3D, 4D & 5D ~ A Dimensional Primer

Thought I’d attempt an overview of the three dimensions, or planes, that are most directly involved with we earthlings at this time.  There are actually quite a few more, but these are a good starting point; they are the most immediate to us. Also, each one has many sub-planes of further energetic distinction.   Non-physical planes aren’t really “up” as we tend to think of everything here on earth (ie, heaven is “up,” God and angels are “up,” ascension means “upwardly mobile,” etc.).  Dimensions are integrated in our midst at varying wavelengths and frequencies.  HERE.  NOW.  So the phrases “higher vibe,” or “higher dimension,” etc.,  really refer to fields of more refined frequencies.   The simplest way to imagine dimensions might be a jar full of rocks, where the rocks represent 3D, our physical reality.  In this analogy, then, 4D could be likened to sand poured into that jar, occupying the same cylinder but in a finer form.  And water could still be poured into our jar, which in this case could represent 5D — the most fluid, rarified, interpenetrating “field” of the three.

Note: There is some debate regarding the properness of the term “dimension” being used the way I am here; the term “density” is preferred by some.  I currently consider these terms essentially synonymous, which isn’t to say I’m correct.  Perhaps I’m just perpetuating an erroneous thoughtform?  Anyway — your choice as to what to do with this disclosure. :-)


Not much needs be said about 3D.  Look around — this is it; what you can see, touch, hear, etc. with your five physical senses.  It’s by far the densest of these three planes of existence.  And within 3D (as in any dimension) there are also levels of density:  ice/water/steam being an easy example.  Or dark, destructive actions vs. light, constructive ones; it’s all in play here.


A step up the vibrational bandwidth is 4D, also known as the astral plane.  This is a very busy and, depending on the subplane, possibly cacophanous place.  Lots of “noise”  (psychic discordance) and pollution, especially in the frequencies closest to the physical planes of the same “vibe” (which is what I’m primarily describing here).  Think of a thousand radio and TV stations all playing on the same frequency at once and you might get a general sense of it.  Lower 4D is where a huge slew of ‘unascended’ souls get stuck, wandering around in a low-vibe afterlife plane.  These include the so-called “ghosts” that haven’t moved on, and maybe haven’t even caught on to the fact that they have passed from their last physical life; it is typical to just replay the final moments of a lifetime in an endless “loop” in 4D, with the soul in question never realizing the scenario.  Their last battle in a war, for instance, never stops repeating;  or the scene of a deadly accident never “advances” to its conclusion.  The lower astral is also where populations of  “negs” — manipulative negative entities — thrive and do their various forms of damage.

This level of the astral plane (lower astral) is a huge mess of psychic debris — it’s where the energy of negative thoughtforms LIVE (yes, your thoughtforms literally  LIVE) … and I’m refering to the thoughts of people alive now, not merely the held over energies of the deceased.   Thoughts are FAR MORE POWERFUL than we “warm ones” ever imagine, beyond the notion that “our thoughts create our reality,” ie, they’re immediately related to US, like our goals, dreams, and fears, and their influence over personal outcomes.  Our thoughts also create etheric beings; we are literally “giving birth” in the astral realm with our meandering mindstuff.  So — it behooves us to monitor our thoughts constantly (“witness” them), and not let them become destructive runaway trains of “hating this guy or that group,” or “despising” your weight, or WHATEVER.  Because the more you create and recreate such things with an untrained mind, the stronger they become in 4D, and the more troublesome they are — for ALL OF US, because we are ALL swimming around in this murk.  Not to mention, these thoughts are creating the scaffolding of our lives quite directly; so losing weight when all you keep “seeing” (and feeling) mentally is undesirable poundage … THAT is what will keep filtering in from 4D to 3D.  (4D is also called “the causal plane” because it is the level at which what is experienced HERE is CAUSED.  4D might also be considered the subconscious realm of humanity… where all the disowned parts of us live out their sorry, dejected lives.)  The lower astral plane is a nightmare; I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

[Afterthought re: that last sentence, a couple of days after posting this.  I’m going to correct myself openly and transparently here for your benefit.  Firstly, that last sentence above is a blatantly negative judgment which is exactly what I’m advising against here!  Secondly, and very importantly… the entire realm of the lower astral is crying for HEALING and reabsorption into Light.  It doesn’t help anything to just deem it awful and turn away.  This is a core consideration for ascending souls: it’s paramount that we NOT reject/avoid/forget about parts of ourselves we don’t appreciate, approve of, or are otherwise bothersome.  The KEY here is to do our self-auditing (a big job), notice these “parts,” love them and heal them without exception, and allow them — in their healed form — re-UNION with our Selves.  As our dimensions merge (which is happening), all the stuff we haven’t wanted to bother with re: our own personal and collective psychologies have to be taken BACK.  This astral ‘garbage dump’ is being blended back into its places of origin… because WE are being brought back to the ONENESS.  There is no “garbage dump” in God… or more to the point, we cannot push stuff away as tho it is not of, or outside of God, when there IS NO SUCH PLACE.  Nothing is apart from God; all is A PART OF.  Furthermore (to amp up the ante), in our holographic universe, nothing is truly “apart” from US either; we actually ARE everything we love AND hate in this great field of God — Oneness– so healing the world IS an INSIDE JOB first!

One thing about this entire phenom is… all the karmic chicks are coming home to roost — or be healed, more precisely.  Healed first, then re-merged with their ‘parents’ (us in all our incarnations and forms).  This is a time of the ultimate healing; not the ultimate rejection/disposal/escape.  I needed to check myself!  Please keep this in mind when reading everything else here. ]

This psychic pollution is a serious issue for the entire earth plane — perhaps the entire cosmos.  It is why we have the compounding physical mess we have — by not growing up psycho-emotionally, the undertow of this lazy consciousness takes its toll.  Remember:  the consciousness we each create is very much like any other “contributions” we make to the collective environs — we can throw all our litter onto the land and into the waterways of the planet for everyone and everything to suffer with, or we can take responsibility and start cleaning up our judgmental minds.  I suggest to you — God does NOT want us to hate each other or ourselves.  God is into LOVE, which is why all these changes are coming in for us now — to facilitate our awareness of the loving essence of the Divine and KNOCK OFF THE JUDGMENTS!  This all flows into the bigger theme of “duality” vs “unity” consciousness, but later on that.  It’s important and certainly warrants its own post.

So, lower 4D is the realm of all this flooding poor mental/emotional hygiene.  It is also the realm in which most mundane dreams are played out.  Yep — they are created in a realm of ‘ethers’ just like our waking thoughts.  This is all REAL in realms the physical senses don’t perceive, which is what makes it all so easy to neglect or dismiss.  If you happen to be “fluent” in “higher dimensional perception,” or are a being living higher up the bandwidth, all of this is quite clear to see!  Our every thought plays out like holographic movies to those who can “see.”  Could be regular people with a “gift,” or dearly departeds, or any manner of witnesses.  If being your own vigilant guard against poor mental habits isn’t enough to make a good effort to change your mind, maybe the notion of the dismal show you might be providing others will help motivate you?

The 4th dimension (like all dimensions) has its vibrational gradients, and so within this overall “bandwidth” on our dial are many sub-channels of human thoughts, dreams, emotions, afterlife experiences, as well as realms which are home to nature beings like faeries, elves, and so on — yes they exist!  If we could SEE all the activity going on all around us in our neighboring dimension, we would not be able to see our hands in front of our faces, so dense is the energetic quagmire of the lower 4th dimension.  Ponder that a moment.

BTW, I might mention, that when one is IN a higher dimension (in a higher-vibe version of ones’ self, which is the case when “journeying” in OBEs, for instance, or otherwise able to tune in to those levels via consciousness)… it is every bit as “physical” as 3D is to us here.  Imagine your nocturnal dreams:  you still walk/drive/run/swim  around; see and talk to other ‘characters’ and so on very much like you do “here.” Also consider how, in dreams, you might be riding a bike one moment, and in the next you’re “suddenly” flying, or driving a sportscar, or whatever.  Or you’re wearing this outfit in one scene, but then without any segue you are suddenly wearing something entirely different, or maybe YOU are entirely different, as tho you morphed from “Joe” to “Max” in a heartbeat, or even from “Joe” to “Maxine” — !   So you have all kinds of physical sensory input in 4D… AND it is maleable, changing in a flash in response to your changing thoughts.  Which is fine when your thoughts evolve from dark to beautiful… but not helpful the other way around, because that, too, is instantly manifested “there.”  AND, keep in mind, what manifests “there” is a prototype for incoming manifestations HERE.  Another thing to take in and really digest.  This is important stuff I’m talking about, yes?  Maybe to you it’s elementary, or maybe it’s not… but in any event, IT IS WORTH REMEMBERING.


Now, “up” in the 5th dimension is where things lighten up considerably.  (BTW,  dimensional transitions are expansive zones, so “upper 4D” and “lower 5D” are essentially the same; we simply use numbering for human conceptual convenience.)

The 5th dimension is “Destination: Ascension”  for the most part.  At least, it’s the next step up the ladder, whereas 4D might be considered an in-between “sorting out” realm.  5D is beautiful.  A lovely “glow” emanates from everywhere (“the light” IS everywhere; it is what everything is made of), and all activities are loving and lovely and all creations reflect beautiful consciousness.  I have had the delightful experience of visiting 5D (at least, I feel it’s “5”!) via my lightbody during this past year much more than previously; I suspect the influx of photon energy is making this trip a much easier transition.  It is lovely, truly lovely!  There are still buildings and plants and animals, etc. in this realm.  They are just far more pleasant than in the lower realms; perfect actually.  It’s literally like visiting Utopia.  All buildings are architecturally beautiful; none of this mass-produced box stuff I’m surrounded by in the city.   Populated areas I’ve seen resemble the most picturesque European villages imaginable, and all the inhabitants are doing “work” they enjoy; each moment is an outpicturing of an inner joy.  Everyone revels in the ever-flowing expression of their creativity.  When one feels ‘complete’ with a certain activity… no problem; just turn and ‘express’ in whatever way feels juicy in the ‘new moment.’   And — check this — I have seen NO EVIDENCE of “money,” I gather because money is an artificial construct of exchange (and, I might add, manipulation) in the current financial structures of 3D  that is worthless in 5D.  Why?  Again, imagine “dreaming.”  It’s a lighter environment; you manifest instantly in the moment.

Same with “cars” — NOT NECESSARY.  In the lightbody form you are in in 5D, you simply blip in and out of locations.  Big fun!  (Getting around energetically like this is one application of our grid system.)  Of course, if driving thrills you, I imagine you could manifest the wheels of your dreams to tool around in; I suspect you’d magnetize yourself to a community where autophiles congregate.  In MY visits, all I can say is — “roads” are sweet, meandering, and pathlike; they are perfect for pedestrians.  So I’d venture to say, the “vibe” I resonate with personally (which is all-important in these higher-frequency realms) is peaceful, beautiful, and village-like.  (Much like a living Kincaid painting actually, now that I think about it :-}  Pristine countryside awaits me half a mile away, with forests and trails that lead up into nearby mountains.  Various furry and feathered darlings come forth and commune with me as I mosey along.  That’s my bliss.  There’s no traffic.   As a city dweller currently, traffic (and its noise and pollution) stress me out considerably!  Though I do enjoy a country drive on a nice day… the point being: if I want a car in 5D, I’m sure I’d land in a place where nice, quiet, fuel-free cool cars were part of the lifescape.

transcendingI can accept the things that I’m talking about here because I’ve been where it really IS THIS.  I am sharing with you honestly about my experiences, hopefully to inspire you re: what’s available to us.  “Life” is not just in the density of 3D.  It’s also in other vibrational “systems” where beauty and grace and abundance and ease and good will and loving kindness are the NORM.  And it is FROM such lovely frequencies that all creations are manifested in 5D — thereby making everything you experience in 5D a reflection of that beautiful energy.  I could go on talking about 5D for hours; this is just an introductory post!

Can you grok this?  I hope so, because this is Big in my view.  THIS is what I’m talking about when I use the term “ascension.”  I’m not refering to being deemed worthy enough by some “judging entity” to be taken off the planet in ships or by angels to another world while earth is destroyed by the compiling idiocy of human greed.  I’m not saying that couldn’t happen…   if consciousness creating reality is the “rule” here, then all that ‘belief’ being generated by fundamental religions might pay off in such a “rescue” for souls who believe in it enough!  (Which if I’m not mistaken means to truly believe oneself to be “better” or more worthy than all but 143,999 others on the entire planet.)  If someone believes their spiritual fate is to catch the tale of the next comet zooming through our solar system, who am I to say it’s not possible?  Maybe it is, if the thoughtform about it is firm enough.  Mysteries abound :-/

The big question: “How can I ascend to 5D?”   The answer is simply said, maybe not as simply done.  To get to 5D, you simply have to truly live by 5D protocols.  In so doing, your lightbody will activate and become your vehicle to the higher planes, which is to say, you will start resonating to higher-plane frequencies.  5D is HERE, in the same “jar” we’re in, remember; to ascend means to raise your own energy patterns, your own “plasma,” your own beliefs re: what is possible and desirable, and you will see more of that manifesting in your world.  The incoming energies I talk about here are here for this purpose!  VERY SUPPORTIVE of transforming restrictive old 3D thoughtforms (and their limited, highly-conditional  outcomes) into 5D freedom and enlightenment. I’ll get into more about this later.  But the gist of this is — be pure of heart; non-judgmental of mind (including about yourself, dearest! ~ including judging yourself to be superior as well as inferior in the grand scheme); nonmanipulative of others; tend your own garden (the garden of your heart and mind, your powerful dynamic duo), and see what happens.

Love all,