Spiritual Focus Unravels the Matrix

Every now and then I check in with Tom Montauk’s wealth of material. He consistently offers an intelligent, articulate, fluff-free perspective on the nature of this reality in which we find ourselves.

If you’re open to considering a setup that is not religion-centric – not waiting for an exalted spiritual or extraterrestrial or extradimensional being to save you – you might really appreciate Tom’s transmissions.

Today I’m posting three short videos that I’ve probably posted here before. They’re well worth reviewing as another year winds down, to reiterate the importance of tuning in to your spirit – your beacon – to navigate this realm and negotiate your way “up.” Continue reading



I can’t say I fully understand what just happened vis-à-vis the eclipse we just experienced the other day, but something really knocked me for a loop!

How are you doing? :-}

(Sidebar: this graphic isn’t a  great match for the post but I got a kick out of it so… voila! If I could edit it, I might change it to creativity/combustion/confusion, or maybe combustion/chaos/creativity! )

(Sidebar #2: video of Lisa Brown’s perspective re: shifting from the old matrix to the New included below.)

So: on August 21st (day of eclipse) we had a big black cloud roll right over the line-of-sight of the “show” the moment the eclipse was starting, and it stayed there the entire time, producing a rain shower for good measure. All around/above this sudden cloud were chemtrails. So my viewing of this event was by way of what I saw online, which, I must say, got totally bizarre. Continue reading

Spirit Over Matrix

Tom Montauk is one of the most clear and articulate way-showers around, in my opinion. His awareness is not harnessed or colored by religion or ‘channeled’ material, etc.

He’s experienced.

(He also rather resembles Brad Pitt in a brunette form, not that this has any bearing whatsoever on his ability to put together exceptional information on deep topics ;)

Continue reading

Realm Dynamics #2

Continuing on from the last post, by Tom Montauk. Again, some might be daunting, but there are excellent points here that are worth being in the know about.  As always, take what resonates, leave the rest… perhaps for another time.  W

Metaphysics of Realm Dynamics

With the physics of realm dynamics behind us, we are ready to examine the metaphysics. As explained, consciousness generates a field that resonates and attracts meaningful experience. But what is meaningful to one person may be old news to another. Hence your soul vibrations outline your emotional learning path — what sequence of experiences are meaningful and have enough emotional charge to catalyze your spiritual growth.

Emotions as we know them are surrogate motivators. This means they push us into doing what is beyond our normal motivation to do. Without emotion, we do what is only within our understanding and programming to do. That is our natural state of being, our realm at equilibrium.

When we are happy, we smile and become more animated than usual and our realm momentarily extends slightly along that direction. When we are angry, we may throw insults or objects and our realm boundary likewise deforms to reflect and reinforce those actions and their consequences. Continue reading

Whitehawk Update #3 – Timeline Switching, Mandela FX…

What I’ll be imparting in this post gets hugely strange and likely involves what’s known as the Mandela Effect. My own little experiences pale in comparison with what I’ve been hearing from others. I’ll start ‘small’ and move up to the biggies from there.

I recently had a sweet little manifestation happen right on my bedside table. Something small, but meaningful, was suddenly there when I woke up one morning. Continue reading

Individuality, Sovereignty, and Being


This is the third and last excerpt I’m posting today courtesy of Bernhard Guenther. One reason I appreciate Guenther (besides his depth) is his fondness and respect for Sri Aurobindo, which I share.

Aurobindo was an Indian sage who knew wayyy before the current wave of spiritual pathfinders that humankind was headed into a “global rehab” of the most profound nature. He knew we were on the path to total transformation, and spent his life teaching this… and living into it. Continue reading

Fiddling with Reality’s Knobs

“YOU get an Oscar! YOU get an Oscar! YOU get an Oscar!”

Image result for oscar statue

Now along comes this piece from that bastion of a thinker’s publication, THE NEW YORKER. I got such a kick out of this, I had to spread it around. The realization that things seem to be morphing in real time is really catching on.

(First line, btw, inspired by Oprah’s famous “YOU GET A CAR!” season opener show years ago, when she gave everyone in the audience a new car.)  ox Whitehawk

Did the Oscars Just Prove That We Are Living in a Computer Simulation?

By Adam Gopnik
February 27, 2017

The bizarre finale to Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony brought to mind the theory—far from a joke—that humanity is living in a computer simulation gone haywire. Continue reading

The World That Was

They are losing control as the sleeping giant of humanity awakens to its inherent power & innate wisdom at last. But if you’d like to review what’s gone down while we’ve been dreaming of struggle & survival, this article could be of interest…  for your discernment as always.

Actually I feel there’s another level to this story that’s not discussed here but this man seems to have researched the trail quite thoroughly without getting into “those influences.”

Somewhat off-topic for this blog’s usual fare, but something moved me to post it, so maybe it will be of value to someone… maybe you.

Hoping to post a few things today… have been out of commission for a while!

Love all, Whitehawk

Who Are The Controllers?

By Mees Baaijen7712illuminati

In the West, we’ve all been spoon fed the idea that we are free citizens of sovereign countries, where our democratically elected governments rule according to the peoples’ wishes. If that’s not achieved, it’s usually explained as being due to misfortunes such as crises, security threats or wars, or the stupidity of our governments. The few people that doubt these explanations, or even suspect hidden hands behind the occurrences of our time or the official narrative of our history, are easily dismissed as conspiracy nuts. Continue reading

Vivid Encounter with Parallel Plane

woodruff-radial-concord-on-cold-spring.jpgI’ve made the choice to share this man’s unique and detailed experience … which was not only a wide-awake  “bleedthrough” of a curious realm, but his attempts to interact with it  pique our curiosity even more while taking in George’s story (below). George initially communicated this experience to Cynthia Sue Larsons, of RealityShifters.

What do you think might have been happening here? Have you had any sudden experiences of an alternate plane, timeline, or … ?

BTW this was originally in one massive paragraph, which I broke up for readability.  Love, Whitehawk

Extraordinary Experience with Grid and “Dragonflies”
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Herewith my experience I had on Saturday evening 23rd April 2016, around 11.45 ish pm. My wife and I had just come back that evening from Bahamas (8pm) and my partner from our musical group picked us up at the airport.

As we were playing at an early 7am charity event, we decided that it would be best if he slept at our place. We watched a movie and when it finished, we (my partner and I) decided to go to our dock and have a night cap (11.30pm), as we live on a lake and the view is very cool. It was full moon and we were looking at the stars, which was actually very visible that night. Continue reading

The Event – at Last?

imagesWe’ve been hearing about the coming ‘Event’ for a few years now. It may finally be VERY NEAR to happening – one of the huge paradigm-busting plans to be executed over the next 2-3 months. Following are a few sources I’ve jammed into one post to keep it together.

You of course decide if it speaks to you, or if it is share-worthy with others! I personally feel if it IS finally upon us, it would be great to not be totally blind-sided when the world turns inside-out – when Truth at last prevails.

Love to you,


“Our strategy now is to allow the organizations of fear to continue to dominate in appearance while we subtly drain away the source of their power – the fear of the people. This will make their final banishment less traumatic for the human family as a whole, for by then, the numbers of those who believe in them will have greatly diminished.”    Return of the Bird Tribes, by Ken Carey, 1988

Carey’s material (the Bird Tribe messages) cited 25 years from then as the activation period for these changes.

A Brief Summary of Key Points

(Note from the author of this piece:  In order to maximize the usefulness of this article, I’ve included a series of points which paraphrase key ideas. These are the concepts I want others to take away from reading this, and if you forget everything else, that’s OK. Keep what is needed and let the rest fall away.)

  • The EVENT will be the culmination of a massive structure of dominoes which have been created over the last decades. Even though the set-up took a painstakingly long time, the actual process of the dominoes falling will occur comparatively in the ‘blink of an eye’.
  • No matter how simple or complex your personal plans are, always remember the need for adaptability. Your mind and heart are your greatest tools; be creative, compassionate and inspirational – then encourage others to do the same at key moments. Continue reading

Understanding the Nine Veils

This is *quite* the synopsis of the human experience here on Earth. I resisted it at first (a hefty numeric display between the start and what for me was the juice had me thinking, eh… maybe not for me?) … but get into the flow of the descriptions of the progression of Veils and this will pull you through to the end.  ox W


Understanding the Nine Veilsimages

By A. True Ott, PhD

Nearly a decade ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine named Don Harkins authored a wonderfully thought-provoking piece entitled “Slavery and the eight veils.   Prior to Harkins’ untimely death, we discussed this “Eight-veils theory” for literally hours together – and in the end, Don asked me to write a piece about this for his newspaper, “The Idaho Observer.”  He did this, because I had shared much of my research with Don, and we together came to the conclusion that in reality, there were actually NINE veils placed on the human soul (i.e. intelligence), and that spiritual progression and thus a full knowledge of TRUTH would require the piercing of these Nine Veils.

I joked with Don that this topic would take an entire edition of The Idaho Observer, and then it would only scratch the surface.  That was one of Don’s editorial talents – taking a complex story and compressing it to a more readable format.   In memory of Don Harkins, here is the writing we discussed, in as compressed a format as possible.


Any dedicated seeker of truth eventually stumbles upon the incredible symmetry and structure of mathematics, which is especially true in fractal geometry involving the integers 1-9.  For a most basic example, just take a look at these nine equations:

(1 x 8) + 1= 9

(12 x 8) + 2 = 98

(123 x 8) + 3 = 987

(1234 x 8) + 4 = 9876

(12345 x 8) + 5 = 98765

(123456 x 8) + 6 = 987654

(1234567 x 8) + 7 = 9876543

(12345678 x 8) + 8 = 98765432

(123456789 x 8) + 9 = 987654321

Amazing, isn’t it?  I find it very interesting, furthermore, that all of the great philosophers in history such as Archimedes, Copernicus, Socrates and DaVinci all were mathematicians first and foremost.   I submit that everything from biblical prophecy to DNA strands are built and based on quite simple mathematical formulas and patterns – but I am getting ahead of the story, for understanding the role of mathematics is in itself one of the nine hidden veils.

Consider also the so-called “mystery schools” of antiquity.  In shadowy temples in Sumer and Babylon – the Kabala showed the way to the ultimate “Holy of Holies” – the re-veil-a-tions (revelation, i.e. the parting of the veils) of life, the creation, of God and when embraced in honor and truth, the very Origins of Man.  This involved systematically piercing and embracing 9 levels of understanding or “Truth Plateaus” before finally entering “Nirvana” (or the ultimate unity with God) as depicted in modern “tracing boards”.

Like a giant Sudoku Puzzle board, the human experience we call life truly revolves around the numbers 1 – 9 in so many remarkable ways.  Everything has a place in the system, and everything fits neatly and precisely in the eternal grid of time and space.  This then, is but one definition of Truth – hidden, arcane knowledge that fits completely in the mathematical grid called logic.  Yeshua (aka Jesus of Nazareth) declared this to His disciples: “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”


Continue reading

Freedom through Focus

The 8-minute video in this post, How to Escape the Matrix, is from Aliyah Marr, who offers the following introductory blurb:

You can escape the Matrix by creating new space in your mind, and clearing negative emotions. Time to make a choice on the reality that you want, by choosing to focus on the energetic qualities of that reality: the feelings and emotions that support the new. Continue reading

Considering Opting Out?

Posting this as a potentially useful follow-up to the Ja’li series. You may or may not resonate with it – or the Ja’li material either, for that matter. But in case some readers would be served by considering these ideas, I share. Not trying to come off as a mega-survivalist or prepper. Most of it most of us already know; however, “being your own bank” was new to me. :)  By the way, have you seen the movie, “Goodbye World”?   ox W

10 Ways to Opt Out of the System

by Joe Wright / Activist Post

free-your-mind1-700x384I’ve noticed an increase in the defeatist tone among activists lately. Many are realizing that the current system cannot be salvaged, and they get angry at the lack of answers and give up hope. I’ve been there. We all have.

Yes, the system is tightening its control as more people begin to see it for what it is. Yes, mathematically and rationally, the system is nearing collapse. But the fix will not be found with anger and predictions of doom, and the fix will not come from petitioning a lawmaker, a regulator, or a sheriff. The fix can only come from you.

It’s true that it is nearly impossible to completely opt out of the system. The Matrix is all around us, embedded in our very survival. However, that doesn’t mean we should not do what we can to limit our exposure to the decaying system.

The more you depend on a system you despise, the more you will be hurt by it. Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to opt out to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are ten ways to opt out of the system:

Continue reading

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Ja’li 3: This Holographic DreamLab ≠ HOME

Gesanna receives some clarity from Mr. Ja’li. I hope you are finding this material to be a source of strength and definition, as I am. Again, a reminder to begin at the beginning of the Ja’li messages.   Whitehawk ox

Message 3

Two Holograms – Reality & Illusion

Gesanna: Hi Mr. Ja’li. I know you were going to continue with your previous discourse, but I have a question, which I’m sure your insight would help clarify for others as well.

Am I correct in understanding that there are two distinct holographic realms?

Mr Ja’li: Yes, that is correct.

Gesanna: OK. So each of them then produces what are considered to be illusions of whatever may exist or be created in them?

Mr Ja’li: That is correct as well.

Gesanna: Then how can the holographic realm that we consider to be our Home, be considered real or as a place of reality if it is also an illusion?

Mr Ja’li: That is a reasonable question. I shall endeavor to explain.

Recall that I said that the holographic realm we consider to be Home is based in a totality principle. This is a type of principle all of you were once wholly familiar with, until you left Home and headed for the holographic realm you currently find yourselves stuck in. You will remember this principle clearly upon your return Home.

Now, the totality principle is the basis of hyperholography. Hyperholography consists of holograms within holograms within holograms into infinity. This kind of configuration of consciousness and energy generates a quality of tangibility that is unlike what you experience in your holographic realm.

As such, in a hyperholographic realm, matter—as you would refer to it—is of a far higher compositional order that makes what you consider “matter” to be what we at Home consider as a very inferior or lesser quality. I am not saying it is inferior or lesser in importance or usefulness. It is, rather, like comparing a disincarnate spirit or ghost to a flesh-and-blood person, or the comparison of a house’s blueprint to the constructed house.

Matter is, as you know, a matter of relativity. Matter is relative to the composition of consciousness and energy within the type of hologram you are focused in.

I said previously that the hologram you are currently focused in is a stepped-down version of the hyperholographic principle, which is totality-based. Duality-based holography is lowered or divided in its consciousness and energy composition. This state produces a stepped-down version of tangibility.

We, Gods, created the—shall I say—secondary hologram, so to speak, not to be a permanent place of residence, as I already stated, but as a clinical lab for creational experimentation. We knew that there was no need to dwell there when we already have a much grander place to reside. That fact was and is known and understood by all who dwell at Home.

As an experimentation lab designed solely for dreaming up creational ideas such as creatures, plants, planets, and so on… then ascending the viable ones back Home with us  Continue reading

Ja’li 1 – Holographic Lab 101

I wafted past this ascended being/person once before but didn’t stop for a closer look. I’ve just read this message and it reflects my understanding re: what we refer to as ascension, so I share. I may post more (after I go through more myself), hence the number 1 in the title of the post. Filter through your own constellation of awareness for potential personal resonance with this information. If it’s not for you, let it go. Maybe a time will come to return to it. Love, Whitehawk

Message 1

Mr Ja’li speaks:
Welcome each and every one of you to this most relevant information.

Before I begin this discourse, I want to point out that this information addresses people who know that they are God, Creator, Source, the Universe, the Great Spirit, Universal Mind, or whatever name you have attached to It; you know you are the big Kahuna, as you would say. You have passed through all the layers of the perceptual onion to recognize clearly that this is ultimately who you are.

This information is not about bringing you to this understanding. It goes beyond it. This information takes for granted that you know who you are as the one God individuated into the many Gods who are, forever, equally as much as all that which the one God is; that you are all that It is for you can never be anything that It is not because It is all that is.

Those who have yet to come to this understanding in a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense manner, well, proceed or not as you feel compelled from within to do.

Now, just so we have that matter cleared up, as to who will comprehend thus benefit from this information, we can proceed.

Contrary to the softness of the manner by which the Intergalactic Board of Council’s communiqués were conveyed to you, I caution you that I am a no-nonsense entity. I will present to you what is and I will do so in a manner that is emphatic, and impassioned if necessary. I don’t mince words, I don’t beat around the bush, and I won’t soft-shoe you.

You have graduated from the soft cushions you sat on in audience before the Council. You are now in the audience of one who dispenses the hard stuff, if you will, who tells you like it is. In other words, when I see that you need to be pushed, I will push you, I will prod you, and I will do so firmly without apology or regret because you need it now more than ever! Is that clear? Continue reading