Timelines, Consciousness, Fear Agendas & Cultivating God Source Connection

Newly articulated from Lisa Renee:


Ascension Basics

A series by Lisa Renee has appeared on youtube, explaining ascension in Lisa’s characteristic detail. Her “Sirian” connection — Sirians could be considered the technologists and mechanics of this whole shift — really shows when she gets into the mechanical details of what’s going on. I’ve only seen the first minute or so of the first video, but am posting this because I’m familiar with Lisa’s voice/material and thought I’d just put it up here before it drops off my radar.

(Post script: I’ve now seen the first segment, and unfortunately the videos aren’t linked so that #1 leads to #2, etc. There appear to be 8 videos here; you might have to bump around a bit if you want to see them in order. And also… “basics” is a relative term, because Lisa’s info goes well beyond what most would consider to be basic.)

Lisa’s website is energeticsynthesis.com.  Enjoy.