Life Behind Bars

Liberation at Last

We are at the most pivotal crossroads right now that humanity has ever encountered in its entire existence, in my view.  I’m reminded of an obscure film I caught on TV about 10-12 years back.  Don’t remember the title unfortunately!  I’d actually be interested to see it again.

bar-coded nape

The key concept of the film:  the unraveling of (perceived) reality.  The story took place in a pleasant ‘American Dream’ town.  Everyone was living the good life.  Then one day, something really interesting began to happen.  Their “reality” began being exposed for what it actually was: a mass “program” broadcast out to the population via a huge computer hidden in some subterranean location.  This “program” dictated how people perceived their environs, the components of which were actually bar-coded, worthless items like cardboard boxes and other garbage!  Every THING in this town was worthless crap, including the houses and everything in them. EVEN the people were bar-coded to be PERCEIVED (by themselves as well as others) as something (or someone) altogether ELSE than they actually were.  The bar-codes were assigned by the “program” and broadcast out into everyone’s minds, which then interpreted their world of useless props, their reality system. (Sounds similar to our actual MEDIA and how we let it dictate our values, doesn’t it.  Also, at a higher level, the planet’s electromagnetic grids hold our “program” in place in a nested series of systems of various densities.)

One day this computer began malfunctioning, and the truth behind their mass illusion began leaking into view, first in subtle little ways that made people think they may have been ‘misfiring a few synapses,’ but then the entire sham became exposed for what it was: a highly orchestrated illusion dictated by software (and its programmers).

This film came out right around the time as the original Matrix, which is a similar theme, but with far more dark drama and cutting-edge special effects.  So the Matrix seized all the attention around this theme of a world of mass illusion while this little film I’m describing met with oblivion.  Another film along similar lines was The Truman Show, with Jim Carey.

Of course I’m reminded of this “bar-code reality” idea because this is exactly what is happening now.  We are seeing the illusions of our civilization’s structures completely unravel in so many ways at such an accelerated pace currently, it is clearly the END OF THIS PROGRAM.  The software (or “grid,” “matrix,” “lattice” etc etc) into which this entire hologram has been projected and perpetuated is in the throes of its due meltdown. We humans, as a race, are finally waking up to the sham — a mere plot-line projected onto the screen of the 3rd dimension, that has been controlling our lives for millennia. As beautiful as many aspects of this projection may be… ultimately we have been living lifetimes behind the bars of a container that has kept us enslaved to a particular “reality” that actually isn’t real at all.  It is a hall of mirrors that has kept us way over-invested in our little egos’ game of separation; duality; better-than, worse-than; haves and have- nots, and the insidious need to control situations to serve and satiate the ego’s distorted wants… which is a bottomless pit of service to the deluded egoic self.

So now the bar-coded program is being revealed — the insane value we have given worthless projections is coming up for a HUGE AUDIT.  This is in large part what my personal forgiveness work is ultimately about: forgiving myself for buying in to ideas that have held me in my vulnerable ego’s prison for sooo long, over sooo many lifetimes.  The alarm is finally ringing, and it is finally time to get over our “original sin,” or ERROR IN PERCEPTION, being that we are separate from God; lowly beings who must do this, that, and the other to prove our worth — all within a jerry-rigged structure of false illusions.  We have been betting on the wrong horses all this time, instead of the valiant stallions of our Souls, which are ultimately perfect renditions of a perfect Being who is nothing less than perfect Love.

Waking up is hard to do, admittedly.  It’s quite harsh to look around at all you’ve valued and constructed everything around and suddenly realize it’s a load of worthless props stamped with bar-codes dictating a program that has controlled our perception and kept us, ultimately, imprisoned in a world of illusion… a world that tells us how many flaming hoops we must jump through to perpetuate the lie.  As complacent as we may have been all this time with this brainwashing, chasing after our cars and shoes and all the other “idols” we hold dear as representative of our values, what these Things have ultimately done is kept us preoccupied with their attainment rather than investing the precious energies of our SOULS, through the lens of our human attention, on the Real Deal, which is that we are ONE with the ultimate DIVINITY, the ultimate unified field of pure and unconditional love, rather than re-iterating our differences and obsessions with controlling everyone and everything in ways that will keep our bar-coded house of cards in place — in shifting sands, at that.

The Truth is the only thing that truly endures, but does anyone have a clue what the ultimate Truth is?  (I include myself in this question; I put ideas out to perhaps consider, perhaps nudge the contours of one’s perceptions — not dictate.  Life on Earth is all about the grey areas, and where we each fall within them.)  In my notion of Truth, tho, there is no “interpretation,” no “spin zone.”  In Truth we are limitless beings of Spirit who have forgotten this and let our childish egos rule the world.  Power-hungry egos have dominated the Meak. The meak have fulfilled this part of the ego’s polarized equation. But the time is upon us when the prophesied “inheritance of the Earth” by the meak will be actualized.  In my naive youth, I interpreted “meak” to mean “weak,” which in turn made this prophecy highly bizarre to buy into.   I now understand that the “meak” are the gentle who will provide the new model, the new MO of living and creating on this Earth in a compassionate,  SUSTAINABLE fashion… in which we truly GET that we ARE ONE; we are each a facet of a living, loving God whose creations are ALL for the joyful experience of ALL — across all the borders we have painfully created among peoples based on fragile and misguided egoic values — and beyond human segregation to include the honoring of Life in all its expressions, all the kingdoms, from rocks up through the dieties who comprise Gaia’s rich and diverse family.

Whew.  All this before breakfast.  I’m sure I’ll be back to edit this draft, but for now perhaps it is sufficient enough to evoke some re-visioning of what this precious life is really all about.  Rather than revisiting the past in all its comforts, and all we might be losing in today’s “restructuring,” and letting that pain us over and over and over… we can look ahead to what CAN BE, and WILL, and will be SOONER if we put our faith-filled attention HERE in this unfolding moment on the way there, instead of the past.  That game is over.  Time to manifest ANEW, and ALIGN to Heaven‘s program, not the ego’s.  The ego may squabble for awhile in the period of shifting priorities because change always comes with some challenges when outcomes are unclear, but ultimately the ego will thrive in its new, healed, integrated-with-grace existence :)

LOVE ALL… Whitehawk

PS!  It is now the other end of the day, and I am rereading this.  It begins with the statement that this is the biggest thing to ever hit humanity… and I thought I’d clarify… that actually, EMPIRES fall all the time.  Throughout history, empires come and they go, like societal fashions.  It appears to be America’s time to fall from its considerable world-dominating perch.  But BEYOND THAT, we are also in the process of this huge energetic shift, by which I mean the very nature of reality is morphing, as I discuss in other posts.  I do believe that it is this level of “density” that is facing dismantling.  It’s more than just the economy, it is the FABRIC of the universe that is being reconfigured so that more Light may be factored into the equation — essential to the enlightened future.  Just thought I’d mention that little detail once again ;)


Anger: Fear Under Pressure

I’ve been immersed in another wave of perceptual detox and am checking in to share a few thoughts.

I’m feeling moved to speak about this today because even though much of what’s been coming out via subversive channels (subversives being the whistleblowers coming forward to awaken the masses) is shocking and disturbing, my current opinion is… we may need to be shocked out of our complacency to REALLY appreciate the value of “The Light” and all that Light implies (wisdom, love, exposing the shadows…), and accelerate our embodying of it. I now see that exposing myself to disturbing media such as initiates an almost spontaneous cord-cutting between myself and the contrived (or fallen?) world we’ve all participated in our entire lives — multiple lifetimes, even! I’ve been experiencing a quagmire of entanglements falling away — freeing my lazy, habitual perceptions about “what is” in our world and expanding my belief in The Possible. The Incoming.

There was a time when I didn’t want to ‘pollute my consciousness’ with conspiracy theories and the like. I frankly had enough to be concerned with in my immediate surrounds, and raving voices like David Icke were just overload to me. I wanted to focus on “good things,” I didn’t want to energize fear consciousness. I realized that consensus reality obscured truth behind the props and prevailing media-feeds; I just didn’t want my boat rocked any more than it had been already in the stormy seas of life! But my attitude seems to have been changing in recent years, and now I (occasionally) expose myself to “disturbing truths,” specifically those pertaining to powers behind the scenes who are directing the plays we see acted out on the world stage. These dramas are derived fiction but we’ve accepted them as fact, securing our collective disempowerment. Prevailing thought perpetuates the prime-time plotline and the time has come to boycott the “studios” that have kept producing misinformation directly geared for their personal and darkly-motivated gain.

Aligning with our own righteous anger now and then can be a useful motivational tool. Anger is fear under pressure, and pressure is energetically powerful; also potentially volatile. Anger can be used to effectively remove negative conditions from our paths, or remove ourselves from negative paths. I’m not advocating violence or hatred. Anger can inspire us to speak up for ourselves, whereas ongoing, stewing fear will generally serve to depress and paralyze us, draining every ounce of usable energy from us in the process. I sense that America is now a depressed nation. I know I’ve experienced bouts of depression that I try not to let tow me under. I also believe Americans aren’t alone in this mass depression and perceived helplessness during this drawn-out, surreal, frightening time on earth as we all subordinate ourselves to the insanity of the culture-drivers. Anger can trigger us to think in new, problem-solving directions, if we can avoid sliding into habitual and fruitless complaining devoid of any purposeful action. We can use some good clear anger energy, to apply resourcefully to restoring peace, balance, freedom, and correct distribution of resources across this planet… beginning right in our own minds, with the content of our own self-talk about what we chose to focus on and how we chose to buy into it or not. We are allowing prevailing conditions to be what they are.

Have you noticed that the universe seems to be responding to your thoughts and beliefs at warp speed these days? Seriously… thought does seem to become “things” much quicker now than ever before. There IS something to this new energy and its response time to conscious direction. We can effect change, beginning with changing our minds from worried, powerless consciousness to accepting the divine inheritance which is ours, and drawing on the vast wisdom that is part and parcel of that inheritance. We are limitless beings, and that truth just seems too big for us to let ourselves believe in and BE. I believe this consciousness IS gaining ground, and transcendence IS in the wind… I’m just singing about it here as a release valve for my own repressed anger, and to remind MYSELF who we really are beyond these bodies we wear. Once this is obvious defacto reality to our collective BELIEF SYSTEM, all the rest will begin magnetizing into place in a massive synchronistic flow. Believing it’s possible is immensely helpful, imo. It opens the space for new currents of energy, inspiration, and activity.


My current journey involves boldly exploring enough of the many tiers of mass manipulation (in paced increments; it does get intense!), to really allow my intellect as well as my intuitive mind & my soul (which have known this all along) to fully cognize these revelations. This has been serving to accelerate my ever-present hunger and pursuit for true, self-sovereign freedom and personal power… which will lead to my long-awaited reconnection with the Divine, beautiful, harmonic octave of existence. All this other noise has served as a frequency filter that has kept the Real Signal from getting through. This is happening now… and I’ll be interested to see where we’re at as this year plays out, because it looks as though a systemic deconstruction has begun.

This is what “goosed” me to speak to this today: I watched this video, put forth by an author who once believed our world was headed for mass annihalation (wrote a book on this), who now believes it’s heading for peace and healing and was impelled to renounce his former position publicly: (Mount Adams Statement: 2012 & A Golden Age). And one of the women in that video turned my attention to The American Underground Network (AUN). The AUN has put together their own “video class” of sorts, about the secret cadre behind all media, and how it controls what everyone sees, thinks, and even how they feel and respond, all of which is a very predictable formula that has been employed again and again over the ages. This “grass roots” video is admittedly a little hard to flow with at first, because the man with all the info is not a particularly charismatic communicator. They’ve “balanced” him with another man who’s obviously trained as on-air talent, to facilitate the first guy’s delivery. So while the presentation is a bit awkward, there IS information I found useful for my current “flurry” re: what I’m feeding my head. This video’s subject matter reminded me of the old insult, “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.” This is exactly what’s been in practice, ad infinitum.

Curiously, I’m also enamored anew with John Nash’s quest, as depicted in A Beautiful Mind, being –TO ACHIEVE ONE TRULY ORIGINAL IDEA. Can any of us even imagine such an experience? We’ve been entrained to think and believe certain things — and FEEL certain ways about these things — all along. True, there are various themes and versions of “party line,” and we are free to creatively spin input and output. Still… what would breaking through to our actual, TRULY AUTHENTIC, infinite, god-selves BE LIKE?

I’m on board to find out. I believe we all came in when we did to experience this unprecedented Ride of Ages. I suspect what’s coming is presently unimaginable to us, considering our current capacity and “quarantined conditions.” I believe we will be rewarded with revelations of intergalactic, ultra Divine proportions in the near future. It’s all this “transition time” in the interim that poses the greatest challenge. So, returning to my current (and unoriginal) thought, being our collective project of shuttling awakening souls across the chasm between Here (old paradigm) and There (new) as quickly and painlessly as possible. Perhaps by “waking up in the matrix” (admittedly no small thing, the shattering of a belief system) we can get the bridge up and hustle across it to the promised land with minimal collateral damage. One MO could be to use anger (and the fear behind it) as a tool of a spiritual warrior; let it motivate you to contemplate the truth of your soul (without letting it dominate you!), and demonstrate your truth courageously through the life you’ve been given. What else is there to do?