Awakening to the Truth of Your Self

Dismantling the Matrix of Fear — Especially Your Own

This matter of ‘releasing of fear’ is so important, words fail to emphasize HOW KEY it is to let it GO. We cannot be clear vessels for Light (and the infinite gifts it brings) when fear energy keeps us all cramped up. Being throttled by fear is what is causing SO MUCH trouble on our Earth, and has for this entire 26,000-year cycle. Please choose to release it . . . for the good of all! The difference in your whole countenance and experience from this healing will be miraculous, like being rescued from being buried alive. And a little less dark etheric tar will be suffocating our collective field.

You are a radiant embodiment of Source Light; a vessel for this Light to be THE prevailing energy of Earth.

We must stop playing the little victims and accept mastery of ourSelves. Transmute the victim into the Victorious. It’s TIME.

If you’ve never seen Paul Selig channel before, this will be “different” for you, because unlike most channels who hear a message and then speak it aloud for witnesses, Paul’s “hearing” sequences are coming through first as fast, audible whispers which he then repeats aloud and “paced” for us. His message is good and the energy he exudes also amps up his “awakening” message, in my view. Here’s Paul with host Alan Steinfeld at a recent appearance in New York:

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The Quickening

I hesitated to post this video, primarily because it’s been posted by so many others, I didn’t want to be redundant! But it is quite astute, and the producers ( are demonstrating yet again not only a good grasp of the big picture, but a unique ability to transmit it effectively. There’s also a piece in here that I had visions of a few weeks ago, about which I had no prior awareness, that got my attention.

It is an intense ride, but these are the intensest of times. How we choose to respond is of utmost relevance. Tune out the noise and tune in to your own expanded self as often as possible, as this is your ultimate resource during a wave of experience that no ‘mere mortal’ can direct. As always, engage your discernment and ground in your knowing that you DID sign up for this immense experience, and you ARE plugged in to a network of others seeking to be of service in these times.

BTW I’m posting a youtube portal for this video (as opposed to vimeo), because youtube offers lower download options (for greater access to those who have slower internet connects, as I do with my satellite connection) . . . in which case set your youtube setting (lower right of the screen) to 240p for optimal streaming. Big love ~ W