Object of Beauty

Om, Kriyananda

Today I went to the Temple of Kriya Yoga to attend a lecture by Kriyananda, who, though quite advanced in age now, still smiles, laughs, and even occasionally requests forgiveness during a talk he’s probably given a thousand times before.  I was a Kriya initiate years ago in Colorado (Kriya is the spiritual practice originally brought to the states by Yogananda… in the lineage of Babaji), but my keeping with it has faded in the interim.  It was nice to return to it today.  I’ve recently become more diligent re: meditating in general; it’s life-saving, really!  How did I ever become so preoccupied with external matters to the sorry neglect of my precious inner peace?  If there’s anything the world is showing us now… it’s the critical importance of tending our inner gardens.  Our saving grace!

Kriyananda offered numerous simple meditations we might use to help us correct our hell-bent thinking, including the “Object of Beauty” practice.  This is done simply by sitting with eyes closed and maintaining focus on something beautiful, such as a flower, or a sparkling gem, or a sunrise, or mountains, or even a sensual, beautiful fabric.  Bring up something that you find beautiful to behold, and just behold it. Imagine it suspended before you, and slowly turn it around to appreciate how it reflects light from its varying contours, and/or how it engages other senses such as scent, or sound.  Observe, attuned to the abundant loveliness of the object and the uplifted atmosphere of your mind in its presence. The point here is, the beauty one holds in consciousness will ultimately become the prevailing energy of one’s consciousness, and – by extension – one’s life.  If more of us could hold the vibration of beauty (and the peace, love, appreciation, etc. that this evokes)… we’d be purifying the troubled waters of our collective consciousness – the murky and turbulent 4th dimension in which we swim. Meditation 101.

BTW,  using a “beautiful woman” (or any person) as the “object” is not advisable (I’m particularly addressing men here), because objectifying someone doesn’t help anyone, and the ego could easily get involved and start binding her up (and tripping yourself up) in fantasy thoughtforms.  Consciousness is powerful, and the idea of this meditation is to beautify one’s mind, not encourage obsession!  Just sayin’.  For me, images from the natural world are where I gravitate; full-immersion “virtual realities” in beautiful, lush locations are optimal!

So just a simple invitation — to settle down, get comfortable, turn inward, and contemplate something beautiful at least a couple of times a day.  Needn’t be arduous, just intentional.

Isn’t the flower nice?

May beauty bloom eternally within and through you.


Overwhelmed by the Beauty

Just a quickie to mention something I’ve been experiencing the past few days… which seems to have been kicked off by my viewing August Rush last weekend (previous post).  I’ve been finding myself in a state of near-tears exaltation on a few occasions. 

Yesterday evening, for instance, really caught me by surprise.

After many long days of cold, damp, bleak gray weather here (which has a very draining effect on me) … I was in my west-facing living room when suddenly golden rays of sunlight burst through the windows and saturated the space, in time to impart about 30 minutes of lucious, streaming sunset.  This was a sudden and unexpected gift, and I just happened to be watching a video about the luminous Mary Magdelene at the time.*  Coincidence?  So the room flooded with light, and ~ just as suddenly and unexpectedly ~ I was flooded with overwhelm by the beauty of it all, to the point of near tears. 

It was a sublime experience of being transformed in the moment.

I’m feeling graced by the opening I’m feeling lately… ahhhhhhhhh!


* The Anointing of the Dove, by William Henry