Interdimensional Reality

Today I’m sharing two juicy messages from Dr. Suzanne Lie, who in recent years has opened her awareness to include greatly expanded aspects of herself (her Self). Her information provides a good foundation upon which to build (or, reveal) one’s own expanded nature. We are all galactic beings, really!  

That said, I also advise that you take ‘numbered locales’ with a grain of salt—here and anywhere else. There are many ideas & interpretations of dimensions & densities & occupants thereof. The value here in MY view is merely to expand one’s perspective, not LABEL everything. To label a thing is to reduce it to limited parameters. ~ W

Interdimensional Communication

Blessings to our grounded ones,

We meet once again inside our Arcturian Corridor. As a result of our many inter-dimensional meetings, you have learned to incorporate our Corridor into your consciousness. Consequently, you no longer imagine our Corridor as being far away or high above. Instead, you KNOW that it is a component of your ever-expanding multidimensional consciousness. Because of this, we wish to instruct you regarding the many qualities of your Multidimensional Consciousness. First, we will tell you about your innate ability to communicate inter-dimensionally.

In preparation for this instruction, we are providing you with a map of the many dimensions of reality. Remember that you are ALL Multidimensional Beings who simultaneously exist on many frequencies of experience. Furthermore, all your many expressions of your SELF exist within the NOW of the ONE. It is only in the third and fourth dimensions and threshold to the fifth dimensions, that you perceive yourself as holding a form that appears to be separate from others. From the mid-fifth dimensions and up, you remember that all of life is connected, like individual drops in a Cosmic Sea, and you can easily observe the molecules of life that connect you.


As you begin to consciously communicate with and travel to the higher dimensional realities, it important to have an overview of the many frequencies of reality: Continue reading