Andromedans — Part II

Resuming the Andromedan thread initiated a while back…

I shared in the first Andromedans post that I had been experiencing a series of encounters in the astral with white-skinned, translucent blue-eyed beings who were making overtures to me in ways that were intentionally orchestrated to be “non-shocking.”  I shared also that after a series of encounters with these beings, I sat with a crystal and asked who they were  — and got the thundering (and tremendously surprising) response, “Andromedans!”

I’ve also been planning to share with you the notion of “synapses.” For about a decade I’ve been aware of my role as (what I consider in my own lingo to be) a “synapse” here on Earth of the Oneness.

By this I mean, I’m aware I have some form of contact with higher planes — whether conscious of it in detail or not in mundane waking reality — in which I am a conduit for those higher frequencies to anchor and integrate into this plane.

I’m certain many of us on the planet currently share a similar purpose. Whether aware of it or not, we’re involved in this type of service. We understand, at least to a degree, that we are integral to the great Web of Light; humans either conduct the light (ie as synapses or circuits) or we block, or sabotage, light’s passage and expansion. It’s a pretty binary situation: light/dark — where do we stand (what do we stand for) in the minutes that tick by in earthly time?

Another workable concept here is transducers — we take one form of energy from “upstairs” and step it down to a form that can be utilized in 3rd density, for the purpose of stepping up the frequencies here. This is one modality for the ascension process; pretty straightforward.  :)

Another way I perceive this whole process is that of being “plugged in” to higher energies, and spreading them around — and not necessarily in identifiable forms, such as compassionate or heroic acts. It could simply be a gradual “amping up” of a particular energetic signature in one’s own soul, and vibing it into the atmosphere around you in ways that might be too subtle to even name or claim.

Anyway. This Andromedan connection—personally for me, at any rate—is not something I have fleshed-out “stories” to explain yet. If you happened to read the vignettes I shared about my kundalini experiences in the book Kundalini Rising, you may recall my mention of experiences in what certainly seemed to be off-planet environs. Perhaps it was Andromedans who were my mentors in such scenarios. It would make sense to me if that were so. But I have no recollection of any “introductions” to any of the beings I encountered, by name or by place of origin. I do realize that at some point in my multidimensional existence, I volunteered to participate in this connection.

I actually wanted in my Torrents of Miracles post (which got deleted by WordPress during Mercury retrograde and revived in the barest-bones form of an early draft) — to get into this idea of being a synapse of/for Light in these ascending times. Receive the juice and transmit it along!

This is what so many of us are doing, whether aware of it or not. We are light bearers, providing a “street-level” receiving station for the Divine energies, and then moving them along avenues that present themselves in the course of our daily lives — maybe in the work we do, or the particular service we provide that resonates so well with the song of our hearts; the kindnesses we offer etc.

Or — equally valid, yet less identifiable — we just “emanate.” We can “vibe” as a living, breathing act of grace of sorts, through our seemingly mundane activities or even just by virtue of the divine signature we embody, regardless of actions.

All this is a lead-in to the following message that purportedly comes from Andromedans aboard a huge starship. (I do meander; this post might be edited down to size soon but I’m popping it up now, regardless.)  I take the following as another affirmation of my various personal experiences over the last 18+ years. (There are also a few mentions in the trails of this blog about “ships of light” that allude to the idea that the ships themselves are a form of consciousness.)

The following message from Mark Kimmel feels in alignment with the “gestault” of this blog and my sundry adventures — which do not, for me, come narrated in detailed, downloaded messages as they do for numerous others. So… this one received by Mark seems to pick up where I left off in both the Andromedan and the Torrents posts. Perhaps it will fill in a gap or two in your perceptions of the whole enchilada.
oxo ~W


Welcome to Athabantian, a starship from Andromeda.

The galaxy Andromeda, with over a trillion star systems, many of which contain planets nurturing various forms of sentient life, is the galaxy nearest your Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy is of approximately the same age as your own, and embraces beings in many stages of evolvement.

Aboard Athabantian are quasi-physical beings whose planets have recently transitioned from the influence of the dark energy, plus beings who have progressed along the path of evolvement to where they no longer occupy any type of physical bodies, and celestials from around the universe. All aboard Athabantian are at One with the God of this universe and the many other beings who are focused on the transformation of Earth and her humans. Continue reading