Dismantling the Dark

What a difference a day makes.  OK, maybe a few days.

The Karma, Sex post of the other day seems to have possibly struck a chord, as it’s been attracting many visitors.  This is a followup.

So, the plotline goes… I was recently catapulted into confrontation with a major meme (or mass belief; one held over millennia), which began with a spontaneous and unexpected “insight” into the emotionally charged erotic thoughtforms of a man in my close proximity.  That “mere moment” thrust me into a matrix of frequency fences that have been holding ancient male/female dynamics in place for eons; that ‘place’ being far more conducive to the male’s possession & expression of his power than the female’s possession & expression of hers.  This realm reverberated strongly, as explained in the earlier post.  For me, it became a wild ride through a world of mirrors reflecting ad infinitum in various contexts of time, social structures, and my own karmic trails re: this theme of male dominance on the planet (and the battles into which it keeps sending us), and the throttled feminine’s eternal efforts to balance and heal this distorted equation (and her lot in it) while simultaneously bleeding profusely in every sense of the word.

Such a powerful experience has this been, I now sense that it may well be a primary area of contribution in this life, to invest my energies and efforts to the healing of this dark universal form that has had a vice grip on humanity for so long.  This theme now feels like a lens through which to focus my more general “new world” ideas and experiences: the domain of the sexes, and the realignment and reunion needed there for the healing of not only the hearts of men and women (and whitehawks), but the heart of humanity, and the heart of GAIA, and the anchoring of higher-love frequencies here on our blessed earth.  God knows my background is ‘fertile’ in this field!  Again I’m reminded of the Ace of Wands, which, incidentally, AGAIN came up in a primary position in a Tarot spread… this time directly “covering” a Swords card that represented strife.  That ‘wand’ seems to have become something of a club to the head!

At 2:00 this morning I awoke (as usual).  I was up the rest of the night (as usual), during which an entire book plan poured through me into a notebook.  It seems this book could write itself (knock wood), or maybe even has already been written (in the higher planes), and my role is to affirm this.  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a creative act, and my “midnight oil” lit a fine glow on this whole subject.  I grabbed a nap in the dawning hour, while also being overcome with “the energies” again, working their blessed upgrades into my full-spectrum self.  I feel intimately and divinely connected with the Universe when every molecule vibrates like this… activating new levels of life… quite amazing.

There is a greater theme (involving human enslavement in various forms), and a far greater energy coming into expression currently – in the sacred service of dissolving the barriers (the matrix) that have held archaic paradigms of various limitations and barbarisms in place.  Anyone and everyone who steps up and offers themselves to serve the will of God I believe will find themselves enlisted in a “love corps” that will serve to shift the terribly unbalanced, often cruel, distribution of power and resources on this beautiful planet.  I’m not suggesting it will be a Love Fest from the beginning; a mere glance around will tell you, dismantling old structures creates chaos before the gift of the New can take residence and stabilize.  This “corps” (or factions of it, depending on the ‘department’ one serves) will have to deeply penetrate the Dark to comprehensively dismantle it  before scaffolding for greater Light (which is already phasing in, btw) can assume prominence in our reality.  Simply by “deeply” withdrawing attention, investment & belief in its existence contributes to its dissolution!  I feel I have just been through a harrowing ‘battle’ of sorts with a separatist belief and practice that has been manifest in this world throughout history (and prior).  I experienced it to the dramatic extent I did because it is a primary karmic issue to me personally, and that alone signals the likelihood that there’s something for me to contribute to the healing of this story.  Our biggest pain often points us toward our greatest work… pain is intended to inspire us to seek to resolve unhealthy trends regarding how we “do life.”

Returning to this business of my recent odyssey … it can be quite uncomfortable in places, or realms, such as the collective disturbed psyche!  I kept telling myself, this is just all projection… it’s all merely projected (albeit powerful) thoughtforms stuck in the lower, heavier (astral) planes of this world.  At Soul level, we grok that these constructs are the ego’s devices, intended to give the ego power (or at the very least, confirm its validity to itself). But in the end, they just perpetuate fear and separation… keeping wholeness at bay.  I found myself invoking Christ light, over and over.  More exactly… I was calling Christ to awaken more fully in me – summoning what I KNOW is, and always has been, here already, to STEP UP AND DIRECT THIS LIFE.  Lift me above the din (and den) of the embattled ego, to a higher perception of the entire picture here… and impulse me to proceed in the loftiest, most God-empowered way possible, given my inherent skills and gifts.  >>> I’m feeling EXCELLENT today!  And as an added bennie, I lost weight in the process.  I noticed my appearance seemed to have changed… got on a scale, andlo and behold!  I think shedding the weight of old ‘enslaved’ beliefs and replacing them with the expansive Light of the possible can have an enLightening effect on what one’s bones are carrying around.

So, if inspired, I invite you to tune into the Light with which you are imbued (Christ, “photons,” “adamantines,” whatever really invokes the ultimate divine reality to you)* …that part of you that knows All in the hologram of existence… and ask it to ACTIVATE and set fully into motion everything required in your life to move you beyond the barriers, limitations, frequency fences, memes, etcetc, of the OLD MATRIX, the Old World, the Old Confines and Constructs… and STRETCH into the fullest essence of that power – into the divine realm of “miracles” – because you (we) ARE the miracle.  We ARE the Light and Love Everlasting.  So, Lazarus: come forth!  We’ve got things to do.  Afterward, we’ll party with angels and partake of the nectars of the gods, with laurel wreaths upon our heads–now there’s a thoughtform.

* I tend to invoke fewer deities now (usually, not always) because I believe it’s time, seriously, to step up and claim our own innate divinity that has waited patiently in our souls for so very long.  By “Christ” I’m referring to this Light, not a person… though I have nothing but love for Jeshua!

I would never have expected a glimpse into someone’s private erotic “file” to initiate such a journey.  I knew he and I had work to do in this life, but the roles I see now are not what I’d previously imagined.  So, I offer gratitude for this catalyst on my path… it feels I’m being guided to where I might manifest my greatest service.

Blessings to all  ~ Whitehawk