Planet Alert July 2012

I am feeling things hyper-acutely currently and find myself seeking solitude more than usual from all things “incoming.”  Perhaps the energies explained here are chompin on my personal energetic system, as well as sooo many things ‘technical’ lately. The commotion re: computers/hi-tech seems unrelenting. The Uranus/Pluto square is one of the forces with which we are reckoning, and it is a whopper. ~W

Planet Alert July 2012

on behalf of Mahala, published July 3rd, 2012

Are you prepared for lots of changes in your life and in the world?  In this article I am focusing on what the planets are doing because they are producing very intense energy. We do create our own reality and it is nice to stay in the energy of love and light, although sometimes it gets a little chaotic out there. If we stay peaceful we can watch the play in observer mode instead of being caught in the drama of it all.

There will be more drama played out for the rest of this year. The more intense the energy gets the more drama occurs. Continue reading

Rebellion Against False Perceptions

Intensity? Lethargy? Confusion? 

The subject has come up repeatedly in recent weeks . . . why are ancient emotions suddenly bubbling up to the surface? Why has our memory become, essentially, shrapnel??  How can activities from just the day before be absolutely *gone* one moment and *back* the next, in our ability to recall them? How can we be so certain of one scenario in one moment, and then in the next — POP — a whole other reality becomes true?

Yes, Virginia, things are seriously strange. Timelines are merging, which means some ‘versions’ of history (we have many versions of THIS life playing out in various planes, as choice-points splintered into quantum timelines for expression) have given way for other — perhaps more authentic or integritous or significant to the higher unfolding NOW. I have had the mileage on my car jump to and fro; I have had an empty bird feeder “fill itself” overnight (probably a minor timeline merge), I have had memories be certain re: one thing, only to have them be certainly something else hours later — about very recent events!

We are in a massive soular defrag process, where all manner of lifeline debris is reshuffling, reseating, or releasing itself altogether from our composite selves. This is part of the ascension process, and it is all odd enough to keep grappling with on an ever-increasing basis as we careen into higher frequencies of existence; add a Mercury Retrograde to the cosmic stew at this critical time of the whole enchilada, and hoo-eee! The necessity to just surf the waves amps up considerably. It’s a huge challenge for humans who put so much value on our intellects to just LET GO and let a higher power take the reins! But this is exactly what we must do if we are serious about moving up the bandwidth here. Let go and let LOVE. Just love it even tho it feels like a meat grinder sometimes!

I received the following report about our backed-up Mercury period and thought you might appreciate it as I did.  Only TWO MONTHS til the Mayan’s end of (this) Timeline occurs, according to Calleman.  (See previous post.)  There is debate about all things Mayan Calender… and no one can guarantee anything!  HISTORY isn’t even absolute!

Actually each of us likely has our OWN particular experiences and destiny which may bear no resemblance to our neighbor’s. Just flow with the tides as they come to YOU is the way to go (or BE). Let go of old addictions and attachments and expectations if they’ve hit their proper expiration, which you can tell if they are feeling friction-y (or maybe simply boring) to you now. >>> No more looking to the ‘other guy’ to clone his/her experience as your own.

Onward now to this Mercury Retro message from Michelle Karén: Continue reading

Cardinal Grand Square, June 26

Following is excerpted from Barbara Hand Clow’s current high-octane Astroflash report. This picks up where she gets into the Cardinal Grand Square configuration occurring on June 26. Elsewhere I’ve heard this constellation referred to as a “cosmic orgasm.” Here is BHC’s informed take on it. IMO she offers good advice re: how to deal. For the whole shebang, visit Barbara’s website. Oh, and buckle up.


At this point you may feel overwhelmed and wonder why you ever consulted this site. Well, you haven’t seen anything yet! As previously mentioned, we must also look at the June 26 Capricorn Eclipse [chart not shown] because is occurs 5 days after the Solstice, and because it is going to lock in the powers of the Summer Solstice Grand Square. This lunar eclipse is going to increase the Solstice potency exponentially; it is almost impossible to imagine what it will create, although an increase in solar flares and a global awareness of the pain to come from the oil volcano are likely. [I hope most of you can throw this chart up on your computer or check astrological magazines to view it.]

Of course, the cardinal Grand Square is still in close formation five days after the Summer Solstice, so many things in the Solstice reading will still apply. But, as if to emphasize the importance of this Grand Square, the Full Moon in 5 Capricorn conjuncts Pluto (in the Grand Square), and Mercury in 2 Cancer is back in aspect by moving close to the oppositional Sun in 5 Cancer. That is, the Grand Square during the Lunar Eclipse has 12 squares and six oppositions, and they are all very close. Since it is an eclipse, the Cancer/Capricorn oppositions also include the lunar nodes. This is the most disturbing and potentially enlightening chart I have ever seen. It rings and rings of shifting vibrations, intentional personal changes, and astonishing cosmic forces.

I wrote about Exopolitics-the reentry of Earth into Universe society in 2011-in The Mayan Code, and this eclipse signifies contact and communication with other realms, a difficult possibility at best. Your only recourse is to know yourself when you are faced with the Other, and this eclipse can enable you to see much truth about yourself. Never forget that we are sovereign in our dimension-3D-and off-planet beings can only influence us by working through our thoughts and emotions. In a moment, I will offer a few simple suggestions for looking within, but first let’s get deeper into the astrology. [As an aside, I would suggest you’d be smart to stay home on June 26. Any distraction will take down your ability to imprint this extraordinary configuration.]

So, here are the June 26 Full Moon/lunar eclipse aspects: Sun/Mercury on the South Node oppose Pluto/Moon on the north Node, and Saturn opposes Uranus/Jupiter squaring the Full Moon opposition. The Full Moon with Pluto in Capricorn is very potent and activates deep and honest emotions. Capricorn can build mountains, yet stirred up by Pluto and in opposition to Sun/Mercury in Cancer, we will feel despair over the current fate of Earth.

Our planet will be downloaded through our species with an awesome realization of the danger Gaia is handling; in some way the people will humble the destroyers. As people feel the excruciating emotions brought on by sacrificed animals and decimated water, they will see wars for what they are-greedy patriarchal games to get power for the Elite. I am not saying these things will change right away, but human minds will have changed by fall, which will then change events. Uranus/Jupiter squaring the Full Moon will push these overwhelming responses to the great life crisis into a nonstop transformative mode. Saturn opposing Uranus/Jupiter will ground these very high frequencies into Earth through our personal consciousness. Full Moons expose how we feel right now, and then when the Moon is eclipsed, our access to why we feel the way we do is occluded for a little while. This wrenches us into being able to feel deeply for everything else but us because ego is restrained. That is, this eclipse is going to force most people to realize their part in this current destruction. With the eclipsed Moon conjunct Pluto in a Grand Square, this crisis cannot be avoided anymore. Individuals and groups around the planet will demand more and they will fight to survive.

The Lunar eclipse on June 26 is going to set fire to the Solstice agendas. This focus will be very powerful and useful for people aligned to spirit, and it will be very threatening for people who can’t figure out what’s going on. The old ways of life are over now, the ideas that created these ways have already been forgotten, and we all must surrenderto this great transformation. We’re all going to need guidance, which is available to us if we just ask. The planet will be showered with knowledge if we ask and it will flow right through us. Your spiritual guides know this is what you’ve been waiting for, so they will help you to be nurtured, secure, and joyful. Feel Earth as she awakens, and some may need a technique for making yourself more receptive to these new forces coming in.

According to the timing of the Mayan Calendar, we are on the apex of an evolutionary shift on Earth. The only thing that blocks it now is us, and the way we block ourselves is as old as the hills. Have you ever heard of the Seven Deadly Sins? All cultures and religions have some version of the seven sins, and I think these “sins” became an issue when religion developed during the National Underworld. I’ve come to the conclusion these seven sins arefalse denominators of human behavior that express fundamental ways we tend to deviate from our potential. From our childhoods and various other influences, most people have a big problem with one or two of the sins, maybe all of them. As far as I can see, these deviations keep us from switching on the signals that can make us totally free. Holding on to them separates us from Earth and her creativity because the idea of these sins makes us feel guilty and judged. So, I’m going to ask you to review your own personal issues with these imbedded thoughtforms, hoping that thinking this one through will clarify a lot of energy in the collective.

The seven deadly sins are: anger, envy, gluttony, greed, laziness, lust, and pride. During the Solstice, consider each one of these sins; see if you can see where you judge yourself. Where you judge yourself may indeed be a place where you need to improve yourself, but it is more likely to be a place where old religious paradigms put you on the cross. The cross and the hanging deity, the supposed model for humanity, is not going to help anybody reach their potential, so let’s get off of it!

If you can clear away these seemingly small issues during the Solstice, your ability to absorb the great powers of the June 26 lunar eclipse will be greatly enhanced. This could enable you to draw down powerful spiritual forces right into Gaia. This is not about making you feel bad about yourself, it is about getting you in touch with habits you have that take down your access to spirit. These habits often cause you to miss amazing opportunities staring you right in the face because you are avoiding the intensity of true spiritual contact. So, think about and feel how you handle each one of these emotional response patterns, and when you see that you are deficient somewhere, think about how you could change it. Just intend to change it, very much like making Spring Equinox intentions, and by your intention during this potent Summer Solstice, you will change.

For example, instead of becoming angry, realize you have the power to change the world; instead of falling into envy, know that you are the greatest; instead of being gluttonous, take sensual pleasure with food; instead of being greedy, enjoy your blessings; instead of being lazy, be unstoppable; instead of being lusty, have great sex with your partner; and instead of being prideful, love yourself! We all lose a great deal of energy fighting our personal dragons, and some of us even wreck our lives this way. But, now by the Calendar, we’re preparing to bring much greater forces through us, galactic forces that will reconnect us with the whole Universe. We’ve finished our morality play, and 260 days of untangling it with each other begins on June 22 with One Manik.

We are ready to go beyond small errors because we are being called to engage with large forces. The next New Moon on July 11 continues the eclipse cycle with a solar eclipse at 19 Cancer. That New Moon will enable us to embody some completely new paths, so prepare yourself for this by changing the small but very crippling parts of your personal self so that you can be a vessel of divine light.

Vibrational Support for Harrowing Times

Gifts from Our Petaled Friends

Flower essences offer wonderful support when we are in turmoil. Even if we are not addictively sucking up the disturbing news of the day by direct infusion, its influence is rampant in the noosphere—the psycho-emotional ocean in which we live. It is inevitable that it will affect our subtle bodies, and then from there, seep into the physical. Best to address the onslaught at the vibrational levels before it progresses to illness, and for this we need to practice self awareness!

Astrologer/therapist Laurie Baum offers this list of flower essences to support you during your experience of this time of Uranus in Aries. Not sure of the parameters of this astro-alignment, but offer the remedies nonetheless for your exploration, as these conditions are certainly prevalent currently! Perhaps Ms. Baum’s information can open the way to balm for your process ;). Regardless of planetary alignments in our local solar system, this entire ascension period requires karmic clearings from the deepest levels of ourselves—involving the entire history of our souls in time! This is a LOT of clearing, and it is what kundalini (embodied shakti… or pure life force) addresses when it is on its mission to help you emerge free from the karmic quagmire.

Flower essences also present further evidence re: how each expression of life was designed to be of particular benefit/service to the all! Each has its harmonious part to play (theme of previous post). Of course, before we even get to the ‘vibrational essence’ of flowers, they offer healing via the pure joy one accesses by admiring their appearance, and aroma. Flowers are spectacular—find one to love today :-D

By the way, the story of how Dr. Bach originally discovered the power of vibrational healing via flower essences is intriguing and inspiring to learn about; I encourage you to find a book on his journey, I’m sure you’d find it enlightening!

Condition / Recommendation

Nervousness and Anxiety—Lavender or Mimulus to calm your nerves, White Chestnut to calm your mind, Filaree to let go of worry

Overstimulated by Information—Red Clover to remain clear when perceiving multiple sources and forms of stimulus, Cosmos to put multiple thoughts into perspective, Rabbitbrush to help sort out multiple details

Shock—Rescue Remedy or Star of Bethlehem to harmonize your body after shock or trauma

Sudden Change in Life Direction—Aspen to heal fear of the unknown, Indian Pink to maintain calm when under pressure, Morning Glory to energize new habit patterns

Conflict—Agrimony to help mediate inner conflict and bring inner peace to outer conflict, Calendula to facilitate communications in conflictual situations, Sweet Pea to bring harmony to conflict-ridden situations

Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed—Canyon Dudleya to put feelings into perspective, Dill to calm senses when over-stimulated, Fuchsia to release repressed emotions, Elm to calm anxiety about disappointing others

Need to Individuate or Express Personal Identity—Goldenrod to balance between personal expressions of identity and the needs of a group, Mullein to help you be true to yourself, Aloe Vera to regain your center after periods of intense activity, Blackberry to express your ideas in the world

Re-experiencing of Adolescent Issues—Chamomile for erratic emotions, Self-Heal to become self-sufficient, Violet to express yourself in a positive way, Gentian to overcome discouragement in challenging situations

Too Much Exposure to Electronics and to Strengthen Aura and Electromagnetic Shield—Pink Yarrow to strengthen your aura, Golden Yarrow to protect yourself when feeling overly sensitive

Channeling Uranian Energy into Creative Expression—Snapdragon to convert frustration or aggression into creative power, Iris to bring spiritual inspiration into physical manifestation, Hound’s Tongue to integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

Note: This is an excerpt from a longer article and more information about current astrological conditions on Laurie’s site at: For those who are interested in astrology, this was one of a collection of 17 articles Vibration hosted about using essences with astrology to deal with transits from Uranus, Pluto and Saturn during the 2010 International Astrology Day blogathon. See them here: A Collection of Articles about Combining Essences and Astrology.

Laurie A. Baum, MSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and NCGR-Level IV certified astrologer in practice in California.