The Living Matrix

(not form, not matter) 
::: Consciousness :::
is the
Foundation of Reality

love the moment at hand

Expand your awareness — your ideas re: what is possible — and expand your reality.  Hone the focus of your attention, and polish the gem which is your presence.  You are a Builder, a Weaver, a Vital Contributor of (note: not merely “in”) the Matrix.  Begin with the moment and resources at hand; emanate from here.

To your radiant health:


Mudras for Healing

This video inspired me to share it with you.  It demonstrates a technique combining mudras (Hindu hand postures) with lightbody portals for crown-to-ground energy alignment.  This technique was developed by chiropractor Dale Schusterman, who is apparently a student of the Kabbalah.  His book, Sign Language of the Soul, further explains his process for what in my language would be called lightbody activation — or lightbody balancing laying groundwork for further energizing down the road.  I found this refreshing and quite a complete little teaching in under 10 minutes.  The method is relatively new for me too, so I share it in the spirit of exploration rather than tried-and-true endorsement. 

More and more we are understanding that healing comes from the energetic into the physical… just as challenges to wellness originate energetically (ie, as in blockages to flow, ie, by emotional or psychological stuckness) before filtering into the physical and settling there. Energy first; form follows energy.  Energy is directed by consciousness.  Conscious energy management is the skill of the age to master!  … which the ideas in this video support.  Responses from The Field welcome, as always :)