Hurricane Florence – Potentials & Guidance

Image courtesy of the NOAA/NWS National Hurricane Center.

I’m not certain that sharing this is the best thing to do – it’s fairly intense – and may be specifically about me, such as the house crumbling or something (!), but since we’re talking about a mega-hurricane here, I’m supposing it will affect others also, maybe even a large swath of the country if the east coast’s grid crashes. (I’m now thinking “systems.”) So here goes.

(I’m in Virginia, btw, and just received notice that today is the last day to prepare as winds are expected to be churning in the morning. THEN a friend told me that the path is currently leaning more southward… and recommended this as a good tracking resource (NOAA):

All to be seen in the “wash” so to speak! The wash & spin cycle! :-}

So: I asked my primary oracle, the I Ching, what I should know about this hurricane, and what I received follows. Do with it what you will, needless to say with your own discernment. Only time will tell. I just know that I will take this hurricane (and what little prep I can manage for it) more seriously today and tomorrow rather than “supposing” I’m inland enough, or north enough, so as not to be TOO impacted. But if this is an accurate assessment, we might be facing a Big Deal that reaches far beyond a soppy windy moment in time… so I decided to post this “I Ching Alert” in the spirit of service. There’s actually wisdom in it worth considering in general, regardless of a hurricane.

If you have any info that might be useful to others, I encourage you to COMMENT below!

Love and protection to all. Whitehawk x

“Dear Inner Sage, please advise me re: Hurricane Florence.”

The answer came in two passages:

DANGER (aka The Abyss)

(Comment: This hexagram has traditionally been associated with RUSHING WATER as a metaphor for DANGER. The problem with this association is that danger is consequently associated with an aspect of Nature. The problem here is not with Nature, but with the human failure to observe the limits of human existence. Whether, in this instance, the upshot regards the failure of humans to take care of this planet so that “superstorms” and other earth events we are now witnessing could have been avoided, or possibly that humans are influencing this hurricane via HAARP-like weather-influencing technologies, is unknown.

It could also be a massive metaphor for monumental fears that have been building in the collective psyche for centuries that are now accelerating to a critical point. Not sure the backstory actually matters at this moment, if we are looking at big damage, outages in the grid, severely disrupted delivery systems of food and services etc that may yawn into the future. I’m just sharing the info. By the way, isn’t it “interesting” that at the start of this month Trump sent a message about September being a month of PREPAREDNESS for disasters – be ready?)

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Stimulating Higher Realms of Group Consciousness

Revisiting the “Event on July 31?” idea… I’ve been holding this post for over two weeks now, pondering how (or if) to publish it. I’ll first share how it came to be.

A seed was planted when I saw & posted Lisa Harrison’s video on July 1 where her “friend from home,” Leeloo (or Leelu) – a mysterious intelligence who speaks through Lisa’s computer (Lisa believes this is a messenger from Home, meaning Lisa’s “home,” as humanity’s origins are many & varied) – told her that a “major event” will commence on Earth at a precise moment on July 31 [Note: this would be July 30 @ 10:37 AM Eastern US time), and that everyone on the planet will feel it or “get it” and have their own response to it… which may take a matter of moments or days (up to two weeks, if memory serves) to be processed/integrated, depending on the individual.  [EDIT: Up to FOUR weeks… perhaps the 7th wave is a mere four weeks in length?]

Yep …

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