The Secret Life of Energy

I found the following two videos evocative. The first one, called Magnetic Movie, shows “the secret life of invisible magnetic fields.” As I watched it, I couldn’t help but jet off into the unimaginably vast universe of interweaving, boinging, crashing, and also dance-like energetic currents that surround (and penetrate) us at every conceivable level — from inter-galactic interplay all the way down to the small wire transporting juice to the bedside clock. Check it out and let your mind roam (not hard to do!); you’ll embark on quite a ride.  For instance, I imagined all the energetic commotion among frequencies & dimensions in the earth grids, all the planets and suns in the galactic grids… all the WAYS that electromagnetic waves live and move in our world(s).  Life IS electromagnetic energy!  The key to life is in how consciousness is applied to it, to create and manifest.

Zooming in to a more personal focus, this video brought to mind the question, what kinds of energies & events do I magnetize into my experience with my overall ‘energetic signals’?  Also, what kind of energetic interplay goes on between people?  We’ve all had “highly charged” encounters–or entire relationships… as well as “flatline” rapport in others.  I imagine happy connections as interweaving ribbons of dancing energies; a celebration of life. Anywhere we direct attention we direct streams of energy.  The more attention we focus on someone, for example, the greater the energetic bond, for better or worse!  Physicist Dean Radin wrote a whole book on this called Quantum Entanglement

Magnetic Movie demonstrates just a small portion of energetic activity taking place in mundane settings (NASA labs).  If we humanize it, it becomes easy to connect dots to the law of attraction; we can see how energy might respond to various influences, to create further influences, of increasing consequence.  In my view, it demonstrates how powerful all the “invisible forces” are, and considering  the inherent control over energies we have with our consciousness (whether consciously working with them or not), this footage inspires me to become far more aware of my involvement with/influence over the energies of life!  

Here’s the blurb for the video:  The remarkable secret life of invisible interplanetary magnetic fields, revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries in man’s visible environment. All action takes place around the NASA Space Sciences Laboratories, set to recordings of space scientists excitedly describing their discoveries.”

Below Magnetic Movie is one called Time Out of Place. How could I not post this one, after my recent missives about time (Pools of –)? This video brings to mind the energetic emanations and imprints we leave where-ever we go. Energy isn’t the subject of this video, it’s my personal trip with it.  Reminds me to practice energetic or auric detox — not to mention shielding!  You’ll see what I mean if you check out the Time video.  I also considered that this is what our plane can appear like when viewed a step up the vibrational dial, where time ceases to hold meaning.  So I invite you to imagine and e x p a n d into potential ramifications of displaced time.

BTW, the above blurb as well as the narration mention “interplanetary fields,” but this is not what we see. The viewer has to zoom out and envision in that direction. The Time video came with no intro at all.



If you’re hungry for more re: invisible energy after these… seek out the vids showing cell phones popping CORN. If those don’t encourage you to carefully consider your use of cell phones (taking every possible precaution), nothing will. Ciao for now… W