The Spirit of Inquiry – What’s Real?

1trueWho hasn’t grappled with the question, What’s TRUE?

We now have mysticism & miracles colliding with deliberately deceptive media generating smoke & mirrors on a moment-by-moment basis.

I’ll be the first to say, how can we really know anything? How can we trust anything we hear, read, and even see?

Not only is the onslaught of (often convoluted) information overwhelming, the lenses & filters of our own minds typically add more mayhem to the mix!

2ruetrueI question – a lot. What this has shown me is that the more I question, the more comes in to BE questioned. The spirit of inquiry is an attractor factor in itself.

I entertain concepts beyond anything that would have even occurred to me a few years ago. I also question all kinds of things about myself, including notions I entertain, and why – which, right there, can quickly become a wild ride.

My – our collective – consciousness is having to expand exponentially by the day to digest all the befuddling strangeness coming at us at breakneck (or paradigm-busting) speed. The practice becomes examining what speaks to us and discarding what doesn’t. At least, for the time being. Perceptions can change in a heartbeat.

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The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness

This is a long and info-packed message from our beloved Hathors. It took me a while to settle down long enough to read it, and now that I have, I share it with mention of a world meditation based on this information happening on November 4, 2012, that you may wish to participate in. Two sound files from Tom are included for ‘ramping up’ our consciousness. Also valuable are Tom’s comments after the Hathors’ material.

Love all, Whitehawk

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

In this message we wish to discuss some of the significant relationships between manifest reality and non-dual states of consciousness.

Mind and Consciousness

Before we proceed, however, we would like to draw a distinction between the terms consciousness and mind as we use the words.

For us consciousness is transcendent to all phenomena and is not bound by neurological activity in your nervous system. Furthermore, consciousness is transcendent to both time and space, as you perceive them. And it is through the vehicle of your consciousness that you can travel through energetic vortices that lead outside the constraints of embodied existence.

Mind, as we use the term, refers to the sensory, mental and emotional experiences you have as a result of distinct changes in your nervous system. Indeed, as you read these words, you are creating their meaning through the agency of your physical brain and nervous system. You are creating the meaning of our words through the window of your mind, but this window is both created and constrained by the limitations of your nervous system.

Our messages are linguistically coded, and at various locations in the syntax (order) of our communications there are vortices—wormholes—through which you can temporarily transcend your mind and enter into the infinite mystery of consciousness.

How We View Higher Dimensions

In our experience of ourselves, we exist within multiple dimensions of consciousness, and depending upon our level of personal evolution we manifest in the fourth through the twelfth dimensions. Through the ninth dimension we can alternate between our anthropomorphic form, which is humanlike in appearance, or our light body.

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Energies of January 2010

I enjoyed this ‘Akashic Report’ re: January so I’m sharing it here. Courtesy Jen Eramith.

What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2010?

Expansion. This month brings an expanding, new energy. While the energy is new, it will appear as an expansion of what you have already begun. You have been in a cycle – as humans you are always in a cycle. This is part of the cycle where you experience the expansion that comes after release. You may feel that release has occurred so everything is finally getting bigger. You may feel as if you can see everything from above and get new information on your own life this month.

You will find that many truths come to the surface that were previously unclear. You could sense these things were true intuitively, and you had a feeling there was something going on. Finally you will find evidence for what you suspected, and you will find the picture coming together.

Many of you will find a sense of relief this month but many, many, many of you will be overwhelmed — overwhelmed with new information, overwhelmed with the gravity of information or overwhelmed by the emotions that arise for you in regard to information. Be gentle and patient with yourselves. This is a time for observing what you feel and what occurs in your life. Look and learn.

The primary energy this is month is a sense of expansion. This energy is reflected in the archetype of Jupiter or of the Mother Goddess. There is a sense of something that is big enough to hold you but also big enough to challenge you. This month brings an unusually high number of Spirit Guides, Angels, Enlightened Teachers and Masters into the world. It is like you, as a human race, have gone through your work and done what you needed to do to prepare to receive a much larger number of Spirit Guides and Loved Ones from the higher realms.

Those of you who are sensitive to energy are going to find that you can feel like this world just got really crowded. Of course Spirit Beings do not take up any space, but you are likely to feel as if you are more surrounded than ever by Love and Light and the presence of Divine Beings who are here to help you.

This is an excellent month for those of you who are interested in increasing your intuition to tune in and begin to sense the presence of Angels and other Divine Beings. Look for evidence of them in your lives. They indeed are all around you. Every single one of you is surrounded by Love. Their presence this month should be unmistakable. Even if you are not interested in pursuing that clairvoyance, know in your heart that, more than ever, you are supported by the most loving, tender, caring Beings you can imagine.

This month may call for healing to be done as a result of the intensity of December and the expansion of January. Many of you are likely to have things arise that need to be healed. They may be physical, emotional or psychological. Some of you may even need a form of energetic healing. This is a very important time for you to take good care of your bodies and to support you immune systems. We refer to both your physical immune system inside your physical body, but also the social and energetic immune systems. These include ways that you mentally and emotionally discern what presence in your life is healthy and what presence is foreign and uninvited. It includes the way that you fight off or reject and create protection for yourselves around those unwanted presences.

This is a very important time for you to be more mindful than ever about whom you spend time with. Ensure that you spend as much time as you can with those people and those experiences the feed your soul and that you bolster the spiritual or energetic immune system that helps you discern or notice danger and respond by walking away from the situation or by creating energetic protection for yourself.

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Object of Beauty

Om, Kriyananda

Today I went to the Temple of Kriya Yoga to attend a lecture by Kriyananda, who, though quite advanced in age now, still smiles, laughs, and even occasionally requests forgiveness during a talk he’s probably given a thousand times before.  I was a Kriya initiate years ago in Colorado (Kriya is the spiritual practice originally brought to the states by Yogananda… in the lineage of Babaji), but my keeping with it has faded in the interim.  It was nice to return to it today.  I’ve recently become more diligent re: meditating in general; it’s life-saving, really!  How did I ever become so preoccupied with external matters to the sorry neglect of my precious inner peace?  If there’s anything the world is showing us now… it’s the critical importance of tending our inner gardens.  Our saving grace!

Kriyananda offered numerous simple meditations we might use to help us correct our hell-bent thinking, including the “Object of Beauty” practice.  This is done simply by sitting with eyes closed and maintaining focus on something beautiful, such as a flower, or a sparkling gem, or a sunrise, or mountains, or even a sensual, beautiful fabric.  Bring up something that you find beautiful to behold, and just behold it. Imagine it suspended before you, and slowly turn it around to appreciate how it reflects light from its varying contours, and/or how it engages other senses such as scent, or sound.  Observe, attuned to the abundant loveliness of the object and the uplifted atmosphere of your mind in its presence. The point here is, the beauty one holds in consciousness will ultimately become the prevailing energy of one’s consciousness, and – by extension – one’s life.  If more of us could hold the vibration of beauty (and the peace, love, appreciation, etc. that this evokes)… we’d be purifying the troubled waters of our collective consciousness – the murky and turbulent 4th dimension in which we swim. Meditation 101.

BTW,  using a “beautiful woman” (or any person) as the “object” is not advisable (I’m particularly addressing men here), because objectifying someone doesn’t help anyone, and the ego could easily get involved and start binding her up (and tripping yourself up) in fantasy thoughtforms.  Consciousness is powerful, and the idea of this meditation is to beautify one’s mind, not encourage obsession!  Just sayin’.  For me, images from the natural world are where I gravitate; full-immersion “virtual realities” in beautiful, lush locations are optimal!

So just a simple invitation — to settle down, get comfortable, turn inward, and contemplate something beautiful at least a couple of times a day.  Needn’t be arduous, just intentional.

Isn’t the flower nice?

May beauty bloom eternally within and through you.