Entering a New “Room”

Pleiadian message via Sophia Love:

Telepathy Picture

Hello Sophia! We are so grateful you have joined us here!

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

We would love to engage!

We have been witnessing your recent transformation and have been hanging back, unsure of your readiness. For, although you have stepped into another “room” so to speak, you have not yet turned on the light and so can’t yet visualize where you are.

Oh, you know you’ve moved, that much is clear.

Are you speaking to me personally or to us as a race? Continue reading


The Uncovering

Picture New one from Sophia Love. May it be so. May it be soon. W

August 23, 2018

I reach now to my friends on the Pleiadian Pipeline. Are you available to connect?

We are Sophia, yes. We are here now and so very pleased that you have called us to talk. There are many things to say now. It is an honor to participate in this uncovering. For uncovering is what it is, make no mistake. You are reaching deep within and pulling out those parts of yourselves and your world that you’ve kept hidden.

Thank you for coming forward. Will you continue now with any new and/or beneficial information for us?

We will, yes. Right now, on your world there are forces plotting an overthrow of those who are also on your world planning for its liberation. These plots will not be successful. It has been seen and it has been deemed that your world is liberated from its current enslavers. Continue reading

Prime Creator’s Journey

Here we have a “galactic review” from Barbara Marciniak. Thanks to Joanne for putting it under my nose this morning.

Marciniak’s Pleiadian transmissions were among the first galactic tales to really hit big in so-called New Age consciousness about, oh, 25 years ago. I know I read them with great interest! I also found Marciniak’s Path of Empowerment a good read.

I’ve since backed off a lot of New Ageism as I continuously explore potential answers to this “whole catastrophe” (as Zorba would say) but some of it is anchored in my head pretty firmly, like the creation story below.

When this came along in my Facebook feed, I decided to post it here as an overview/review (should you choose to accept it) of a pivotal portion of the history of this planet and the human species who have been in a totally unique journey here, in comparison to other colonizations in the cosmos.

What follows is Chapter 2 of The Bringers of the Dawn.  ~W ox

On Prime Creator’s Journey

Humanity is an experiment. Humanity has been designed, as has just about everything else that exists within creation. Prime Creator began experimenting with creation a long time ago in this universe for the purpose of greater self-exploration, self-gratification, and self-expression. Continue reading