Delightful Living Lightships!

On a couple of occasions while traveling oob (out of body), I’ve been in the presence of great lightships. I don’t think I’ve written about this before on the blog, but I’ve just had a related follow-up experience so will share all of it now.

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Ships of Light… and Us

The other day I watched a cool documentary, appreciated because it exposes and explores a phenom that’s been going on for decades, even centuries, maybe even millennia, while somehow managing to escape the bruhaha that flails around the ‘net pertaining to UFOs.  I just wish the emphasis of this loonng film leaned more toward the direct encounter experiences of the primary person profiled, and less on the endless preponderance of eyewitnesses attesting to this “object’s” existence in the first place, which would reduce its length by about half.  This is typical when it comes to nonordinary phenomena — overkill about its empirical existence, with precious little substance re: its purpose and significance. It’s also typical of creative work in need of an editor.

lightship photoNonetheless, this film, Ships of Light, brought things to mind that I thought I’d attempt to address.  I’m also embedding a screen for it at the end of this post, should you be moved to look into it yourself.  It’s up on google video in two parts, for a total of about 2.5 hours of footage.  (I first spotted it on youtube but was happy to be able to switch over to google, where it’s not whacked into 10-minute segments, and the video is of far better quality.)

This film tells the story of Carlos Diaz, a pleasant and spiritually open family man living in a fairly small town south of Mexico City, who, for more than 20 years, has had an ongoing relationship with entities who comprise a huge lightship that seems to be stationed in this particular area of Mexico — an area where several strong energy lines intersect in the earth grid.  We know that such confluences of ‘forces’ like this tend to be conducive to interdimensional portals, where energies, entities, and intelligences typically obscured from ordinary human awareness can be witnessed and even interacted with in some cases.

Did you catch the languaging in the above paragraph re: the nature of the “ship”?  This is a huge yellow/orange/red undulating sphere of LIGHT that illuminates the Mexican sky in Diaz’s homeland. The entities themselves make up the body of the ship; it is a large conscious energetic composed of many individual energy beings, living in a community of oneness. So this is a living ship; it’s not metallic, not physical in the 3D sense of the word. In other words, it is what some might consider to be an ascended community of light.  I was particularly drawn to this story in the wake of a few recent visionary experiences I had involving this same idea: I saw a huge ship that I could best describe as a living, breathing “lantern” (almost rice-papery in its translucent appearance) composed of hundreds of smaller living, breathing, even rotating/spinning replicas of the larger entity.  It was very impressive to behold!

This lightship in Mexico has been photographed and filmed A LOT, some of which is included here. There is even footage of a light beam emission from the ship to the ground below, which is believed to be their data-gathering modality. Everyone in the region has seen it, Continue reading