Karla McLaren on Empaths & Empathy

Empathy is a significant subject for me – and many of you as well. The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy is a portal for empathy and compassion related resources; art, articles, definitions, conferences, experts, history, interviews, newsletter, science, videos, etc. This is part of a larger documentary project by Edwin Rutsch on the nature of empathy.  For more on empathy visit  http://CultureOfEmpathy.com 

Life Review ::::

I haven’t read this to the end yet (it’s long) but I was moved to be sure it came to your attention, so here it is! I’m experiencing my own ‘life review’ of sorts these days, how ’bout yourself? We are truly crossing into new realms now, and the old are being released, in many many ways. Take care and be gentle with yourself; especially if you’re someone who’s inclined toward nostalgic indulgences re: the old days and pining for their return. This is exactly what not to occupy your mind with now. Trust that the new, incoming State of Grace will truly be heavenly! Personally, I’m feeling I’ve done a great deal of clearing lately, and it feels GOOD :)

oxo Whitehawk


Life Review

By Lisa Renee – June 2012

The recent dual eclipses along with the Venus Transit happening this first week in June, have surely been doing their job by shaking up the energetic environment and therefore shaking up the status quo.

These energies are abrupt, sudden and intense, and are designed to really rock the boat to reveal what’s hidden, so remaining as stable as possible, keeping an even keel, will help serve to navigate through these choppy waters.

There is a sensation of great unease in the larger fields, as the space between breaths right before a great “cosmic sneeze”. We know in our cells something huge is coming and there is a level of preparation getting ready for it. The past few weeks have presented many of us with a tremendous amount of tasks to complete and issues to resolve. Almost as if there is a deadline associated with these tasks, even if they appear mundane, there is a sense of a great meaning presently working behind the scenes.

This may be another pass around of coping with past issues, past relationships or past family dynamics, (past lives) as our spiritual identity is attempting to drop the density away from being stored in the bodily memory. We are streamlining by lightening the load and traveling light! Many hidden or unaddressed issues creating imbalance in our energies, have reached a breaking point, and are breaking through now, throwing our usual routine or schedule out the window. 

It is up to our inner wisdom to discern whether we engage with these issues actively, or disengage from what may be a false mental program operating that pushes our buttons. Many times we are placed in positions where we are just there to observe. Continue reading