Instant Karma (Shine On!)

I’ve been experiencing some incredibly instantaneous responses to thoughts and feelings in recent weeks; I mean, do I belong in Eastwick? :-}.  How have you been faring in the energetic seas?

In ever-increasing ways I sense the shifting of the ‘structure’ we call time. I’ve been noticing/remarking for years that kronos (chronological time; linear time) is loosening its hold on how things work on this planet. We are heading into kairos, the unfolding moment as ‘called in’ by prevailing consciousness. Kairos is essentially an ongoing experience of synchronistic flow — or as Deepak Chopra has called it — synchro-destiny.  John Lennon called it instant karma.

Generally, synchronicity is used to refer to something desirable, whereas karma tends to refer to the boomerang of negative thoughts or behaviors upon their source. Potaytoes, potahtoes. Moral: we must watch our thoughts because they can – maybe sooner than later now – create events in the physical world. The field is thick with greased-lightning plasma; we are the directors of its currents and consequences with our consciousness.

These burglars received the gift of this lesson
~ in just 17 seconds!