Interdimensional Bleedthrough

I post this video, as usual, for your possibility-expanding consideration. Eceti Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington (US) has been an ever-increasing location for phenomena. James Gilliland, the proprietor of the land and its developing education center, is a uniquely dedicated and gentle soul in my estimation, and certainly a bridge-being for the worlds… regarding dimensions (or densities) as well as UFOs from ???.

I had a notable experience back in 2001 re: James. I was aware of him, and the ranch, while traveling in the Pacific Northwest with a friend. At breakfast in a cafe in Oregon, near the Columbia River, of all coincidences… over my friend’s shoulder I see walk through the door… James!  I sent a napkin over to him via the waitress asking if we might come by the ranch for a visit. He said sure (even tho this was on the one day of the week he reserved for privacy—ie, no visitors). So we did! This was before it was as developed as it is now; they have since built a nice event center and are far more “active,” as you will see in this video. (BTW… this visit had QUITE the finale—911 happened the next morning and getting home became a major adventure in itself with all flights grounded! Moreover, I was in my really active kundalini period at the time and the shock of 911 seriously rocked my highly sensitized, amped-up lightbody; I shook for days.)

The ranch serves as something of a staging platform between worlds. UFOs are seen around the nearby mountain constantly. Sophisticated orbs are everywhere. And now more and more photos are capturing beings from higher realms, such as a Mother Mary figure (there are Mary sculptures around that land honoring her… maybe they were her invitation). Some photos of her were taken with cell phones, totally raw and untouched. (This is the story anyway, and I personally feel James to be of high integrity and besides, evidence abounds. As always, I recommend personal discernment.) In this video, another towering ‘ascended one’ has apparently been caught in a photo (at the end)… as well as a white feline being!  So check this out and let your mind/spirit mulch it and mull it over. Think of it as a preview of what’s to come en masse in coming days—I do :) The veil is evaporating in the new energies upon us; the “scales are falling” from our eyes ;-)


Italy: Sudden Increase of UFO Sightings

Alright, here I am again with my recent interest in Italy, since my vision the other evening has riveted my attention to this boot of land I’ve never visited, and to which I have neither ancestral nor any emotional connection. Today I learned about a sudden swarm of UFO sightings around there. So, more fodder for the phenom…

Readers may wonder why I’m off on this tangent. Some do not see any connection between “spiritual” phenomena like kundalini or afterlife encounters and UFOs and earth changes. To you I say: it’s ALL related. If you haven’t connected the dots yet, my hunch is it’s only a matter of time til you do.

Meanwhile, I’ve got so much I’d like to talk about here… but the effort of writing it all out is exhausting!  I’ve had drafts here for ages that have yet to be finished and published.  Please stay tuned?  :-}

Now, about the UFOs and Italy ~ following is a plug for a Dreamland program (accessed via unknown country) that will be online this weekend. I will be listening; maybe you too?


The earthquakes in Italy were accompanied by a flurry of UFO sightings in Rome and Milan, and Whitley Strieber interviews Italian UFO expert Paola Harris about the possible significance of this. The UFOs videotaped were not earthquake lights, but actual, structured objects. The sightings have been covered on, and they raise the question: what is the connection between UFOs, earth changes and large-scale natural and historical events on earth?

The religious aspect is also covered, as Paola tells us about a very provocative statement quietly made by the Vatican last year, to the effect that people from other worlds do not suffer from original sin. Why would they say this? If they know it to be true, then how do they know it? Or do they know something else about our visitors that they are keeping secret?