More re: Mogay, Archons & Us


More re: Mogay, Archons, and Us as We Move Deeper into Higher Frequencies

I’ve noticed a fresh wave of interest in the Interview with a Stranded Alien post from last year, so I watched it again and have more to say about this, and also would like to bring your attention to another interview while here, as both are related imo.

For your discernment

First: the Mogay entity coming through Kim (the channel) sounds like an archonic being putting a more… positive?… or at least more neutral… and expansive … spin on its “interface” with humanity than I’ve heard anywhere else.

In a way it brings to mind the epic Hidden Hand interview that I’ve discussed here intermittently over the years.

It’s actually a fascinating spin to take into consideration, explaining how this very alien “life form,” if one could even call it this (it’s a conscious electric energy), got catapulted into our solar system by a catastrophic cosmic event in an altogether other universe, leaving them stranded in a strange land, and doing what they had to to adapt to their circumstances.

Then: last night I listened to another interview that I’d also heard sometime last year, about a psychologist’s career dealing with scores of schizophrenics in prison (where schizophrenics typically end up, as public mental institutions have largely been defunded and shuttered in recent decades). Continue reading


Genetic Plasms, Filaments, Ecstasy & the Beginning of Life

Once, in a sublime point in timelessness, during a ripe, immeasurable moment…

sophiadreamingIt’s always a pleasant surprise to see a new interview with John Lash turn up, as did this one with Lisa Harrison. John is such a unique voice and point of perception in the world—a gnostic researcher extraordinaire and a natural teacher make for some time well spent, as far as this bird is concerned! Even his name intrigues me: John Lamb Lash. Where does a name like this come from? :-}

Lisa Harrison just spent 3 hours talking with John and I’ve posted the two segments here for your pleasure and ponderance. It’s a vast ride through the cosmos, during which we meet the great goddess Gaia Sophia, and the mysteries of this befuddling existence are explained from a perch seldom noticed by earth-dwellers.

Love to you… Whitehawk

Quoting Lisa: “My conversation with John Lash was so enjoyable and the information so in depth that this became part 1 of a 2 part conversation. John gives his most complete, concise telling of the Sophianic Myth as well as an in depth understanding of who/what the Archons really are.”

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