Life & Death & that Single Separating Breath

I’ve been conflicted about sharing a recent experience with you. It’s a bit intense, and some might interpret the overall atmosphere of this post as morose; a downer,  because it deals with death. But my intention is to share something I found quite illuminating, once it became apparent my life in this world would continue! I believe by the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll feel uplifted.

Actually Inelia Benz’s new message provided the nudge I needed to go ahead and speak up re: this. She mentions being “down with a massive headache since the equinox.” Her message is the one immediately prior to (below) this one on the blog. I initially intended to included it at the end of mine in the same post, but mine grew too long.

So, on with my experience.stock-footage

Oh. My. God. The massive headache. I mean, obviously I’m not glad to hear that Inelia’s been suffering, but in honesty I was somewhat relieved as well because what happened to me in the wake of the equinox was incredibly intense. Alarming. To the extent I was genuinely concerned I might be on the brink of crossing over. Now I feel less alone, which makes this whole thing less about me and more about all of us in this energetic shakeup.

More about that in a moment… but as a lead-in, the confession that I’ve been acutely aware of death in recent weeks. Months, actually. Front-burner theme, coming from many directions, including sudden deaths of people in my orbit. Young(ish) people.

Two of these crossings – both women – were caused by brain hemorrhages. Spontaneous “brain bleeds” … sudden death. Continue reading

Afterlife Serenade

I recently attended the memorial service of a man who lived a full life and died at the age of 91.  He was a Naval pilot in WW2, and enjoyed flying his whole life.  I’d never attended a military service like this before; much respect was paid by a group of Navy officers in their dress blues, performing the ceremony with the American flag, folding it up carefully, presenting it to the widow with some very touching words of appreciation re: Bob’s service to our country.  What I didn’t see coming was the sudden firing of seven rifles right outside the open doors of the funeral home — I almost launched from my body right there in the chapel!

The most interesting and unexpected moment in the proceedings came when the deceased’s daughter stepped up to deliver her part of the eulogy.  She told us how, very early that morning, she couldn’t sleep, and so went into her home office to write up what she would share about her dad during the service.  She brought a CD of Native American flute music with her to play while writing.  (She had the CD with her and held it up for us to see: a professionally published CD with a lovely Native American painting on its cover.  I include this detail to clarify that it wasn’t a home-made recording. )

She then proceeded to tell us that, when she put the CD in to play, the flute music she expected to hear was gone, replaced by “The Spirit of St. Louis” — a song from the album, The High and Mighty: A Century of Flight, which was the sound track for the same-named 1957 movie about flyingPT-AP362_BRLede_G_20100723192015 The Spirit of St. Louis piece is about Charles Lindbergh’s ground-breaking 1927 flight across the Atlantic, an event which no doubt inspired the “guest of honor” in his youth to become a pilot when he grew up.  So Gloria (daughter) kept getting a 29-second recording of Spirit coming from her player instead of the flute CD she had in the drive.  The CD was now BLANK other than the SPIRIT music on there!

Touche’ Bob :)

Gloria’s dad, known to be a fun-lovin’ prankster, really seems to have had some impressive afterlife skills going for him immediately after his passing, and used them to play with his daughter while she wrote his eulogy… which turned out to be largely about this phenomenon!  The elders in the chapel were a-buzz with Gloria’s story.  The man sitting in front of me leaned over to the woman next to him asking, “Is she serious??”  The woman nodded.  I was on the edge of my seat smiling broadly at Gloria.  It was quite something to take in, at a “straight, military” memorial service!  — which ended with the music, Anchors Away. Gotta love it. Continue reading