Astral Plane

Following is excerpted from The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol 2, by Michael P. Mau PhD.  If it speaks to you, this book is available on Amazon. It gives quite an overview of the battles going on behind the scenes on/around this planet!  I offer it as a nudge to get serious about embracing/serving/being Light and protecting the self from darker energies that may ‘seep in’ to your field and consciousness if consistent mental/emotional/energetic hygiene isn’t practiced. Protecting the Self is an important foundation for Service to Others!  Especially critical for empaths. Times are serious and as such call on us to get with the program. ;-) There is much to consider here; as always, filter through your discernment.  ~ W

The Battleground of the Astral Plane

“The astral plane is the plane of illusion, of glamour, and
of a distorted presentation of reality.” 10  Djwal Khul

In this chapter, we shall discuss the esoteric basis of the current earth changes which, both on the human and planetary scales, are a reflection of the agitation taking place on earth’s astral plane.

Below is a quotation from the Master Djwal Khul.  You are invited to ponder it or put it aside if you do not understand or accept it.  It is a profound statement, that, when understood, provides the basis of why we must go through the deep human and physical earth changes that face us.

. . .  Heat and moisture are present in the production of all forms of life, but the great mystery . . .  is how the merging of three (Cosmic) fires can produce moisture or the watery element.  This problem and this phenomenon constitute the basis of the Great Illusion to which the ancient books refer; through the agency of the combination, the enveloping maya is produced.  There is, in reality, no such thing as water; the water sphere, the astral plane, is, . . . an illusory effect and has no real existence.  Yet—in time and space and to the understanding of the witnessing consciousness—it is more real than that which it hides and conceals. 11

Earth is the only planet in our solar system where water plays such an important part. 71 percent of its surface is covered by water, and much of the remaining 29 percent land, measured by continental shelves, lies under water. The physical body weight of some organisms is up to 90 percent water. The human body contains 60 percent water, the brain 70 percent and the lungs close to 90 percent. About 83 percent of our blood is water, which helps digest food, transport waste, and regulate temperature. Each day humans must replace 2.4 litres of water, some through drinking, the rest from foods eaten.

In esoteric terms, water reflects the ethers of the astral plane. The predominance of water on the physical planet earth reflects the influence the astral plane has on human life today.  As we will see, water will play a crucial role in the earth changes hereon and mirror what happens on the astral plane.

Where is Earth’s Astral Plane?

We all spend close to a third of our lives each day on the astral plane.  During our sleeping hours, most of us travel in our astral bodies onto the astral plane to work or study with friends and colleagues.  Most of us return to the physical plane with little or no memory of these nightly journeys.  Some, however, can return with full accounts of their dreams, sometimes mystifying, frequently symbolic.

At the moment of death, we cast off our physical and etheric bodies, leaving the astral body to work its way up through the seven sub-planes of the astral.  How long we spend on the astral plane depends on the kind of life we have lived on the earth plane and our level of spiritual development.  So “the good, the bad, and the ugly” populate the astrals.

The illustration below depicts the five planes, or form bodies, of earth – the physical, etheric, astral, mental, and causal.  The astral plane makes up one of the five.  These are identical to the five bodies of a human so the drawing depicts the close intertwining of our bodies with the earth’s. (There are two higher planes, the Buddhic and Nirvanic that link the planet and mankind to the great cosmic forces that are not represented in this illustration.)

Earth’s astral plane lies beyond earth’s physical and etheric planes and is said by some to stretch almost halfway to the moon.  Other sources maintain that the astral plane is around 10,000 feet thick.

Diagram 4: The Five Form-Bodies of Earth and Man Intertwined

The astral plane is divided into seven sub-planes and each sub-plane is made up of progressively finer etheric matter, working upward from the etheric plane to the seventh astral sub-plane.  These progressively finer layers of etheric matter overlap each other so there is no clear division between the sub-planes, nevertheless each sub-plane hosts different populations of astral entities and represents entire conglomerates of ideas and thought-forms plus structures and institutions of similar vibrations.  The sub-plane closest to the physical earth is very similar to life on earth while those on the higher astral sub-planes live increasingly ethereal and spiritual existences until they cast off their astral bodies and move into the mental plane.

The types of astral bodies that inhabit or transit through the astral planes are not mixed willy-nilly as on the earth; rather each sub-plane hosts astral bodies of similar vibrations.  One could say that the lowest human criminal elements who pass over to the astral would thus be stuck on the lowest sub-plane until their souls undertake some redemption.  Others who have lived more exemplary lives are grouped on the next sub-plane up and so forth. So the Cosmic Law of Attraction is very much in action on the astral plane.

Diagram 5:  Earth’s astral plane

The ethers of the astral plane are liquid-like, which account for their close association with water on the earth plane and the fact that they are subject to the constant ebbs and flows of desires and the changes and whims of astral inhabitants, especially those on the unstable lower sub-planes closest to earth.  The unceasing crises and emotional swings that sweep the earth plane reflect the movement and ripples of astral liquid.

It has been more than fifty years since esotericists have seriously studied and analyzed the astral plane and its influence on mankind.  Much more research and observation needs to be done into this important aspect of life on earth, especially because of its wistful changeability and multi-mutations.  However, the approach of the end to the Fourth Sub-Round of Round IV coincides with the Twentieth Century, with its unceasing war, mass media, and information age.  These relatively recent phenomena have profoundly changed the nature of the astrals since the ancient sages and, more recently, esotericists have observed it.

The appearance of the astral plane when first definitely seen by the “opened eye” of the aspirant is one of dense fog, confusion, changing forms, interpenetrating and intermingling colours, and is of such a kaleidoscopic appearance that the hopelessness of the enterprise seems overwhelming.  It is not light, or starry or clear.  It is apparently impenetrable disorder, for it is the meeting of ground forces.14

In fact, it is on the astral plane that the real battle between the Light and Dark Forces has already taken place and is now being played out on earth.  We will see that the tenacity of the Dark Forces’ resistance on the earth plane has its roots in Their virtual domination of the lower sub-planes of the astrals.

Present State of Earth’s Astral Plane

The extraordinary events of the Twentieth Century have grossly polluted the lower sub-planes of the astral plane, forming a thick layer of tainted astral matter that colours pure thought-forms descending from the higher dimensions.  Below we will demonstrate what this barrier is comprised of and how it has grown over the past 50 years.

Storage of Human History:  Record of Astral Light

The astral plane stores its version of human history from the point of view of humanity’s emotions:  individual, group, and national aspirations; motivations; desires, feelings.  This is called the akashic records of the emotional history of mankind.  All of human invention– art, literature, music, what modern day sociologists call “culture” and “civilisation”, its fears, pleasures and anguish, its cinematic depictions, sexual desires, loves and hatred, agonies and ecstasies, inequalities, political battles, emotional swings of mass opinion, its aspirations (economic, power or religious-based), jealousies, aggressions, and so forth– and everything else that characterizes the emotional nature of human existence is stored in the annals of the astral plane.

Whereas the mental plane stores all logical and rational thinking, the astral plane stores all thought-forms that arise out of desire and emotions.   For example, a fashion wave may hit the earth, and everyone begins to wear jeans or a charismatic leader may organize mass political rallies to stir people to riot or wage war against their neighbours.  Mass hatred that pits one nation against another, one football team against the other, one religion against the other — all are stored on the astral plane.

Each individual’s emotional history – desires, whims, fears, hatreds, loves, etc – contributes to the mass of data stored on the astral plane through the intertwined link of that person’s   astral body with the earth’s.  Conversely, the emotions that bloat the astral plane play upon the individual’s behaviour, often without conscious knowledge.  In this way, we have national characteristics and aspirations that shape our behaviour and vice versa.

Thinking in Today’s World

Much of the mental activity taking place on the earth plane today is of an astral nature, involving the saturation of people’s minds by millions of fictional works depicting make believe characters and plots, the twisting of facts and propaganda dominating the media and its emphasis on broadcasting sensational or shocking events through our daily news and television programs.  The information boom has created tons of fictitious books, magazines, comics and tabloid newspapers designed to evoke emotions.  Cinema, television, and other audiovisual modes spread and diffuse such storytelling across an ever-burgeoning population at all levels of susceptibility.

It can be argued that, whether the thinking is fictional or based on fact, it is all the same, since it is all part of the Maya, or illusion, of the physical and astral planes. However, much of today’s thinking has sunk to the level of entertainment and amusement, and the serious contemplative works characteristic of the mental plane have given way to the production of fiction and tragic, emotion-laden circumstances.  It would seem most media works must have an “emotional hook” to sell or grab the attention of the consumer. Great thinkers and fine thoughts have been reduced to a minority, as the roar of the media muffles their voices.

The Mass Media and Information Age in the Twentieth Century

The mass media — newspapers, magazines films, radio, TV, web, billboards, books, CDs, DVDs, videos, computer games and other forms of publishing — convey astral thought-forms to the masses. Government propaganda, mass political conceptions, pop music, fictitious creations, literature, sports series and fashion trends, movies, the constant chatter and gossip of the popular media about movie stars, celebrities and the like all take form in astral matter on the astral plane before manifesting on earth.  Aided by copying devices such as photocopiers, recording devices, video and digital cameras and computer software, these thought-forms are then multiplied exponentially and drummed into human consciousness until they penetrate and saturate both the subconscious (astral) and the conscious minds.

Mass media thought-forms originate from and return to the astral plane. The constant astral chatter of radio, TV, web, and movies shapes and influences mankind’s thinking today and is without precedent in history.  This is what we understand to be the broadcast powers of the hydra-headed beast depicted in Revelations of the Bible.

Our Economic System Feeds Desire on the Astral Plane

“The entire modern economic situation is of an astral nature; it is the outcome of desire and the result of a certain selfish use of the forces of matter.”15

Starting from the creation of material desire through mind manipulation techniques such as advertising, we observe the millions of sea container-loads of toys, appliances, tools, clothes, cars, furniture, medical equipment etc. being transported from one end of the world to the other to satisfy human desires in giant shopping centres and stores in every country.  Huge shiploads of raw materials—wood, metals, plastics, agricultural goods– are bought and sold so that factories around the world can produce goods to satisfy every whim and desire.

Few, affluent or no, can escape the onslaught of these imposed desires, for they are eventually painted into our emotional or astral bodies either directly or through the mass consciousness.  Add to this the exchange of trillions in bank transfers and cash to pay for the satisfaction of these desires and we have a global whirlwind of earthly trade-offs to feed astral desires.  All goods, services and money exchanges have their counterpart on the astral plane, so never before has the astral plane bulged with so much manipulated desire and material satisfaction – or dissatisfaction.

Mass Wars in the 20th and 21st Centuries Fill Astral Plane with their Carnage

The human carnage during the Twentieth Century has been without precedent. The two World Wars; Stalinist and Maoist purges, revolutions; wars of decolonisation, regional conflicts and genocides including the Korean and Vietnam wars; mass carnage in Bosnia, Cambodia, Congo, Sri Lanka, India-Pakistan, Somalia, the Middle East and so many more have overpopulated the astral plane with astral shells of the dead.

As previously explained, when a person dies, the soul throws off its physical and etheric bodies but the astral body continues to exist on the astral plane.  If the soul is inclined to move on to the mental plane, the soul leaves its astral body and moves on, at which point the astral body goes through a second death, leaving behind an astral shell that will disintegrate over time.

If the soul is not inclined to move on – or evolve – as is the case with many criminal elements and lower type humans, the astral body will simply linger around on the lower sub-plane appropriate to that person’s evolutionary level.  All similar vibrations are grouped together, and many of the lower elements are becoming and remain patently bored with one another and thus seek vicarious excitement and adventure from the earth plane.

The violence of the Twentieth Century seen in the mass deaths of millions has filled these lower astral sub-planes with astral shells and entities, making it more impenetrable than ever before, to the point that it blocks the fine essence that usually flows from the higher spiritual dimensions to humanity.

Thus populated, the lower astral plane has gradually taken on a life of its own.  Astral shells of bodies long gone, even dating back to the Lemurian era scavenge about preying on energy from the physical plane to put off their eventual disintegration.  So loaded is the astral plane that it is said to add 150 pounds per square inch to the normal atmospheric pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch!(16) Is it any wonder that we feel we carry such burdens with us every day?

As we will discuss later, the Dark Forces have been able to resuscitate and recruit these hordes of astral shells and lingering lower evolutionary astral entities for their own purposes.

The Vampire Effect: Talking Dead and Resuscitation

Astral shells are soul-less and thus cannot draw their life vitality from their own souls as normal living beings do.  Instead, as energy parasites, they depend on humanity to sustain themselves.  They draw energy from group rallies such as sports events, religious gatherings, fundamentalist rallies, wars, and any other mass events that result in outpourings of emotions such as hatred or love.

Individually, they may often possess humans who are unaware of this extra burden. Many astral shells retain unresolved obsessions such as alcoholism, drugs or smoking addictions and the like and draw the same experience vicariously by possessing physical bodies on the earth plane — a form of monkey –on-the-back syndrome.

Through such parasitical relationships, the astral plane has taken on a life unto itself.  It has developed self-interest, for the shells have come to realise that they are on the road to disintegration and need a source of energy to sustain themselves.  This, they can do both qualitatively and quantitatively by keeping mankind anchored into the physical plane.

Astral entities, desperate to sustain themselves i.e. stay “alive” have invented many ways of communicating with the physical plane and drawing the necessary energy, like a vampire, who is vivified after drawing blood from his victim. This is why, as the population of astral shells grows, Earth’s physical human population also burgeons, for the astral plane must sustain itself.

Another means by which this occurs involves the possession by entities of individuals and organisations to create mass events, rallies, meeting, conflicts and wars—whatever is needed to feed and sustain astral populations.  Astral shells of lower astral sub-planes, who have become pawns of the Dark Forces, are known to latch onto and possess individuals in order to force them to carry out their dark deeds.

At the same time, entities on the higher sub-planes of the astral plane, astral shells and thought-forms of past luminaries and inspired individuals, also sustain themselves by attaching to well-intentioned religious organizations and New Age meditation groups, posing as gurus or advisors from the “spiritual” realms.  Most of what these shells have to say or teach is reiteration of what their human forms taught while incarnated on earth.  Contrary to those of the lower astral sub-planes, most of these teachings are well-intentioned even though they do not come from the highest sources of wisdom.

So the parasitical nature of astral plane shells is both good and bad but generally no higher in spiritual development than the earth plane.  For this reason, a parasitical astral relationship can appear to be holy, where it is in reality of a lower order.  And such parasitical relationships are subject as any to the vagaries and emotional swings of the astral plane.

Extra-Terrestrials Promote Dark Hierarchy on the Astral Plane

It will come as no surprise to hear, then, that the astral plane has become the primary tool of the Dark Forces to broadcast and manipulate thinking on the earth plane. Hovering on the outer reaches of our atmosphere are extra-terrestrial forces hoping to profit from the chaos of this pralaya and institute their regime on earth.  Even though they have allied with certain earthly governments, cosmic law still prohibits their entry into the earth plane.  To access earth, they have instead learned to utilize the astral plane’s inhabitants who, in turn, influence the human population on earth.

Agents of the Dark Forces in discarnate form reside in the lower sub-planes of the astral plane.  They have no interest in ascending to the higher sub-planes or redeeming themselves and are therefore stuck in situ.  Consequently, having no source of vitality, they seek survival through reincarnating, possessing individuals or influencing large groups.

The dark extra-terrestrials are able, somehow, to apply electrical technologies to energize these astral shells and bodies so that they can incite humans psychically to form groups and foster mass gatherings on the earth plane—this, in order to generate needed energy for their survival.  We even suspect that they have the means to enable these astral shells to re-incarnate in flesh bodies, accounting for the great number of soulless humanoids walking on earth under the influence of the Dark Forces.

The New Age Movement Hijacked Through the Astral Plane

As more of the new generation on earth exhibit the psychic abilities necessary to communicate with the other planes, greater numbers of these untrained and uneducated psychics or mediums fall prey to astral entities masquerading as Masters or angels and expounding on various political or spiritual issues. These have been the source of a great deal of astral chatter, giving information of a lower, gossipy nature and urging receivers to proliferate information en masse via e-mail and the Internet.  Every emotion they are able to evoke through these messages sends them extra energy and their tentacles extend more and more aggressively into the midst of mankind as their end nears.

The New Age Movement, prolific ashrams and religious groups offer ready access and sympathy to both ET’s and astral shells posing as past saints and yogis.  Astral entities and shells channel “messages from the higher realms” through untrained psychics in order to create large followings or ashrams as sources of energy.  Highly devotional groups with blind faith followers are particularly prone to this type of manipulation through skewed interpretations of spiritual teachings, incitement to fanaticism and outpouring of emotions.  As an example, the parading of the Pope’s corpse among the masses to evoke an outpouring of grief must have served as a virtual banquet for astral shells.

Promotion of a Dark Hierarchy With Astral Characters

ET forces hovering about Earth have created a dark hierarchy that mimics the legitimate planetary Spiritual Hierarchy.  The hierarchy includes facsimiles of Masters such as Sanctus Germanus, El Morya, and Kuthumi as well as others who have gained prominence through the New Age Movement.  These facsimiles speak through hosts of untrained New Age psychics and mediums.  Some even blatantly require their audiences to give them energy through chanting or certain sitting positions.

Even today there exist groups that have tried to revive 19th Century Spiritualist séance techniques in order to give this dark hierarchy a means to embody itself and communicate on the earth plane.  Using ectoplasm emitted from their chosen mediums, astral shells have been able to make their presence seen or heard in the séance room.  Their access to the Records of Astral Light enables them to impress their séance sitters with facts about their lives, and their spiritual teachings generally mimic the Ancient Wisdom.

As a result of Twentieth Century events and technological innovations, we can see that the lower sub-planes of astral plane have become a dark and murky layer of negative influence that blends with the earth’s etheric plane and has for a considerable period of time impeded the flow of the Sun’s prana energies to the earth plane.  The general low state of health on the earth plane is just one result, mostly due to the emotional influence this plane plays on mankind, swinging both individuals and masses from one extreme to the other, much in the way a weather system can transform the still calm of the sea into a churning fury of destruction.

Cleansing of the Astral Plane

We have belaboured the description of the astral plane’s present state chiefly to illustrate why, as part of the present obscuration or pralaya, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Greater Cosmic Forces have come together to cleanse it.  Mankind, being the creator of the astral plane, has neither the will nor the power to cleanse it alone.

Cosmic Forces have now taken over, and an irreversible cleansing process has begun.  Two types of Cosmic Forces are involved:  The first is an inflow of finer etheric energies from the earth’s mental and causal planes drifting down to the lower astral, etheric, and physical planes.  These are feminine energies(17) that will balance the predominantly masculine energies of the present age. The second is a more general cleansing of all of earth’s bodies as the solar system enters the Photon band of our present galaxy.

These two major cosmic forces affect all planes, and we are the most cognizant of their effects on the physical, etheric and astral planes.  As they are of a higher vibrational nature, when they touch these lower vibrational planes, they cause the turmoil we feel on Earth before any benefits are felt.  These are the forces behind the present cosmic filtering process popularly known as Armageddon (see volume 1).

Some individuals, however, through meditation and purification, have been able to forge a path through the thick astral matter in order to maintain contact with their higher mental and causal planes.  By achieving this contact, they have surmounted the effects of the astral plane and thus can stay above the fray during the tumultuous cleansing process.

Downward Flow of Finer Feminine Etheric Energies

Corresponding with the timing of the present pralaya, the Great Ones of the Spiritual Hierarchy made the decision to release finer etheric matter from the mental and causal planes onto the astral.  This is just one part of the dispensation gained for humanity by the Master Sanctus Germanus.  These energies include the feminine qualities needed to balance the over-masculine energies pervading the earth plane.  As the finer etheric energy descends upon the denser energies of the mental, astral, etheric, and physical planes it has a natural cleansing effect, as the grosser yields to the finer.  It also has a profound healing effect on Earth’s populations and will require a revision of science and knowledge to understand it.  This healing effect has given rise to many energy-healing modalities in the New Age Movement.

As these finer energies extend down into the upper sub-planes of the astral plane, they will set the stage for the development of higher forms of art, emotion, and desire, which will further evolve during the New Golden Age.  The continuing descent of these finer energies into the lower sub-planes of the astral will cause much upheaval as they come into conflict with denser energies. The main effect will be to drive the lower level astral shells and entities insane, which will be projected and reflected upon the earth as the general insanity we observe in current affairs today.

Specifically, as these finer energies reach into the lower sub-planes, the resident astral shells and bodies will foresee their demise, for the lower will yield to the higher. The finer energies will naturally hasten the deterioration of the residual astral shells and pulverize them into their original atomic or subatomic states.  These entities will not, however, go down without mighty and desperate thrusts to survive, each thrust being perceived as a burst of violence or sudden insane behaviour somewhere on earth.

The great hope is this:  No matter how violent the struggle, these astral entities will eventually be rooted out and allowed to dissipate, as they should have done in the first place.

Effect on the Earth Plane of the Descent of Finer Energies

The effect on the earth plane of these descending finer energies will be even more pronounced as the Fourth Sub-Round comes to a close, with astral shells and entities attempting to possess and drain more and more individuals on the earth plane for their needed vitality. School shootings by possessed individuals will become more prevalent and later branch out to other atrocities.  Much of the increasing rise in drug and alcohol addiction can also be traced to these entities.  They will possess society’s weak-minded and disenfranchised to satisfy their unresolved cravings.

However, possession of the individual alone is not enough to sustain such a large population of astral entities.  They must parasitically prey on larger and larger portions of the human population for sustenance. The best and most efficient way to draw energy from the earth plane is by evoking group fear–the more fanatical the better, as fanaticism expends more energy.

Mass rallies and protests exude ever larger quantities of committed energy onto the astral plane–the more emotional the undertaking, the greater the source of energy.  The mass media with its sound and light technologies can easily create mass concentrations of energy.  Worldwide sports events such as the World Cup and Olympics, rock concerts and rave gatherings, large ashrams and warfare, flashed into every household around the world through television and the Internet all evoke emotional outpourings that provide the astral plane with the energy necessary to sustain itself and resist the incoming energies.

By far the best sources of emotional outpourings are wars, the gorier and more atrocious the better.  On the sidelines like the chorus in the ancient Greek tragedies, the media chants to gin up mass fears associated with war, pandemics, and terrorism in order to create even more sustained sources of emotional energy for desperate entities on the astral plane.

Large government institutions and bureaucracies, which have long been the “bread and butter” of energy supply for the astral plane, are slowly petering out as computers come to the fore. The tired, lifeless work style of the bureaucrat demonstrates how these older institutions have been drained of their vitality over the years. Therefore there is an urgent call to gin up new sources of energy in these desperate astral times.  Since war represents the greatest expenditure of energy and can be mobilized by national governments, we will see more and more conflict in the closing days of this cycle.  And of course, the hatred and fanaticism as seen in the recent Islamic and Christian movements add even more to this feast of emotive energy that keeps the astral plane fed and watered.

Eventually as these finer energies continue to filter down, the coarser agitation on the astral and earth planes will be tempered after the initial desperate outbursts, for despite attempts to survive, anything vibrationally incompatible with the new energies will disintegrate.  Even the higher sub-planes of the astral plane will undergo a cleansing, and the quality of intellectual thinking, art and music will rise to a new standard in preparation for the New Golden Age.

Solar System Enters the Galaxy’s Photon Band and Agitates Astral Plane

Finer etheric energies are descending upon the various planes of earth at the same time the solar system has begun passing through our Galaxy’s Photon Band (See diagram 6).  This is not just a coincidence but part of the Divine Plan.

During this passage, the astral, etheric and earth planes will be subjected to powerful and turbulent energy bands that will have the effect of accelerating our perception of time and causing great turbulence, which will accelerate and aggravate the astral activity, causing desperate actions of self-preservation.

Diagram 6: Our Solar System Entering the Photon Band(18)

The Great Washer Effect

The combination of the downward flow of finer etheric energies and the “washer effect” of the photon band has a profound effect on the earth plane as astral shells and dark astral entities on the lower sub-planes closest to earth struggle to stay alive.
Diagram 7 illustrates the multidimensional, whirling paths of energies to which our solar system is subjected as it passes through the photon belt.  Its effect on the astral plane can only cause turmoil to be played out on the earth plane.

Diagram 7:  Great Washer Effect of the Energies in the Photon Band (19)

Desperate Reactions

As the finer energies cleanse the astral plane, the Dark Forces will lash out and try to drag the earth down with them by using the economic depression to justify trampling on man’s rights and militarizing society.  Their goal is to engage the world in a major war for which preparations are presently underway.  This is the last hurdle for mankind and its association with the Dark Forces and should be perceived as the last sweep of the cleansing energies through the lower sub-planes of the astral.

These two major cleansing forces will continue until the astral plane has been cleaned of all that which does not serve mankind or earth.  This will result in the collapse of the whole system of finance and warmongering that the Dark Forces have instituted to control earth’s inhabitants.  They will also be the force behind the vast earth changes that lie ahead over the coming decades and cause even greater upheaval in our present civilisation.  These two major cosmic forces bearing down upon the earth will form the backdrop of all actions mankind undertakes from hereon.  Mankind can either choose to buck the trend and perish or ride along with the pralaya and survive.  It is a matter of choice.

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  1. again, very helpful. I am having frequent astral plane issues when i sleep or nap, during certain day hours. Parallel, these hours are clear energy at nite. I was confused during the summer. So i have skipped naps for active meditation and am working on Finer Energies for my circle integration.


  2. very true statement for me. “Some individuals, however, through meditation and purification, have been able to forge a path through the thick astral matter in order to maintain contact with their higher mental and causal planes. By achieving this contact, they have surmounted the effects of the astral plane and thus can stay above the fray during the tumultuous cleansing process.”


  3. I think this is a very informative article . I myself have been into the occult and the works of H.P. Blavatsky, A.A. Bailey ,and a few others for a very long time ,-;and it is good to hear from others involved in this work of enlightening mankind as to the deeper Mysteries of Life and human destiny!!! Cheers my friend.


  4. “These two major cleansing forces will continue until the astral plane has been cleaned of all that which does not serve mankind or earth.”
    YES!!! Need more of that! A prayer I often use is: “(Creator), please heal, cleanse, purify, bless and sanctify the Astral/Lower Astral” (notice how ‘purify’ and ‘sanctify’ rhyme). Another prayer I use is (a bit long, but…): “(Creator) please rehabilitate, restore, revitalise, reclaim, restructure, sanctify and transform the Lower Astral into a place of peace, love, Divine Truth, and pleasant and pure vibration” (keywords all start with re- to make it easier to remember). I also use “(Creator), please heal, cleanse, rehabilitate, neutralise and purge evil Astrals (and I occasionally add, ‘especially Reptilians’)” (wording could maybe be tweaked).


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