Full Moon Focus: More Letting Go of Old Stories

If you’ve been feeling stuck in mud lately as I have… perhaps this message from Sandra Walter will give you a bit of an energetic boost. I’m feeling a need to let GO of a lot of fossilized mental & energetic “content.”  Seems I can unload old baggage… only to find a fresh load soon thereafter needing to be moved out of my field. Will spend some time today working on this with Full Moon energies. Peace to all…  ox:W

from Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

There is major activity happening with our Gateways in this Now. This is a day to honor, get clear and pay attention as the veils thin.

Gatekeepers have been busy with the Equinox passage, and today, with the Full Moon, you will feel the difference in your fields if you connect to Gaia and Solaris with your heart.

Your crystals will be taking on a new level of service – and we will learn a new way to utilize them. right now, they need to get outside in the light, on the ground. Mine have been out all week. Continue reading

The Deadline & Your Miraculous Imagination

Greetings from a wee-hours cosmic journey :)  I’m sharing with you two videos I believe are well worth your attention:

  1. The first one is a documentary about Earth’s “deadline” to prove itself peaceful and therefore worthy of becoming a participating member in the “greater community” of evolved galactic neighbors
  2. Second is a 20-minute how-to about a technique to train your imagination prior to falling asleep to perform “miracles.”

The Deadline

01astraltraveltootherworldsI just watched this film based on a particular theme of messages brought through the amazing Brazilian medium Xavier Chico (now deceased)… whose caliber of abilities, from what I’ve seen, could easily rival Edgar Cayce’s in this country (USA).

This is the man whose consistent ability to bring through extensive “letters” from loved ones in the afterlife realm resulted in the Brazilian movie, Astral City. Astral City focuses on the afterlife experiences (including the spiritual growth) of a man who, on earth, was an arrogant doctor who died (if memory serves) in the 1930’s. Astral City was a fairly successful movie that’s available on dvd and now also on GAIATV.

Xavier Chico was a beloved, famous, though ever humble, man (from a very difficult background) who gave of his gifts around the clock, without charge. He was considered a virtual saint in Brazil.

The whole theme of this documentary I’m linking in this post is what Chico referred to as The Deadline. He was told that in July 1969 angelic beings from all over the cosmos visited earth to consider where we were in what I’ll call our evolutionary process. We are known far and wide as a war-loving species that will not earn “membership” (and exponential growth as souls) in the greater galactic community of advanced beings if we don’t get over this blood lust and obsession with dominating others via fear-inducing tactics and wars. (The reptilian-driven agenda that has profoundly infested the motivations of men.) Continue reading

Clearing Your “Inner Clogs”

This short video from Caroline Cory offers a “quick-clear” practice we can all use to maintain an uncluttered, emotionally unencumbered field.

Remember, what we carry, we project, and those projections (whether behavioral or “just” energies emanating) are strong attractors for more.  I find I’m very sensitized to people’s “vibes” which has brought a bit of a challenge sometimes re: “social navigation.”  W. Continue reading

Conscientious Neuroticism

Sharing this piece by Matthew Welsh today re: new research on neuroticism.

O-Sujeito-e-suas-Neuroses_21Social psychologists generally agree that all of our behavior can be categorized into 5 unique personality traits that they label Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.  Much of the research has shown that people who exhibit high levels of neuroticism (which is our tendency to experience “negative” emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, and depression) is correlated with poor health, unhappiness, and other problematic outcomes.

However, new research has come out that shows that people who exhibit high levels of Neuroticism, but also show high levels of Conscientiousness (which is our tendency to demonstrate self-discipline and aim for achievement against measures or outside expectations) actually have better health, happiness, and likelihood to achieve their goals. Continue reading

Pope Francis on Board with Global Bankruptcy

Friends – I intended to include mention of the pope’s call for global bankruptcy in yesterday’s “Event” post, as it is all connected. The Vatican has long been aware of the events unfolding currently (they’ve known about ‘the wave’ for a lonnggg time), and Pope Francis seems destined to be one of the world leaders preparing “the flocks” for the huge shifts we are now entering – socially, culturally, spiritually, and cosmically. I’m adding these two articles as an addendum to the Event post, in case this tidbit escaped your notice when it came out eleven days ago. It will be interesting to see what unfolds when he visits Washington DC in September.

Also I mention, in case you are new to all this, that countries are now typically organized as CORPORATIONS, not (ie as commonly believed re: the USA) “democracies.” This “re-org” of nations has largely been kept hidden from the people (big surprise!). This fact alone has paved the way for more atrocities than we even dare imagine (but ARE now coming out), which is such a loaded topic I can’t even *start in* on it here. It’s ALL been about profit (funneled to the elite of course), not respect for Life… or even decency. The pope’s mention of ‘corporate bankruptcy’ at the top of the following story prompted me to mention this.

We are on the move! Please hold the intention for smooth transitions to a healed world—healed lives, healed Gaia, healed future.  MAY ALL BE BLESSED.  ~Whitehawk

Two articles follow:

Pope Francis Calls for Global Bankruptcy Process

pope-francis-endorses-use-of-force-against-isis-in-iraqWASHINGTON – Pope Francis called for an international bankruptcy process in a news conference as he left Latin America on Monday. According to the Associated Press, when asked about the Greek debt crisis, Francis stated, “If a company can declare bankruptcy, why can’t a country do so and we go to the aid of others?” Francis offered further comments noting that too many countries are struggling with high debts and he suggested a United Nations bankruptcy proposal could be the solution.‎

“Pope Francis knows that heavy debt loads cause poverty and inequality,” said Eric LeCompte, who consulted the Vatican on its position. LeCompte is the head of the religious development organization Jubilee USA Network. “The Pope’s statement is a logical extension of the Catholic Church’s strong support of debt relief for struggling countries.”

Continue reading

Restoring Energetic Balance

Here is Lisa Renee’s June newsletter – which I’ve only scanned before posting, but I will spend focused time with it as time allows, because the topic of chaotic, imbalanced energies is of utmost importance right now!

I’ve been feeling this myself, and when with others around me I see it in them as well, though they may not be aware of it themselves, or are trying to mask their instabilities with bluster and bravado… which only makes it all the more obvious to see (or feel, for empaths). Remember it’s all a reflection of one big process here. This energetic pressure cooker is flushing up/forcing out all kinds of stuff (could be unrecognizable, from far away in time); we just know something is “up” and it isn’t typically pleasant.

I believe it helps to know this, or at least allow for the possibility of it (psycho-emotional debris… and the physical issues that often manifest as a result of blocked flow), while dealing with all the various land mines (life mines?) that seem to be detonating in the course of an “average” day now.

It’s increasingly critical to audit our own ‘states’ and deal with what we find there as consciously and compassionately as possible. Lisa’s suggestions here may help. Like the frog in the pot of water, most have no sense of what’s happening until the water is boiling, at which point it’s too late to respond with calmness, deeper awareness or ‘decorum’!

Go gently into this good day :) … ox Whitehawk


Dear Ascending Family,

send_reikiOver the last six months our planet has been integrating the flow of divine fire-water, a Universal Liquid light plasma, transmitted through the Universal Golden Gate which opened during the Sun’s intersection with the Ophiuchus constellation.

This transmission has felt like a pressure for many of us, to address personal and planetary imbalances.  Some of us may feel we have surrendered it all, only to find during the last six months, that there is yet another level of reveal.  Revelations are also happening for extra-dimensionals, who have been siphoning resources, and are now being shown the door.  There is more support to dig deep, to heal unresolved wounds and to Restore Energetic Balance at this time, as a new age is upon us. Continue reading

Birdsong’s Many Gifts

Here’s a glimpse behind ‘the veil’ re: a sweet phenomenon to which we tend to give next to no attention: the delightful voices of our avian friends.

Life has exploded in lush majestic splendor in recent weeks here where I live. On a small local road yesterday I was overcome with appreciation for the Life Force billowing in the breeze all around me. It put me in a little reverie where I imagined I was in South America somewhere… with Nature expressing so bounteously in so many forms.

singing-birdsI’m tuning in more to birdsong lately. Have you heard the expression “Singing up the Sun”? In this magnificent, multisensory weave of Creation, all is in symbiosis with all else. Life is a chorus of ongoing, mutually supportive resonance. *Sound* is integral to life’s functions and processes. I’ve been turning my attention to this aspect lately—the voices.

Right now, for instance, Continue reading

Ja’li Series

A brief mention — the zingy Ja’li messages have been given their own section on this blog. They are now presented in their entirety from the 1st through the 9th message on one scrollable page, and may be referenced via the Ja’li Speaks link at the top of the blog, as well as this direct link here (for subscribers who will see this in their WordPress reader or email):


Rebalancing the Energies of Ascension

the heart of the matterI’m posting another one from the Hawaiian source through whom the recent Ja’li messages came… tho this one is from another ‘member’ of that ‘galactic team.’ What I consider so *important* about this, as well as the Ja’li messages, is the emphasis on prioritizing your own infallible, conscious connection and collaboration with your own soul.

The soul’s perspective is vastly beyond our own sensory perception, and being able to tune in to the soul’s expanse of awareness—and capacity for love—is critical. And beautiful!

The current frequencies are such that this is not only so important – it’s also easier to achieve than it has been until recently.

Following is the message I came to share with you today. Regular readers realize that I do not just slap up every channeled message that comes along to keep traffic coming to this blog. I am discerning about what I share with you. I’m also feeling the acceleration of this event in progress, so I turn to you with what little influence (and hopefully, encouragement) I might have from this little perch in cyberspace. Whether your discernment is within the same ballpark as my own is of course for you to determine. Let’s just do some good, shall we – which begins as an inside job., which begins with a decision.

Love & peace… Whitehawk

By the way, the links at the end of this material are not mine, nor have I checked through them to see if they work, or if I would recommend the info or products they link to. As always, your judgment.  oxo

Suggestions to Rebalance Ascension Energies

An T’na: Greetings from the members of the Intergalactic Board of Council. I am An T’na speaking on their behalf. These are their words.

IBOC: We shall at this time continue with our prior discourse

With regard to the developments on your planet, you must remember that plans, good and bad, have come and gone for eons pertaining to the destiny of your species and the planet that is home to you.

The current events that are developing are yet another of those ongoing attempts to steer your planet into a particular direction. Each side has their pet agendas, as it were, but we wish you to remember that you must have your own personal plan back of or beneath the larger impersonal plans being made for you.

It has been our business to help give you some guidance and clarification on initiating a desire to formulate a plan for yourselves.

As such we have encouraged you to focus your personal plan upon ascension. It is through your personal ascension that you will become forever set free of the ongoing impersonal plans that constantly tug you around  every corner of your planet, and for some of you that has been the case for many lifetimes.

But then, you know all of this, yet if you knew about it on the conscious level, then why are you still here?

Could it be because you’ve merely forgotten how to focus your consciousness and energy into a powerful enough state that generates your freedom on all levels?

Or could it be that there is something more, something else, something other that, regardless of how ardently you attempt to focus yourself into release, it is keeping you trapped?

From where we are observing you, we have seen that there is indeed something that is keeping you subdued. We have mentioned it before briefly.

We said that there are changes occurring cosmically throughout not only your solar system but throughout the entire universe. The changes that are affecting your solar system are affecting your planet, of course.

Your sun is therefore emitting an unusual amount of various frequencies, some that can contribute to evolution and ascension, but also other amplified frequencies that are lower vibrating waves. These are the ones that your negative factions have harnessed artificially and employed to create what we consider to be adverse affects upon your planet, which includes your bodies that are components of the planet.

You must understand that the nature of duality requires a system of balance so that while some energies your sun is emitting are that which is of a higher vibrating effect that supports the creation and evolution of life, it also emits equal amounts of energies that are of a lower vibrating effect. These +/- energies generates the harmonic balance necessary for the Lower Triad’s nature of duality to exist.

So, while many of you have been enthusiastically endeavoring to embrace and engage the higher vibrating frequencies to evolve and ascend yourselves, your negative factions have been working just as hard to prevent that from happening because according to them they own your planet thus you as well. When they noticed that their slaves became enlightened enough to discover how to ‘escape the prison’, so to speak, then they began working overtime to get the upper-hand on your efforts.

So, how are they going about this?

There is a forcefield that was placed around your planet some decades ago that is designed to artificially emit frequency waves that are tuned to the level of vibration that creates what we refer to as ‘interference patterns’. These are also used to create what you know as holography but the usual interference patterns are being ‘interfered by‘ another set of interference patterns that literally disrupts the harmonic vibrations that your planet naturally emits and to which your bodies are naturally attuned.

This is being done through the use of what you call your ‘cell towers’, your ‘power towers’, your ‘radio towers‘. All such structures have over time become, shall we say, ‘compromised’ by being ‘infected’ with electronic devices that relay the particular frequency from one point to another, across a given landmass, what you call a continent. This creates a ‘grid pattern’ that supports the frequencies disruption from place to place.

Now you know why you’ve been funneled so quickly into becoming ‘electronic junkies’. Getting you hooked into the world of all-things-electronics vicariously hooks you into the ‘vibrational grid’ itself. So you’re literally ‘plugged in’.

This ground-based grid is all connected to a much larger array of ‘towers’ so to speak that exist in orbit around your planet. Nearly all of the so-called satellites are connected to these on-ground frequency transmitters. The space grid, if you will, works on much the same basis except that the frequencies are far more amplified in power. That power is transduced as it enters the ground-based transmitters. The amplified power is coming from your sun, is captured by the satellites and further amplified, then is transmitted to your ground-based towers.

Your negative factions are merely making use of what is already a naturally occurring process, except they are enhancing only the lower vibrating frequencies of the overall range of harmonics.

Now perhaps you know why there seems to be such an unusual amount of satellites orbiting your planet. Keeping these devices operational is the main purpose of having space stations in orbit as well. Someone’s got to maintain them.

So, this is a brief and simplified explanation of it, but you get the picture, as you would say. To put it succinctly, the interference frequencies are in the air all around you.

Keeping you trapped as their indentured slaves through the use of vibrational frequency bombardment was, for a couple of generations, a well-known idea amongst the most elite of your negative factions.

They knew at the time that in order to be able to accomplish such an exotic project it would require many decades if not a couple of generations of time of scientific research, experimentation, and the creation and refinement of the proper instruments capable of harnessing and emitting the appropriate frequencies that would disrupt your body’s ability to harness and engage the higher frequencies necessary for ascension.

Over an extended time much experimentation was done on human test subjects in order to identify which areas of the brain and nervous system to target with which frequencies.

At any rate, things are as they have come to be and perhaps now you know why many of you have endeavored with the utmost sincerity, devotion and determination to ascend and have been unable to get anywhere.

Your body’s natural frequency patterns that are attuned to the planet are being vicariously affected along with the planet. It is therefore not that you cannot ascend, it’s that your body is having difficulty getting up to speed, so to speak.

If when focusing intently, you cannot cure your own cold, or heal a cut or a simple headache within a brief moment of time, then you need to know that ‘it’s not just you’, but that there is another factor that is interfering with your body’s ability to get up to speed for instant, or even nearly-instant healing.

Your space- and ground-based electronic and internet grid is like a fish net that has you caught by process of a ‘frequency-vector-field’ that has the ability to reduce some higher frequencies to lower ones, involving what you would refer to as a ‘piggybacking process‘ of ‘carrier waves‘. Artificial interference patterns interfering with natural interference patterns.

In order for you to counteract the overall effect of the grid’s output it would require far more consciousness and energy raising than you currently can access that is capable of doing so. In other words, you cannot personally abolish the negative faction’s source of these adverse effects. All you can do is to engage ways that will help you overcome the effects for yourself.

Because these subduing frequencies are being artificially generated and target at certain areas of your mind and body, you need to buffer and neutralize it artificially by generating your own counter-measures that will positively counter the intended negative effects.

We know that you have access to tools that you listen to which stimulates positive effects in targeted areas of your body and mind.

Some of these tools are what you refer to as frequency tones, frequency activator beats, frequency light waves, hemispheric-synchronizing waves, and so on.

There are sound-light devices you can purchase. (See website below. ~G~)

There are hemispheric-synchronizing music and devices. (See website below. ~G~)

There are pyramid structures inside which to meditate or sleep. If you cannot afford to buy it then make your own. (See website below. ~G~)

While there is an enormous amount of sources provided on your internet sites by which to access frequency beats or tones, hemi-sync music signals and music, and so on, we do not advise you using those methods due to the fact that the computer is directly interfaced with the frequency-vector-field. Non-computer methods are far more effective.

Because of this, we also recommend that you limit your time spent on your computers, mostly with the internet active. Your cell phones and other such devices are also main causes of ‘infecting you’, if you will, with polluting frequency disruptions.

These are but a few suggestions and methods you can use to assist your efforts to counter the adverse effects being forced upon you. There are others, and we suggest that you do your homework to research which method you feel is best for you for it will be different with each of you since you’re not all wired the same, as you say.

Now, that is what you can do materially to help counter the adverse effects of the  invisible artificially constructed prison you’re being kept in. That is merely one layer.

The other layer is the need to begin, if you haven’t yet, or to continue if you have, to engage the raising of your vibrations. Your inner-focused efforts to do this will be more effective while you are also using an external countering method.

We see that some of you are what we might call “ascension puritans”, meaning you prefer or believe ascension must be done solely through your inner methods. But we want to remind you that we have stated that when you go into such beliefs of that which is outer is somehow wrong or bad or inappropriate, that you go into forgetting that all things on your planet, whether nature- or manmade are made from the planet therefore are of the planet itself. All the same stuff, just different forms of expression. You go into judgment that causes the separatism that keeps you locked into the duality of the Lower Triad.

Now, you might say that our message herein is judgmental and is about separatism, but you misperceive our point.

We have not said that any of the frequencies adversely affecting you are wrong or bad, nor are they inappropriate. We said that they are necessary in order to keep the sun and all things in energetic balance.

We are not advising you to go into separatism by engaging the external methods we’ve suggested. That which is external is merely the aftereffects of that which is from the internal source. We recommend that you engage the external methods as a means to help rebalance what your negative factions are doing to you artificially by generating an abnormal amount of lower vibrating frequencies with which they are bombarding you daily.

The external counter-measures we recommend is a way for you to bring your vibrations back up to where they should and would be were you not being artificially bombarded.

You see, the amplified cosmic energies are not the cause of the imbalance. The universe generates and sustains its natural state of balance. We recommend that you read Mr. Ja’li’s Messages about this.

It is that your negative factions have harnessed this amplified cosmic energy into an artificial means of putting you off balance for their own dishonorable purposes. What they have done to you collectively, you must undo for yourself personally.

Were this not the case then you could make easy use of the amplified cosmic energies without resorting to using external booster-methods, so to speak, to assist you.

Now, before we close this Communiqué, we wish to remind you that your planet is the one that is deeply plagued by adverse effects, thanks to your negative factions.

We wish you to know that we have never left you but are still in your solar system, assisting the highly evolved extraterrestrials efforts to free your planet of the tyranny it is under so you can ascend beyond it.Contact with you is still being worked out. You have not been abandoned.

But we also wish you to remember that regardless of what your negative factions are doing; regardless of extraterrestrials and contact; regardless of the folding-up of the Lower Triad; regardless of the collapsing of the holographic universe and the reasons for that, which Mr. Ja’li explains, the greatest most paramount reason why you have been, for a very long time, encouraged to ascend is for you – the crucial point being so that you can return to your true Home.

If you can’t ascend for you, with the utmost reason to do so being solely for you, solely because of you rather than because of something ‘out there’, then you won’t ascend. In other words, you cannot make something or someone ‘out there’ your reason for ascending simply because by projecting the reason out there onto some event, some condition, some person, whatever, then you continue to lock yourself into the externally projected duality of the Lower Triad.

The reason to ascend must be you, that which you are within, meaning the you that occupies the external-based embodiment that houses you inside for the embodiment is an instrument that permits you to interact with all that this universe has to offer.

We do hope that this not only answers your question, but also provides you with pertinent information that will guide you into taking the suggested action that will assist you to rebalance your ascension energies.

Gesanna: Yes, it does. It is far more helpful than I expected. It is very much appreciated by myself and all of us. Thank you very much.

An T’na: You are very welcome. The Council bids you all a fond farewell until next time.

I am An T’na of the Intergalactic Board of Council. That is all for now.

Light and Sound device (less expensive product found here)

Hemi-Sync signal music CDs

Pyramids (for purchase)

Youtube vid; includes mention of Billy Meier’s use of pyramids

Pleiadian Pyramid for meditation

Copper Pyramids, merkaba, tetrahedrons

Symphony of the Planets: CD disks 1-5; NASA recordings of sounds made by the planets themselves; good tool for meditating

You can sample them via Youtube clips at,

Ja’li 9: Ignition Sequence for the Return Trip

I want to thank Gesanna for freely sharing these messages with us. Here is the last one; hopefully you’ve been reading this series of nine in order starting with the first.

My own intention is to be homeward bound as directly as possible and nothing less. I’d rather be prepared for the bliss of returning than be regretful for slacking at this point, possibly risking squandered opportunity. I actually don’t fear any such “error” but still—in times of doubt and “unpeace” that will surely arise on occasion—I feel prepared at levels deeper than the surface din that I AM on track. I AM a sovereign soul, vastly more than this fleshly little avatar participating in an experiment that’s been leveraged against our collective thrival. We are in the end game; what is your free-will choice?

This is all, as I’ve reiterated again and again, for each person/soul to filter through their own truth and discernment. I personally have no problem zooming my lens out to the level of this most epic tale of rogue gods, holographic labs, and my place in it. Peace to you.

Love all, Whitehawk

Message 9

Meetings Between the Awakened Ones & the Rogue Gods
How To Return Home – ‘The Secret’ Found In Oz

Gesanna: Hi Mr. Ja’li. Before we continue with the information in your last Message, a question was asked as to whether or not anyone has tried to converse with the rogue Gods to help them understand the matters you are telling us about that might help them have a change of mind and heart?

Mr Ja’li: Yes, there have been those who have held meetings with the rogue Gods. They listened politely but ultimately were unmoved by anything that was said to them. It is their belief that even though once we collapse the Lab hologram, they feel certain that the hologram, which they are reconfiguring, will, of its own reprogrammed operating system, continue to remain intact.

It was explained to them that their new holographic universe would be an inferior replication of the original one and thus would perform in ways that would be unpredictable and consequently unreliable for their anticipated purposes.

They responded that they would simply adjust the required constituents to necessary performance parameters.

All-in-all, even though they presented themselves in cordial manners during the meetings, their overall response has been that of ‘polite discount’, so to speak, to the whole of what has been conveyed and offered to them. Continue reading

Ja’li 8: Peace, Our Ultimate Inside Job

Winding down with this series now… only one more message comes after this very significant one.

This message reminded me of an OBE I had about 22-24 years ago, where I’m “out and about” with a former boyfriend who had died in a kayaking accident while paddling an unchartered (never before navigated) Class 5 (extremely difficult whitewater) river in Peru. He and I had astral encounters during and after our relationship, and they continued for awhile after he passed… tho now I haven’t seen him in years!

So… we were outdoors (in 4D) in a quaint mountain village, and overhead we saw a huge, diaphanous “material” that covered the entire sky starting to lose its stability/ability to remain aloft. Imagine a gigantic silk parachute that covered (or enclosed) the entire airspace of the planet deflating and drifting down all around us; it was like that.

As we watched this, one of us said, “What will we do now that the amusement park is closing?” … referring to this holographic reality matrix we’ve been “playing in” for eons. The quip was made in light-hearted fun, because we knew that whatever was coming next would be an improvement on what we’ve had for so long on this troubled planet.

I might add that this happened before my kundalini awakened, and before I’d heard of ‘the matrix’ from any external source (I never even saw the movie The Matrix til about 3 years ago), and before I’d heard of “ascension” tho I knew a “shift” of some sort was pending. This was all “fresh and direct experience” for me… as has been my pattern all my life. I would have incredible experiences, which would then set me on a quest to learn their meaning and significance.  

Following is the next-to-last message from Ja’li. Continue reading

Peace & the Power of Your Precious Attention

Greetings All,lainfo.es-17287-lenon-300x214

As many are aware, tomorrow — Sunday, Sept. 21 — is international peace day. John Lennon’s song, Imagine, is the day’s ‘official anthem.’

Monday the 22nd is the equinox, and then the 25th begins a 10-day Hindu observation of the Divine Mother, called Navaratri. This is a powerful window for empowered intentions, so it’s important to ensure ours stand for/align with the True Light.

Of course, every day should be a day of peace! But if enough souls contemplate peace, and meditate upon what a truly peaceful world would BE and FEEL like, we could accomplish a meaningful shift into the higher, healed grids of Gaia. Each contribution of aligned awareness turns our collective dial in the right direction.

It’s crucial to imagine peace AS IF it is our reality. All beings are honored, and fed, and loved! Blessed Gaia is honored and loved — by all nations, all people.

Kindness! Delightedness! Beautiful creations! Ample abundance! Continue reading