True Time Travel Tale

Time travel has always fascinated me, and I’ve always ‘known’ it is an absolute reality in the quantum field, where all is going on simultaneously – mind-bending as it sounds. Following is an accounting of a recent event experienced by Lauren Zimmerman. Her online presence is linked at the end.

This story particularly speaks to me because shortly after my father died, the family home went up in flames, taking my mother’s life. A few days before this happened, she made a cryptic remark that sounded like she had a premonition that her ‘time’ was near. I dearly wish I had encouraged her to tell me why she felt this (she was in good health), but regretably, in the fear this very idea raised in me, I poo-poo’d her remark changed the subject. I hope I’ve become a better listener since then.

Synchronistically, just yesterday I listened to a ‘Coast to Coast’ interview with Bruce Goldberg explaining techniques he had developed to switch timelines (ie, travel to parallel timestreams) to see other trajectories that ‘parallel selves’ are traveling, and how these experiences can transform one’s life. Encounters with time travelers from the future are also discussed. That conversation can be found here:

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Time Travel – A Very Real Experience

Even after 30+ years of incredible experiences I hesitate to share some of the more incredible ones. It’s taken me a week to decide about sharing this one, but the urging of ‘spirit’ has grown louder on a daily basis and so, here we are.

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