Your Personal Portal —

The following message involves information for your discernment regarding co-creating (with the rising frequencies) your personal portal of ascension. One purpose is to give yourself an accelerated passage through the dark chaos of lower 4D—the lower astral plane—which, I can attest, can be a very gooey, sticky, grasping & distracting realm. Not a neighborhood you want your ‘vehicle’ to get stuck in! Or even to slow for a curious gawk. This personal portal is your tunnel of light through any darkness… among other things. Suzanne Lie (LEE) has brought through this information to assist us through this passage. Who wouldn’t like some tips for the astounding journey we’re facing?  Worth a read imo ~W


At the moment of the opening you must completely surrender to the Portal. You must “die” to your old life and be “re-born” to your new. This act of “dying” is not to die to your body, for you will need to continue using it as you participate in the great transmutation from the third dimensional world into the higher frequency world that your Soul has chosen for your Maiden Voyage. In other words, you will NOT die to your body. You will DIE to your reality. Dying to your reality means that everything, every person, every place, every situation to which you have been attached in the reality that you are leaving must be totally and utterly released.

Most important, at the same time that you release the old, you embrace the exact replica of your reality in its higher frequency expression. Continue reading

Homo Luminous 101: Your Truth

Following is such a rich & beautiful message — Arcturan this time — I wanted to make sure it came to your attention. It transmits excellent mentoring for humans preparing to step into an entirely new, higher-frequency, powerful, rarified energy field.


Greetings dear ones.  We of the Arcturian group welcome you to a new age, to a new way of seeing, and  new light of understanding that is blanketing the earth at this time. We see Light moving though many places that heretofore have been in darkness.  Many who were stuck in tradition and old energy are beginning to  open, even if just a little, to new ways of seeing and being.  The Light is surrounding you dear ones, and this is acting to dissolve and break the bonds of those shadows that you have lived under for so long.

There is coming a time very shortly, when you will understand even more.  You are creating an energy in which the new can be born in more powerful ways, a new energy in which those who will be here to help can enter and be listened to.  Much is about to change on earth.  Much that you have believed could never change is indeed changing, for all is energy and you have changed the energy needed in order for these old issues to  function.  We see you embracing the new ideas with love for you are beginning to see that there are indeed better and higher ways of doing things. Ways which include all, and not just a select group deemed worthy by the false standards of old energy beliefs.   Those who still continue to hold  to what is finished, will have a difficult time of it, for they are “beating a dead horse” as you say in your vernacular.

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Clearing Old Energies

The following Arcturian message from Marilyn Raffaele, of, presents one ‘ascending world’ gem after another—perhaps you’ll resonate with it ~ W

Greetings dear ones.  Once again we of the Arcturian Group are here to speak and tell you of the great light you are bringing to Mother Earth at this time.  She is working very hard to do her clearing without harm, but she too is preparing herself for ascension and needs to adjust the energy where necessary.

As with Gaia, we also see you adjusting according to the changes that are taking place on earth.  No longer are you so frightened by the many unusual events you hear about because you are beginning to understand what is going on.  This  understanding is adding to a world consciousness from which all mankind can then draw. Thus your awakening is helping others to awaken—it puts these higher ideas of truth into a universal bank so to speak, that others may draw upon should they choose.  All is according to free will, so if an individual chooses to remain in the old energy, that is perfectly fine.  However, as the old energy dissolves,   its manifestations likewise dissolve, as is the case with your financial system. Continue reading