceptions, and catalytic to her emergence as a voice on behalf of the massive shift underway. She now believes ‘new’ galactic energies are flowing into and through the local universe, triggering human kundalini energies by sympathetic resonance, in what amounts to a mass evolutionary ignition.

To clarify: this galactic energetic influx is real; its impact and effects on life are where observation, experience, and hypothesis come into play.

Revelations – ‘revealings’ – are moving through people from the inside (where there’s no denying something is happening), outward (to the collective) in an unprecedented evolutionary wave. This will be happening to/for many who are not prepared for such an awakening; perhaps not even aware of the possibility in the first place. This scenario, en masse, could resemble entire populations on hallucinogens while simultaneously exhibiting a highly peculiar series of physical symptoms, even illnesses … all of which lie beyond the purview of the AMA.

This is a very big, very confusing ordeal – a mass “shamanic dismemberment” of sorts. Dismemberment tends to be necessary for re-memberment (remembering the Source of our origins) or re-creation (of integrated wholeness; a balanced life and world) to occur; this transformative event is not served by band-aides, intellectual rationalization, or denial.

Fortunately, Whitehawk knew what was happening early in her kundalini activation, and received tremendous support from her Guides during the several years she spent working through it. She now understands she traveled this passage ahead of the curve to enable her to extend a helping hand to subsequent waves of others – perhaps you? – as this intricately choreographed series of events escalates over the next few years.

A dance with kundalini ultimately permeates every aspect of life once it begins. The experience is extreme, profound, daunting, frightening, revelational, expansive, and ultimately the most wonderous immersion possible with divinity ~ the blissful unification, the return to unified oneness with the All. If kundalini is of interest to you, a helpful resource for your perusal might be here.


The name Whitehawk was given directly by Spirit during a powerful meditation in the early 1990’s. Prior to this, visions of – and visits from – numerous white birds had been a recurring phenomenon, the first being an  encounter with a Bird of Light on a vision quest in New Mexico in her 20’s. The understanding was given that this was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Whitehawk’s overall intentions are to live lightly & love largely; explore the holographic & sacred nature of reality; support & celebrate the spectrums of energy and Light now penetrating our rapidly-evolving planet, and co-create a healed world — one that works for the highest good of all.

A personal accounting of some of her experiences with awakened kundalini (entitled Deep Light and the Great Retruthing) appears in the anthology, Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening, published by Sounds True.

May your awakening be divine.


whitehawk blu

Please support this work; thank you for the acknowledgment and encouragement
to keep writing & providing information for your journey as an Awakened One!


25 comments on “About Whitehawk

  1. greetings whitehawk.

    empath & ‘gnostic’ here. Im trying to work out what is going on. Googled ‘2012’ ’empath’ and hit this site. I reckon that an age of peace is emerging. I guess there can be no lies between empaths Take care whitehawk.


  2. Thank you for the inspiration of your wonderful words which resonate with me. I appreciate the clarity you bring to complicated subjects. You eloquently express the unfathomable joy of our awakened future. Some of the beings from other dimensions have begun to appear in my photos, igniting a quest for me to understand what I am seeing.
    In the One~
    Planet Dove


  3. I had a significant dream several, maybe 9 yrs ago involving a Native in full head dress, two boys my oldest 2’s ages (now,and at the time I only had one baby, now I have 4 boys) and a white hawk and more. This remained significant. Last night I had another deep significant, frightening dream involving an almost robotic white hawk that morphed into a speeding bright whitish/blue light that met other lights like this. I felt as though I needed to act. I googled it and it lead me here. I have been reading several posts and feel a deep connection, spiritually to all of this, even all the symptoms. I am a Christian, that has stumbled over different things and my mind is open. I know something has been transpired inside me and have felt so much change necessary in my life. I write, do photography but professionally I take care of people. I am a single mom, my husband lost his mind and got abusive and apparently got addicted to drugs. The last time I saw him he told me (while he was arguing with something that wasn’t there or I coudnt see)that I had to die and my four sons were the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I, for 10 years have researched 2012 and do not believe the world will end but believe the evil ones will be removed, hence a new earth. I believe a lot of things, painful things will occur for years to come. But I know that they are necessary. I feel things before they happen but lack confidence and question myself because anyone I’ve tried to talk to thinks I’m nuts. Recently though I met a woman on the same wave length. I have felt the need to distance myself from worldly people as well. I am confused and trying to understand. I feel I was lead here and normally I am a very skeptical person but even the stone image on your page seems familiar. Am I nuts? This is the 3rd post I read, I am going to read more now :)


    • Dear WHWL: Your ‘robotic hawk that morphed into light’ dream strikes me as significant (so sorry I’m just now responding!), as we ARE emerging from a loonnng ‘robotic’ period here on this planet, under the control of a tier of power mongers pulling strings & pushing buttons and keeping us performing in a ‘bandwidth’ far beneath our potential! We ARE becoming light, and they ARE losing control. AT LAST! Yaye!

      Your dream reminds me of a very disturbing dream I had many years ago, of a “bird” that was actually a cage itself, ie the bird looked like a bamboo cage full of little birds squawking and clacking for freedom, and the ‘cage’ itself was a living bird of some sort. This happened so long ago but I still see it clearly now!

      Birds (and Native Americans, too, for that matter; so many of our guides come in that form — they have a spiritual lineage that had a lot of things RIGHT) appearing in dreams are MESSENGERS to pay attention to! I’m a strong proponent of dreamwork… documenting and working with dreams is one way of demonstrating to Spirit that we are serious about our soul’s journey. Keep watching, documenting, and decoding those dreams! They offer great learnings.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. Big light ~W


  4. I love your site. Everything you have written resonates with me completly and is actually happening. I have little understanding in these things but they are happening to me and my daughter.


    • Thank you Simone for visiting & commenting. I’m heartened that you are finding resonance here. Beautiful that you & your daughter are sharing this experience — no accident! I’m sure many are craving a ‘partner’ in all this, as you and she seem to be. Carry on! :)
      Love, Whitehawk


  5. Marleemar, hello & welcome. If you would like to communicate, would you please send an email providing me with some introductory info, so I may have a sense of you/your situation? That would be a good place to start. You can reach me at whitehawk22 at earthlink.net. If you get an auto-response like “Who’s Knocking?” please just type in something easy like your name and shoot it back so I know to find your message in my filter (sorry, but necessary). Thank you for connecting, and take good care of your Special K!


  6. Greetings Whitehawk:
    I just read your personal accounting in “Kundalini Rising”. Your description of what is happening reminds me of the writings of another author I have read. I thought you might be interested in reading some of those writings. In the writings the author explains how the Christ soul came to Earth on a mission to reawaken fellow Christ souls who had come to Earth in ministry, but had lost their light. They were the only souls on Earth who could receive a strong enough solar vibration that was needed to redeem the Earth back to its edenic estate. I have attached a couple Amazon links for two of these books.
    Thank you very much,


    • Patric, I have read and studied the teachings of John Todd Ferrier since 1993…There is An informal fellowship that still meets around the world. Mostly in the US and the UK… Contact me if you are interested in knowing more. The message is profound….Love and Light , Carmen carmenlillyap@gmail.com


  7. Hi Whitehawk!
    Wow, what an amazing story you shared in Kundalini Rising! I am type 1 diabetic and the moment I read about your experience with diabetic symptoms it totally caught my attention! I also just completed a year long training program and now I am a certified Kundalini yoga instructor so hopefully this new journey of discovering Kundalini will be helpful in treating my diabetes. I would love to connect with you further regarding this subject so I will also send you an email (which I saw you posted above in someone elses comment). Thank you for sharing your story and I really look forward to talking with you!
    Santa Cruz, CA


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  9. Hi Nighthawk, I am not sure if I have had a kundalini experience or not, I have read many of the symptoms and I do believe I have. I have a blog page that I have written and I would like your thoughts on it, can I share it with you?


  10. Coochamania, I read your blog post about your experiences. First let me say that “kundalini” is “life force,” everyone has it. I imagine you know this.There are three channels that are the primary pipelines that run K up the spine: two minor ones and one major.

    While it’s impossible for me (or probably anyone, truly) to confirm that you had a K activation, my guess is that you had some “engine revving” going on there, primarily via the lesser channels. I imagine you’ve read the post here re: Paul Levy’s experience (Kundalini: Awakening or Psychosis). His K, like many others, LAUNCHED so intensely, he virtually lost control of his life and everyone around him thought he went insane. He was “put away” a few times because his behavior was so bizarre. The point: YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. You have children to consider at the very least.

    I’m saying this because you seem *highly enamored* of your energetic sensations. You are linking Reiki to kundalini, and pursuing Reiki (or you were a year ago, when you wrote that post). I’m not dissing Reiki; I was certified myself around 1980. However, when my K activated and TOOK OVER MY LIFE, Reiki was the LAST thing I wanted. I didn’t want ANYONE dumping additional energy into what was already happening to me. It would be like throwing grease into a fire.

    I don’t want to diminish your experience, but my concern is that you are pursuing something because you got some ‘good vibrations’ a few times and are enamored with wanting more, and wanting to see where it might lead. I have the strong sense that your approach is too naive for your own good. I feel I have to suggest, and strongly, that you tread carefully here. You are flirting with something that, IF it were to FULLY activate that central channel, you will be in a position of having to just let the kundalini drive your body, mind, and LIFE for as long as it sees fit. You WILL lose control, and by this I mean you could get flung into intense and long illnesses – physical and psychological – and YEARS could go by, and your family will be thrust into deep trouble, and it all started because you wanted to keep going after some interesting sensations. You do not understand what you’re toying with. It’s of primary importance to NOT run after the “sensations,” or the “phenom” that can be a side-effect of stirred kundalini. This is exactly NOT the way to go here.

    My strong advice to you is to just do your Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditations or whatever you do as spiritual practice, and do NOT “chase kundalini.” You would likely live to regret it. If it comes on organically, that will be enough for you to manage. But to try to bring it on? I do not advise it. Kundalini is not a game. It’s not a ‘trip to the spa’ or a fun sensation that you can turn on and off at will… it’s serious and powerful (power FILLED) business that might occur after years of sincere spiritual practice. Or it might come on of its own! But please, don’t go running after it trying to coax it; what I’m picking up thru your own words concerns me. Your cart is in front of your horse, which isn’t where it belongs. Please heed my caution. Whitehawk


  11. Hi again nighthawk, I can’t thank you enough for your words. I have read your reply many times. One of my weaknesses is the ability to put into words what i feel. The one thing I will never do is “chase it”. I did read P Levy’s words.. wow that can be terrifying. I can not imagine what he had gone through.
    Would it be alright if I asked you more questions about what has happened to me since? and maybe I could get more clarity. Either via email or right here for all to see.
    There could be some information that’s missing from my story that you would want to hear.
    Thank you again.


  12. A pleasure to meet you. I read this post with great interest, having transitioned through a Kundalini experience myself that intensified over a period of 2 to 3 years. There was certainly a light and dark side to the experiences, however they led me to my calling in life and for that, and all experiences, I am grateful. Thank you for visiting and following my blog…I will return to read more of your inspiring posts.


  13. Namaste Whitehawk! I just read your essay in Kundalini Rising and resonated with your writing style. The site is equally as buoyant, love it. I will read more, and look specifically for explanations of how to cope with all the chaos, cruelty, exploitation and corruption in this world. You seem to have original ideas about that. And I could sure use some.

    Do you ever write guest essays for other sites? Do you have any plans to come to Colorado to teach kundalini? If so, please let me know. alison@deepmindmassage.com

    Your bio says you worked in high-tech before shifting onto this path. I was in high-tech for 19 years in Silicon Valley, and am now shifting to provide brainwave optimization to help people release old neural pathways that are stuck. The brain is self-healing, and brainwave optimization lets it hear itself and find its way to balance and harmony. I am convinced this is a helpful modality to prepare people for meditation. Would love to talk with you about this.



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    • I had a very difficult time for years. Years and years. I don’t know how to further comment on the question… I totally understand the repulsion you feel about going to a job that apparently means nothing to you. I couldn’t work, for reasons I just can’t elaborate on here. It’s profound, what happens during – and maybe especially in the wake of – a period of active kundalini. For me it went on and on, derailing my life, and unraveling my prior opinions about existence & reality. And I thought I was pretty conscious before K took over! I consider the way society and its systems have fractured and crumbled in the last few years to be basically the kundalini activation of a planet. It’s all very wild, and not in a particularly fun way. Also, language fails when discussing the depth and breadth of change kundalini brings. Where is it headed? Daunting to ponder. Bless.


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