Thought I’d share the following from German graphics artist Jurgen Ziewe (now in England), not only one of the most experienced and skilled out-of-body adventurers around, but also author of illuminating books featuring his fantastic experiences and reflections on their significance.

He is currently involved in creating full-blown virtual reality experiences that recreate some of the “astralscapes” he has visited. Continue reading

Other “Data Streams” of Consciousness

Consciousness & Alternate Realities

thomas campbellI’m sharing this video while still watching it myself. Tom Campbell, author of the My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) books, explains his theory of exploring alternate realities through what’s commonly called “out of body” (OBE) states. Do we really go OBE (as has been my lifelong experience, long before I had any “beliefs” about it one way or another)? Tom’s mind works in its own unique data stream that can be a curious mind expanding place to visit while listening to him. :)

The blurb for the video is rather long (and there’s yet more info adjacent to this youtube, if interested); I’m making the editorial decision to post the first paragraph before the video insert, and the rest below the video.

What This Is About

This interview focuses on the exploration of other virtual realities within the larger consciousness system. Tom begins with a definition and explanation of the so called “out of body” (OBE) experience. He clearly describes the altered state called point consciousness –  the launching point for all things paranormal – accessing information from the available data bases, communicating telepathically, and exploring alternate realities. Continue reading

Manifestation: Consciousness in Bloom

The Jurgen Ziewe video I’m sharing below is so filled with gems, I already want to watch it again. His gentle demeanor and keen ability to articulate cosmically sophisticated concepts – through language as well as art – make him a joy to behold, in my book.

Great way to pass an hour & bloom your mind, when you have time/space to settle down & tune in. Love, W

Beyond the Summerland into Higher States

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Many Timelines, Many Selves

Frame from the film, Another Earth

The subject of alternate timelines always fascinates me, and this morning the algorithm gods have sent me some goodies on the matter, which I’m posting here in one big plop for you! Timelines & Planes & Alternative Yous, oh my!

First up: a too-brief video interview with Jurgen Ziewe – prolific OBE explorer, author of Multidimensional Man and Vistas of Infinity: How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead, and also an extraordinarily gifted artist of metaphysical art, which you can look into here if so moved. (His Amazon page is here.)

(I have some minor beefs about the production, ie, the interviewer – another out-of-body explorer & author, Cyrus Kirkpatrick – features himself more than the interviewee with his 2-camera setup but hey, I do appreciate anything that comes down the pipeline on this topic where Jurgen is involved. He’s a maestro re: exploring the higher realms and relating his experiences to the ground crew. He also seems to possess an unfailingly pleasant demeanor; ever soothing.)

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New Evidence for a Strange Idea

The article I’m sharing below caught my attention due to its theoretical alignment with a flurry of OBEs I had last week, several of which kept showing me something that seemed intended to get a message across – a message involving a world view that I (probably you too) have held all my life: that the cosmos sprawls out infinitely into, well, infinity. Who hasn’t pretzeled their mind every now and then pondering infinity?

Dscf6228 recovered 02

Infinite Trip by Grei

These recent journeys had a recurring feature that kept showing me something I’d never seen before, being: the sky appearing more like a glass bowl, a finite plane (meaning the glass of the bowl, not the space within the bowl), filled with holograms of stars, planets, and mysterious craft that move around among them. If you read the brief article which follows, you’ll get what I’m attempting to transmit here.

In one journey, the concept of “sky as a transparent screen” was really hammered home by my witnessing the phenom of colored lights that seemed to originate, or bloom, within a very narrow, flat plane, and then then spread out across “the sky,” much like food coloring dropped into a glass bowl of water could be seen (through the glass) spreading through the water. Except with this “glass bowl,” I was under the (upside-down) bowl observing “splashed” colors of light spreading out along a transparent plane or membrane overhead (ie, the “sky”).

Could these spectral colors have represented “source energy” containing infinite colors, being “applied” to a (or our) quantum holographic screen? Might this be the beginning of manifestation?  I’ve been pondering possibilities.

Within days of this series of experiences, the following article appeared under my nose from an unfamiliar source.

If you, like me, are an intrigued & lifelong inquirer into the nature of reality (don’t take for granted that what you merely see/perceive with your 3D senses is what, in actuality, it really is)… you might find this interesting.

I sense I’m in the middle of a foundational lesson here. Virtually ALL my “quests for truth” have begun with a very curious personal anomalous experience, and then my curiosity pulls in more intel that seems to relate to the experience. Dots begin connecting that eventually bring a new awareness – and, ideally, understanding – of what this IS here, this daunting cosmos in which we are conscious presences & grappling participants!  Continue reading

Jurgen Ziewe: Multidimensional Man

I haven’t published an interview by EBTV’s Evita Ochel on this blog in ages! Way past due, as Evita is a gracious host who really does her homework before bringing experts on her program.

In the “small world” department, I was just pondering “Multidimensional Man” Jurgen Ziewe and mentioned him in the post prior to this one. Then – voila – he’s just been interviewed by Evita this month. Lucky us! Here’s the video (1:09:00): Continue reading



… and you are too!

A curious ‘moment’ happened recently that led to reflection, inspiration, and finally the desire to share it with you.

Here’s what happened: I was separating from the physical at the beginning of an OBE (out-of-body experience), and as this happened – as I ‘launched’ upward at high velocity – I spontaneously mentally roared out to the universe at large:


Ha! I have no idea where this came from so suddenly, as I had zero conscious awareness of it arising as a thought, let alone exploding in an impassioned declaration. Rather, I “witnessed” myself doing it as it occurred. Kind of liberating, actually :)

This crystal clear, lucid, and “loud” declaration was so powerful, I shot right back into my body, stunned!

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End of Life Preparation

Thought I’d share this 15-minute video with Bill Buhlman, the most prolific experiencer and author on the subject of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) around today. In this clip he’s addressing an international group of Monroe Institute program trainers about transitioning (“the ultimate out-of-body experience”).

Bill has also been battling cancer for years… began with throat cancer, if memory serves. So this is a very personal theme to him: properly preparing to cross over.

This POV also aligns with the Ja’li Speaks posts here … about reaching BEYOND the typical ‘astral level’ we hear about in most near-death experiences (ie “reuniting with the family”) … to HOME. The HOME of the soul, which is well beyond these 3D-centric astral events which tend to be equated with dying. Bill refers to this as Higher Self. Ja’li calls it HOME. Continue reading

Vibe Dip

 Last night I had the pleasure of attending a dinner party where many in attendance are doing exceptional spiritual work in the world, and for the most part they seem supported by the world they serve, which is always nice and not always easy.

One guest, a well-established author with a special focus on near-death experiences, shared that she worked and worked and worked for decades, researching this field extensively, all the while wondering when she’d at long last be recognized by “authorities” (medical? scholarly? not sure just whom she was hoping to impress enough to gain entrance into a particular strata of professional associates). All these years she had her eyes on what she called the “gold ring” of respect and recognition beyond what might typically be considered (by the establishment) as “fringe groups.” Earlier this year, someone – apparently someone in a position to help her gain access to this type of recognition – told her it would never happen.

This slam devastated her… flattening her for a couple of weeks before she picked herself up and carried on.

Blazing one’s own high-altitude “cliff-side trail” in this whole spiritual/beyond 3D realm of reality—especially when one needs financial support for all the “field work” and effort—can be challenging enough. To add the goal of “official” recognition on top of remuneration can remain almost unbearably elusive. (The neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander comes to mind as a rare exception, with his mega-NYT-best-selling book about his own near-death experience.)

Anyway, after feeling like a “splat on the ground” for a while, our author friend rallied and declared herself FREE of that whole dream, or possibly expectation, of being lauded for her contributions in the manner she really craved. She’s still on her own path, but just no longer in anticipation of the longed-for Grand Prize.

I wasn’t expecting to get off into that here, it just came out while reflecting on the evening, but I’m leaving it in, in case anyone has a similar challenge going on. Out here on the fringe, the satisfaction of being taken seriously can certainly remain a gold ring out of reach. The question is, can you live with that scenario and keep plugging away, or do you shelve all that matters to you and “sell out” to the mainstream value system? Or might that not even be an option at this point?


The intended topic of this post actually involves something I ended up sharing when the hostess asked me, over dessert at a beautifully dressed holiday table, if I was still experiencing “the vibrations” I’ve had in my body for years. They still come and go, when I’m at rest. I shared this little experience I had a few nights ago, which I’ll recap here: Continue reading

Multidimensional Man

The man whose video I’m posting here, Jurgen Ziewe, is new to me, but he seems well informed by way of direct experience with the various realms one can visit (or inhabit) when not restricted by a physical body and its 3D sensory orientation/limitation.

Ziewe draws from a history of OBEs (out of body experiences) to construct his multidimensional model. He gives a good presentation here, using detailed visuals to get his explanations and descriptions across effectively. His website, too, appears to be loaded with information, though I haven’t given it a close look yet.

If the afterlife realms or dimensional planes other that our “primary channel on the dial” are of interest to you, I imagine this man will be as well!

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Delightful Living Lightships!

On a couple of occasions while traveling oob (out of body), I’ve been in the presence of great lightships. I don’t think I’ve written about this before on the blog, but I’ve just had a related follow-up experience so will share all of it now.

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Powerful Message from Anthabantian

Lots of intense energies are having their way with us; in my admittedly unusual ‘ride of a life,’ what I’m feeling now ranks wayyy up there. Wednesday March 9 is generally considered to be the date of our shifting into the last phase of the Mayan calendar. I can hardly wait (ehhh) to see how things start flinging once we pass this threshold. Meanwhile:

Communications with a Starship

I’ve posted messages received by Mark Kimmel here a couple of times before. This starship is populated by evolved beings whose lineage traces to planets of Andromeda. They’ve been communicating with Mark Kimmel for a few years now.


Greetings to All from the Starship Athabantian. We join you today to offer our observations of the situation on your planet from our perspective many miles above you.

First our observations about the physical changes you are currently seeing. The extraordinarily severe weather in Australia is part of earth’s cleansing process, as is the abnormally snowy and cold winter in the east of the United States. You will experience more of this colder than normal weather in parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. You will also experience above average rainfall and snow along with the cold. During the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, you will experience warmer than normal weather and will see increased melting of glaciers and icecaps. This will contribute to rising sea levels around the world this year. This is a continuation of the extreme weather you saw during 2010 that affected such countries as Pakistan.

Earthquakes such as experienced in New Zealand will occur with more frequency, particularly around the Pacific Rim of Fire. Areas long dormant will also experience earthquakes, along with volcanic activity. These will increase during this year as a part of Earth’s cleansing. As with extreme weather, these are a continuation of earthquakes such as experienced in Chile and China in 2010. Much of the above can be traced to the energies coming to Earth from the sun and elsewhere in this galaxy. These energies are changing the natural balance heretofore achieved on Earth.

These energies are also impacting individual humans. It is external energies that have encouraged people in the Middle East and Africa to assert their freedom from tyranny. It is energies that have supported them as they risk death in order to achieve freedom. These energies are manifesting themselves among people first in countries where the rule has been the harshest. Next it will manifest itself around the world where the needs of ordinary people are subverted to the desires of greedy elites.

Elites around the world have known these events would occur for some time, and have made preparations to retreat into places of refuge. The elites are as aware as you are becoming so of the energies of change bombarding your planet. We who occupy the great starships have been beaming and focusing energies for many years. It is our light, coupled with the energies from the sun and elsewhere that have made the elites tremble, for they see their days are numbered. Nonetheless they continue to play the game, extracting the final drops of blood from those they oppress, for they have chosen not to see alternatives to their long-standing behavior.

These are extraordinary times; make no mistake about it. This is not a mere business cycle, another environmental anomaly, or a long-term weather cycle. This is the long-awaited metamorphosis of mankind. Rejoice for you will now be given the opportunity to move out of the density you call 3rd dimension into a less dense existence. Look around; awaken to the possibilities. Do not be one of those who refuses to see the larger picture because you wish to remain comfortable in your chosen lifestyle.

Everyone will be shaken by events swirling about them. Continue reading

Adversities as Portals to Your Personal Power

Casey—the woman in this video—is a relative newcomer to adventures in consciousness (perhaps 1.5 years into it), who graciously posts her “reports from the field” (my phrase) online in a few places. I’ve been tracking her for about a year now. Her first series of videos focused on the ascension process—how it plays out in daily life IN THESE BODIES we wear—a big ordeal in itself as so many of us know!

Currently, her posts are more oriented to the theme of lucidity in dreams and out-of-body explorations. This one report made such a key point, I wanted to share it with you. Please check it out, you’ll be glad you did. As more and more of us are ‘waking up in the matrix,’ the realization that this is ALL a mind-boggling collaborative dreamscape we live in becomes crucial awareness that serves this notion of lucidity and conscious responses to what we believe is ‘out there.’

Casey’s videos are, to my mind, of particular value for those who are relatively new to this whole realm of higher energies and how it is to navigate them with our 3D human awareness. In my case, this has been an ongoing lifelong theme, so it’s not as ‘organic’ to me to think and communicate in fresh, newbie terms; it’s so much water under the bridge so to speak. However, Casey’s explorations of the higher realms (ie, 4D or astral journeys and dreamscapes) are much newer experiences to her, and she reports on them fresh from her cockpit! She is also very articulate and open in her sharing. This message makes a point that would be of great value to all who heed it. oxo ~W

PS: As an afterthought re: referring to Casey (and her sharings) as ‘newbie’ above… she has I believe been a longtime practicing yogini and meditator, so I want to give credit where it’s due! By ‘adventures,’ tho, I’m referring to out-of-body states, which she has been navigating with much inquisitiveness and courage over the past year or two.

Return to Oneness

Hi all; it’s been a while since I’ve shared personally on this blog. Have been challenged to stop and put ideas down for about 3 months; interesting. Back in the saddle today to relate a beautiful experience I had last night, in the dreamtime. I invite you to check this out and filter it through your own sense of The Possible. For me, the experience was inspiring. Could it be the shape of things to come? Please read through to the end commentary and just… consider :)

So: first thing I recall is, I’m in a kind of camping environment—in nature, doing various “camp maintenance” activities around my home base. Even tho I have my own space, there’s a social vibe to this place… people meandering about, visiting each other’s camps. Sort of tribe-like. Friendly. Purpose-sharing.

What was so particularly delightful was, everything happened in absolute cooperative concert. This was an ongoing experience of meticulous, perfect FLOW. Maybe you’ll appreciate how this played out. Imagine:

I’m puttering around my camp. I notice a bunch of brown leaves from last season sort of “cluttering” the place… and have the thought, “Maybe I’ll sweep those up.” No sooner did that thought pass through my mind … those leaves levitated en masse and deposited themselves in a nearby bin — in a large bag too, no less, so they wouldn’t blow out again!

The consciousness in those leaves cooperated with the consciousness I apparently emanated, and transported themselves to a place that helped clear my space.

Also while sprucing my lovely campsite, a small white mechanical device of some sort—not sure if it was a small appliance or maybe a mechanical toy—came to my attention. Again the thought blipped through my mind to go over and put it up on a shelf, when the gadget “activated” (its mechanical parts started moving and clacking as though it “woke up”) and put itself up on the shelf, where it then settled back down into silence.

Then, pure delight: I’m suddenly aware of a blur of phosphorescent color buzzing at eye level, about 10″ from my head. A hummingbird! I put up my hand as an invitation for it to perch on my finger, which it did. After a sweet little encounter of a few seconds, it was off again. A smiling man came by right after this, and I shared my enchantment re: the hummingbird actually perching on my finger. He and I proceeded to have an interesting conversation about writing that I won’t belabor here.

Next, I realize I’m beside a large body of water; an ocean (or huge lake) with high swells rolling in to the shore. Not breaking into waves… just very high, rolling swells washing in. It was also getting dark at this point. I thought: hm, I bet that water is cold! And in the next moment I was IN that deliciously warm water, floating buoyantly with each passing swell. This experience was perfection, like being rocked lovingly in the rhythmic waters of the Mother. Heaven.

In the last scene, I am walking in through the back entrance of a large event space (a large tent? lodge?). It is full of people seated in rows, facing a stage at the front. I walk up the center aisle, singing the Native American chant that was in the 90’s song, Return to Innocence. I did this without any accompaniment; beautifully too, I might add! If I had looked down to see what I wore for this appearance, I imagine myself in full, white-feathered regalia (I’m Whitehawk after all ;), as that is how I felt in that moment, chanting a cappella like that, walking up toward the front of this place. My attitude was all-honoring; my voice unwavering.  As I approached the front I saw on stage a celebrity friend who’s worked with me in numerous events, waiting for me to finish my entrance so he could, presumably, begin the program, or service of some sort. Also up front were other friends from years past who did (still do) substantial community work. It felt great to have us all reunited for this special event — whatever it was!

This is where I “woke up” — approaching the front of this venue, chanting. (Again I’m awakened from an experience with meaningful music! Common occurrence—remember Saved by Zero [Point]?)

[Post continues below the video… ]

Sidebar: after writing the above line, I searched to see if there might be a video for this song online. Found it; posted it below. I haven’t thought of this song in probably over 10 years and have never seen this video before. I was struck by the “magical” nature of it, esp at the beginning (things levitating as video runs in reverse) — also found one vignette disturbing; wish they hadn’t included that! At any rate, if interested, here’s the song; it has a good message, and it was significant in the context of my nocturnal adventure; more on this in the commentary below!

OK: what am I getting at here?

Firstly — when I “awoke” from this experience, I was in a full-body “fizz,” signaling my return from an out-of-body adventure. (If you have OBEs you know the buzzy sensation I mean.) By all indications, I was in a higher-frequency location; fully engaged in the unified field, aka Oneness.

In Oneness, it is clear that all things have (or are) a form of consciousness; all things are alive and participating, in their way, in the Field. And all things enjoy supporting one another; cooperating. No power struggles, no manipulation. The most striking element of this journey was in how my consciousness merged with everything around me, and everything in its way said “yes,” or even “yes and more.” Organic—the leaves cooperated with my quiet thought to clean up their “clutter”; inorganic—the mechanic gadget put itself up on the shelf; elemental—the substantial swells of the ocean were neither cold nor frightening (it was nightfall; I wouldn’t typically immerse myself in unknown waters after dark)… it was actually stunningly blissful to be in that warm, moving water! And the water enjoyed my pleasure in it.

We share everything. We are part of the collective. In my kundalini “crescendo” I entered a field of living light; spent an entire night in that light, in fact. The next day was my first of about 45 consecutive days of living in this field, this Oneness. It was buoyant.  Life supports everyone and everything that dwells in this vibration. There is zero antagonism; zero “threat.” Judgment of another simply doesn’t cross the mind in this frequency; all is well. I’m ok, you’re ok. All is ok. Nothing needs to be difficult because all cooperates in this field, because there is nothing negative seeking to steal energy. No egoic distortions mucking things up.

Consciousness is an infinite, interdimensional tapestry that supports all its threads, and each strand of consciousness knows its nature is to support the Whole. The ALL. All IS ONE; who in their right mind would hurt another, when they are you? Obviously, mankind has not been in “right mind” for eons.

Did you notice in my tale, above, I did not say I “willed” things to happen. I did not make things move around like Samantha Stevens. Things picked up on my emanations and chose to cooperate with me, because that’s the way it all works higher up the bandwidth. No friction, no static, just co-creative support.

There’s nothing to lose by giving of oneself to another’s flow, if your “flows” are aligned to one another.  If they are not mutually aligned, then they simply have no intercourse in that moment; no interaction with each other. Maybe they will align at some other “moment,” or maybe not. Meanwhile there are countless others to align with in purpose and process. In kairos, flow is the norm. Harmonious vibe = collaborative flow. Out of sync = out of one another’s orbits at that time.  It’s so elegantly simple. So divinely ordered.

So 5D (and up).

Notice in the song it’s all about RETURNING, as supported by the visual device of running scenes backwards. We are returning to Source, where we ARE innocent. We’ve been in this “expanding universe” so long, under dark influences… and we’ve been away from Home long enough. We are returning to higher realms, to Oneness, to support/buoyancy … field of eternal love and light.

Hold that in consciousness and practice detachment from the outrageous dramas bringing down the program on this planet currently. That program’s EXPIRED. Let it go. Unplug your precious power from it; it’s by giving our juice to it (including our attention if not deeper interaction) that it perpetuates. Earth is pristine in another frequency field; it’s time to get on board for that excursion, and love what’s ahead—it will help bring it into our experience all the faster :) .

Oh, by the way, wanted to mention my “state” today, in the wake of all that night activity. The entire center channel of my head felt like jello for hours: from the middle of my brow in front all the way through the center of the brain to the base of my skull. I had obviously been through something that had impacted that whole area, involving the pineal (3rd eye) and pituitary glands, and the newly activated chakra at the base of the skull — the telepathic reception center. This whole area was pronouncedly affected for hours earlier today, presumably because these centers were so intensely engaged during this ongoing adventure.

How’s the shift treating you? How are you treating you while all the stuff hits the fan in the external world? If you notice fear raising its energy in your mental/emotional bodies… maybe try a physical gesture such as craning your neck for a second or two… as a reminder to reach for higher vibrational space in that moment. The big shifts can process through us more smoothly when we consciously work in a daily maintenance kind of way — like sweeping leaves out of one’s camp — on anything that happens to ruffle our peace. Think of it as feng shui for the soul.

From my heart,