A New Declaration of Independence


Hello dear friends – it’s been awhile! I just read this aloud, with oomph, and found sending these energized, verbalized words into the Field to be quite powerful. I intend to do this a few more times at least… maybe even as a day-starter meditation for a while. I’m impressed with the consciousness that came up with it. It basically explains how we’ve fallen into ego-level perception & activity, and encourages us to (re)claim the Sacred Source in ourselves – and emanate it into the All by our restored presence & intention. More info about it linked at the end. Please share if it resonates.

I’ll return and share more when I can. WP has changed so much, I have a learning curve ahead! (Btw, the prayer flags pictured are unrelated to the source of this content.) Much love to you, Whitehawk –


A New Declaration of Independence

When in the course of divine events it becomes the Will of God for awakened souls to dissolve the political and emotional bonds of attachment to illusion—including the illusory world, the ego, and all limited conceptions of reality and God—and to assume the powers of Spirit, the separate and equal station, to which the Laws of God’s Nature and Nature’s God entitle us, a decent respect for the opinions of those still asleep to the Truth, requires that we should declare the Almighty Cause that impels us to this separation from all that is false, limited, and degrading, as part of our return to ultimate Goodness and Faithfulness to our Beloved Supreme Source of Being.

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The Morphing Lattice

This morning I was given a rather “big” vision that I feel was intended to be passed along. As always, filter it through your own truth and discernment.

Many readers of this blog are long-familiar with the concept of Earth’s energetic “grid” undergoing a major transformation… one that is shifting us from the familiar 3D domain up into higher frequencies of 4th density, 5th density, and beyond. This is a monumentally significant threshold we are traversing. Frequencies hold the etheric fabric upon which “programs” are played, or developed, thereby creating the “reality” we live within, much the way channels on a radio or TV dial hold programming for that station.

The higher the vibrational octave, the cleaner and clearer the domain, or realm… and the less any attribute of a “lower vibe” can survive. Imagine a top spinning so fast, nothing parasitic can cling to it; it simply cannot attach.

We have been in a gradual process of this vibrational acceleration/lifting for years, with occasional up-shifts so sudden and blatantly noticeable, many things are shaken from their comfort zones in the blink of an eye — things ranging from a heretofore dormant virus or latent disease in the body suddenly rattling into activity, all the way up the scale to huge malevolent societal systems finally hitting their inevitable expiration date, and finally to Gaia herself moving and shaking in various regions to evoke changes she needs for her own evolutionary purposes.

What I saw this morning leads me to believe we are on the cusp of a major shift… one that will be experienced by millions across all species on our planet. The kind of shift that cannot be ‘spun’ by corporate media into something other than what it truly is.

To state this vision as simply as possible, what I was given was a clear “film clip” of all the segments of our lattice, or grid, changing shape — individually — which instantaneously caused those segments, or cells, or areas of the great hologram to also change their relationships with each other… and all components/participants in this 3D zone to spontaneously find themselves reorganized as well!

The closest image I can use to demonstrate what I saw is a geodesic dome. Imagine a geodesic dome… but imagine its components — its geometric segments which hold the dome up — as penetrating ALL space, ie, not JUST delineating where interior and exterior meet.

Imagine these geometric attributes penetrating the interiors of all existence; in fact, all existence relies on these geometric properties to hold this reality in place.

Next envision all the individual cells of the geometric structure morphing into another set of properties. In this dome image — looking up into it from below — imagine all the 3-sided components here suddenly morphing into 5 or 6-sided cells. Then try to imagine the ripple effect this would have on everything related to this structure. Nothing could escape being impacted by such a deep structural change.

So this is what I saw; a deep structural shift moving into place. And because this has been ongoing for some time already, my ‘grok’ re: what I was shown today leads me to feel that we are in for a sudden and deep alteration of our world as we know it. Like… SOON.

This is not intended to cause fear! The least desirable response in fact, would be fear. Fear is an energy that negatively influences the field. Fear itself causes more trouble than that which is feared. Fear weakens the fabric of our fields — individually and collectively. So as we experience the deep changes that are coming in, it is so very crucial to continue unabatedly affirming that the Light is prevailing. Maybe get some ducks in a row to be prepared to navigate a bit of a chaotic patch. Resources and ideas abound if you search online for such eventualities.

We’ve been mired in manipulative media dominated by dark “management” (the powers that be … or, have been till now) that thrives on their ability to keep us in fear: feeling vulnerable, feeling that the systems that were created to presumably serve us have been hijacked into service against us, etc, KNOWING that FEAR is the supreme leacher of personal power.

For instance: planting a guy with a “bomb” in his underwear on an airplane last Christmas set us up to be treated AS TERRORISTS irradiated and humiliated beyond belief if we want to travel. These scanners and intimate (and unsanitary) gropings are intended as demoralizing psychological warfare against the citizens of the US, not “anti-terrorist” measures. Moreover, radiation weakens the immune system and can also damage DNA — and this is going on just as our DNA is ‘coming online’ in expanded ways to acclimate us to the higher bandwidth of the new energetic lattice! This is not a coincidence. This mandatory TSA program (among so many others being thrust upon us lately) is NOT for our benefit — and millions are on to the ruse.

So whatever is coming — whether in your back yard or North Korea or whatever — please join me in claiming your God-given right as a sovereign soul and practice faith and trust that the Light — bolstered by myriad allies in places (and planes) we cannot even imagine quite yet — is assisting us greatly during this period of the morphing lattice.

We are crossing the threshold now, when all forms of parasitic energies and entities are about to be spontaneously dropped from the lattice, as the vibrational frequency of the Incoming will not support their signatures. This is the best possible news!

And, change inherently brings challenge. So get your feet squarely planted under you, get your spirit firmly linked with the Source Creator, strengthen connections with your local community, batten down whatever hatches you are impulsed to address, and KEEP FOCUSING ON & BELIEVING IN THE VICTORIOUS OUTCOME!

The prophesied New Earth is dawning.

The New Navigation ~ Solara

The Emergence of the True Ones Continues…

We have reached the last steps of our Final Miles and are now aligning with our new coordinates. We are in a Major Intersection of RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE that enables us to make sweeping, decisive changes in our lives. We are being unhooked from our old set of coordinates. And it feels immensely liberating.

This emergence of the True Ones has set off a cosmic trigger, causing massive waves of change to spread out in all the directions, like rows upon rows of dominos all tipping over into new positions. These waves are touching all areas of our lives and washing away anything within us that cannot coexist with True One energy. They are washing away any elements in our outer lives that don’t resonate with our internal Trueness and giving us increased clarity. A huge releasing of old and misaligned energy is going on all over the world.

Parts of the New Navigation have been coming in for several months. We have learned that True Ones navigate with their internal knowingness. We don’t rely on outer appearances of what “seems” to be happening. We know that when we emerge as True Ones and embody PURE HEART LOVE, we reside in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE in the Expanded HERE and NOW. And that ALL IS WELL.

Then we simply leap into action, unafraid to do what is needed. Sometimes this requires that we make strong, decisive actions that may not be understood by those around us. We can no longer compromise our personal integrity. We require trueness and honesty in all our interactions with others. True Ones are not afraid of openly honest; we don’t hesitate to be responsible when it is needed.

The emergence of the True Ones has propelled us into a wondrous New World. We’ve touched the New World; now we need to make the necessary adjustments so we can live there. We are beginning to see what needs to change. Deep healing is taking place. We are able to fully let go all that has held us back.

Our new coordinates are clearer than ever before, but they cannot yet be fully seen. Much is happening in the realms of the New and True that we can strongly feel, but not yet see. In November, we may experience fleeting pictures and feelings of our New Lives suddenly inserting themselves into the present moment. Some of us will receive the location of our New True Life. It could be somewhere completely unexpected, but it will click into position and feel completely right.

We need to put our New Navigation skills into practice in November, doing everything step by step as each new step is revealed. Not trying to look too far ahead of where we are right now. We will have the greatest success if we remain unpinned and wide open.

Standing Tall as True Ones.

Staying in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE at all times.

There is nothing more important than fully emerging as a True One.


Sovereignty & Discernment

I’m feeling moved to mention a few things today before adding more posts to this blog.

First: I am a traveler on this Earth Tour just like you and all the rest of us.  My reflections here come about because I’ve had an array of experiences over the course of this life that have not quite jibed with the expected contents of an “ordinary middle-class American girl” file.  I’ve had my own X Files all along;  have been a closet “experiencer,” and the experiences have evolved all along… but the past 10-15 or so years have brought on things that are quantum leaps from what I was used to — being, primarily, OBEs.  For ages I kept these experiences to myself, save one particular confidante (my poor mother, who’d listen and just sort of sigh in response ;-).  (I must add though… eventually she offered to pop for me to go to The Monroe Institute to really explore this “gift” in a big way. I declined her gracious offer, eventually getting to Monroe via my own resources.  I know that, from whatever plane she is observing current events and my trajectory, she “gets” me much more now than she did on earth!)

Now, OBEs have taken my energetic self (or soul, astral body, energy body… I use these terms interchangeably)  into scenes and situations my physical form simply would never “normally” experience.  So, these experiences sent me searching for information re: what they meant.  I’ve sought to understand a greater context for my experiences; this is a great galactic puzzle full of interdimensional holographic pieces to grapple with; no one I’m aware of has received the Big Book of Answers to Everything.  Anyway, what began as simple OBEs opened up into much more, although there is an OBE-related theme being:  explorations of the beyond-mundane.  At this point I believe I have a rudimentary understanding of a very very vast, multi-dimensional, multi-phasic, multiversal orchestration now playing out on our planet, in our solar system, and far beyond.  The vastness of it makes it difficult to express in ‘bytes’ here, as I’ve mentioned before.

I’m clear that millions of “mere humans” are waking up from a profound trance of limitation — such as having been “encouraged” to engage only 8 or 9% of our brain’s capacity, and the same for our “mysterious” DNA, which of course has no JUNK at all, just highly maleable, magnificent elements coming online at intermittent points determined by the greater context (ie, how The Program is assimilating into mass human reality) combined with a more personal level of evolutionary awareness and readiness to inch (or leap) forward another step.


What I share here is *not* intended to be interpreted as gospel, or that I KNOW everything; rather, my missives are based on my subjective experiences combined with many years of sleuthing for clues re: the whys and wherefores re: this rabbit hole.  If you are way ahead of me (or at least believe you are), then what I say here may seem flawed or lacking.  If you are on a parallel trail, or a step or two behind me, then what I say here may help you open up a bit to get a sense of how this Big Picture is playing out through all us Human Cameras — which depends so much on how we are focusing our lenses and developing our findings!

The bottom line being — use your discernment re: anything I or anyone else imparts.  “Question authority, including your own” and all that.  There IS a great story unfolding in our midst, in the very air we breathe and earth we walk upon and grids we pulse along… and, everyone is unique.  So while in some ways we are sharing commonalities, in other ways we have our own cocktails of ingredients to deal with — our own histories of lifetimes and their consequences on and off this planet; our own ‘human’ lineage of physical and psycho-emotional karmas that influence our trajectory (ie, ancestral stuff passed down through the physical plane), and our own dreams and desires about the future.  (And all of this in a system in which time and physicality are actually illusions for our 3D educational benefit; another whole kettle of fish!)  We are each staggeringly unique.

This is exciting and affirming and also a little scary, depending on how comfortable you are with sovereignty.  Having support during this great passage is wonderful (and why I’m stepping up here, to the extent I can given the medium, which I envision expanding considerably), but ultimately self-sovereignty is an important quality to cultivate.  We are each ultimately responsible for our own experience, and how we manage it.  If it helps you to embrace the idea, maybe look at it this way:  the world does not need another cookie-cutter copy of someone else glomming up the grids; it needs an authentic version of YOU and your own personal, radiant, essential contribution.

One more thing before hitting “publish” here — given the conflicting neurotic issues I have about putting anything out for anyone else’s consumption before it’s PERFECT (being a writer/editor), combined with the nagging sense of having a logjam of things to impart that I just can’t get out fast enough considering the first ‘challenge’ mentioned above, what I’m going for is this:  I’m working on swallowing my desire for perfection in favor of speaking my truth (ha, see right there– I typo’d “turht”). What I’m saying is, I will try to post more often, less perfectly, with the caveat being that I will be revisiting my posts and editing them, adding to them, etc, as I am so moved.  So if you read something of interest, you  might consider revisiting it later because it probably has morphed/expanded a bit (or even considerably) in the interim.

Onward ho,