Time Shift & Time Line Edits in Progress

I don’t think I’ve posted anything from Starfire Tor before… or, if I have, it was years ago. I rather lost touch with her in recent years, but she’s come back “in orbit” for me in recent months. Her peculiar and fascinating niche involves tracking time-shift events* (among other things) and researching whether they coincide with solar magnetic storms! How ’bout that! :)

* Time-shift events involve evidence of having hopped to a neighboring timeline in the ‘quantum,’ where most things are the same and familiar, but other details are altogether different.

So for example, she has witnessed—and/or collected—information about buildings suddenly appearing where they weren’t the day before, even though they are obviously well-worn structures. She’s also documented substantial changes in malls, such as one store in a spot on one day, and then suddenly replaced by an altogether different business the next.

Another “symptom” of time shift events are what she calls “time-shift living dead,” where people known to be deceased for years are suddenly alive and well and carrying on a normal life. Different timelines, different lifelines! Makes one wonder how many different plot lines and ages one lives to experience across the board, eh?

It also brings front & center (to me) the possibility of negotiating one’s OWN timeline to experience. I’ve talked about this here before, probably under the topic of quantum jumping. Is it possible to consciously choose to edit your own timeline, so who you are *here/now* can shift to a version of yourself *there/when*?

I love this stuff.

Her observations (as well as collecting data and corroborative info from others) can go quite deep. She is all about the evidence and records her findings meticulously.

Also re: Starfire – and this is *something* considering how focused she is on EMF (electromagnetic frequency) events – she recently started having mysterious brain seizures.  She was hospitalized for about ten days, during which she remained a complete mystery to the doctors in attendance. She lost substantial physical  function as a result of all these seizures, and her followers have been praying for her and pitching in however they could. I believe she is improving…

Still she continues her work. Here is her latest report for your consideration. ox W Continue reading


New Cycle of Activations

The last few days have been “interesting.” I seem to be in a new cycle of energetic activation and thought I’d post about this because if I’m “in it” like this, I suspect others are as well.

Rude Awakening

The real “amperage” seemed to kick in three nights ago, when I was awakened by a rude and crude astral visitor who literally inflicted physical pain on me to, presumably, wake me up. Maybe also possibly to irritate me into action – plenty of which I was about to get. Now, a seeming irony here is, I had requested assistance from “upstairs” on a challenge I’d been having, before retiring that night. Wanted to state that detail before continuing as I will return to it later.

So: I’m rudely awakened quite literally. Next I find myself swept into a disturbing situation in a lower 4D (astral) realm. In this place, and in this particular bandwidth of awareness, I became instantly aware that I had a very frightening and large parasite attached to my crown chakra. I’ve decided against sharing a lot of detail here because I’d rather not feed the thoughtform! But this thing was burning and stinging me, and had a lot of hooks sunken into me. My immediate task was to get rid of it, which – cutting to the chase – I did. All very challenging and upsetting – this was dire!  If one’s crown chakra — one’s lifeline to one’s higher self (vision, inspiration), Source Creator, and Life itself — is blocked as completely as mine was by this dreadful thing, something serious could happen in short order. So after doing grizzly battle (ech!!) on my own behalf, the attached entity was not only dislodged but finally rendered dead and in pieces on the ground. This was intense stuff, and I spent most of the next day with a nauseating migraine and feeling quite shaken up. I also did much energetic cleansing of myself and my space.

The night after that, I felt for the first time in a while “the energies” humming in my body. Nothing else to report re: this other than it was happening. This isn’t unpleasant (actually rather comforting), and I just took it to be a little lightbody maintenance after recent events.

Back on the Job

Then last night I was in and out of body repeatedly and having quite pleasant experiences while “out.” Also of interest to me was my experiencing a bit more detail in the “exiting” process, which generally happens so fast I miss it altogether and just suddenly find myself elsewhere. Last night I actually felt a doorway or gateway of sorts opening, and my own “engines revving” so to speak to catapult my way through this portal to the higher realms. Kind of interesting and fun :)

One vignette while “out” – I was with an old friend checking out a “structure” that had a dilapidated old staircase in need of either extensive repair or replacement. We discussed this in a lighthearted manner, looking forward to fixing these ‘stairs’ because most of the rest of this ‘structure’ had already been prepared for ‘inhabitants.’ I take all this as symbolic of the kind of work many lightworkers do in the other realms while their bodies rest… tending to details pertaining to the shift. We are shifting into higher realms in an unprecedented wave here, and the troops are building bridges (or stairways ;) to serve the cause. Much of what happens “there” is interpreted through metaphor, etc, for the human mind to relate to. But the concepts are sound.  Anyway – last night was very positive and I was in good form once again after the perils of two nights earlier.

Doing Our Own Homework

So you might wonder why, after requesting assistance the other night, I was painfully harassed awake and then swept into this dark astral event where I had to fight for my life?

I believe that was my assistance. I was rudely awakened in a way that signaled my entry into an event I had to face and stand up to, myself: somehow someone had managed to rig me with that thing; I had no conscious cognizance of this, but my psycho-emotional state was in a nose dive for no known reason. I had to go into darkness so to speak and deal with it at this level.

This isn’t the “love and light” stuff you might expect to read in ascension-oriented material. This is an example of some negative form or force wanting to cripple or even kill one of the good guys. Lightworkers (for lack of a better term) draw attention to themselves by virtue of their noticeable light shining through the murky astral realms, irritating the locals.  I’d been feeling better and clearer after my recent move to this area (perhaps making me more conspicuous?), and also gearing up for a new “Light Project” when suddenly over the last week or two I have felt something distinctly off in myself. I was on a downward spiral so sudden, steep, and fast, I became alarmed and – three nights back – requested assistance to remedy this situation.

What I got was visceral awareness of the challenge; I worked it out to successful conclusion, and … onward ho!

Collective Astral Chaos

I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. For one: the lower astral realm is in a tight and agitated squeeze with all the dimensional merging going on… AND it has just received tens of thousands of terrified new inhabitants in the wake of the Haitian earthquake. I imagine few of these souls possess a keen awareness of afterlife realms or how to navigate them. Most of them are likely dazed and confused … possibly not even clear yet that they’ve dropped their bodies. Their spirituality may have been voodoo-oriented as well; a rather fear-driven practice geared to controlling people or events. In other words: lower astral.

These souls need our affirmative prayer to help them flow to their right place to receive care and rest after their ordeal. Most prayers going to such events are focussed on the survivors, but the dead are in every bit as much chaos, if not more so, because they have the extra data to deal with, being – they died! I have no idea if the recent commotion in the astral had anything to do with my sudden acquisition of that thing in that realm… but I do want to encourage anyone with any inclination to help, to clearly AFFIRM (as opposed to request politely! be affirmative!) that all souls involved in the Haitian earthquake be found and lovingly tended to in the afterlife realms. Similar events are likely to follow, so please join me in getting something of a routine in order to help out when needed.

Another point I’d like to make is to remind everyone (as I’ve just been reminded!) that we are NOW coming into our fullness as Conscious Beings. I mean REALLY CONSCIOUS… of ourselves as expansive, luminous beings of Light in our own right, and part and parcel with this condition is, we have got to stand for ourselves in the universe. If we are to ascend into our rightful status as awake and aware, noble creator beings in the cosmos, we cannot just go whining for angels and guides to DO IT ALL FOR US. The learning is up close and personal… and we are ALL architects and builders of our personal “stairways to heaven.”

Solar Emissions & Kundalini

I have another point to mention as well. The sun has recently entered a new, very active, “solar flare” cycle, after an unusually long period of dormancy. This brings extraordinarily powerful electromagnetic bombardment to the earth and all who live here. This is exactly the kind of atmosphere that can cause kundalini to activate… or amplify if it’s already “going.” If you are an empath, and/or your energies are suddenly going like gangbusters, the solar activity is likely the reason. The sun is INTEGRAL to the whole ascension process, as it receives the galactic photonic flow and assimilates and disseminates it to the local solar system. This can trigger various shifts in your energy bodies as well as planetary bodies!  If you have protocols (homeopathics, herbs, excercise, etc) that provide comfort, have them available, as the show is on the road.

Love all~


NOTE: For more on the astral plane, you might check this blog’s dedicated page on the subject. Also search “astral attachments” online for plenty on this subject.