Liquid Landscapes, Zero Point & Body Morphing

It seems much expansion is in progress for me currently. Numerous sources have been hailing this month as one of substantial shift; possibly the most substantial shift of all to this point. Considering my experiences of the last few days, I’m inclined to believe it. How are you faring?

It seems I could spend hours blogging and posting resources today… but my energies seem so inwardly oriented currently, the prospect of explaining new and unusual ideas and experiences just seems impossible (a problem I’ve had for a long time now, actually). So my plan is to share an extraordinary dream I had the other morning, and follow it with a message from a young channel I’ve never encountered before today. Her message seems somewhat resonant to my experience (“dream”) – so I offer both in a one-two presentation… for what it may or may not be worth to readers!

SO: Friday morning I had a powerful & vivid dream in which I was in the midst of an extreme storm at sea, with waves heaving and crashing all around. I seemed to be in a boat or ship, tho I saw nothing of this vessel; I was just riding the surface of the mega-waves as tho in a boat.

Here’s the kicker: the “sea” wasn’t an ocean at all – it was the earth, the ground, heaving and splashing about.

The physical landscape had become totally liquid, in other words, and in a very stormy, churning, chaotic state. The scaffolding (“grid”) that keeps 3D “in formation” had completely vanished or collapsed, and the realm of third density was in chaos.

Then I woke up.

Might this be a message about physicality losing its form – its solidity – in the powerful cosmic energies of transmutation now upon us? The chaotic winds of deep change, completely reconfiguring reality? Was my own “vessel” – my body – as transformed as everything else had become? This was a Major “Dream” … an extraordinarily dramatic experience of transfiguration in progress.

During the two days following this dream (Friday & Saturday), I grappled with the odd and pronounced sensation that my body had become much like a bar magnet. This is the best I can do to impart this feeling. So whatever “pole” was at the “top” of this magnet (ie, my head) seemed powerfully pulled into a horizontal position; I was impelled to be horizontal (parallel to the earth) magnetically.

This was not fatigue… I had actually been sleeping well the last few nights; not tired. While feeling this energetic pull to lie down (the ‘magnetic field’ in my head was being pulled toward the ground, it seemed), my solar plexus also felt peculiar – similar to the sensation one often has in elevators.

So I had a dream of experiencing a “stormy sea” in which the “sea” was actually a highly volatile LIQUID LANDSCAPE. Then the following two days I grappled with odd sensations like strong magnetic PULLING. Then today I see this message (below), and wonder if it’s related? Just sharing in case it all adds up to something. :) I’m personally sensing something shifting in myself, tho to what end I have no idea. My ‘atmosphere of consciousness’ seems to be in mid quantum leap at the moment.




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