Dreaming the Virus, Healing the World

This two-part conversation between New Realities host Alan Steinfeld and Awaken in the Dream author/speaker/artist/all-round intrepid consciousness pioneer & guide Paul Levy is something I’ve craved to hear for some time without realizing it before seeing it.

I’m now dreaming you into the gift of this. For me, it’s the perfect medicine for COVID19. I felt waves – transmutational waves! – of appreciation throughout the whole experience, and then watched it again. Maybe it’ll provide the perfect shift for you, too.

Bless Whitehawk

Part 2:

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Two Types of Ascension

Hello! Here’s a major transmission for you. In this post we return to the thematic root of this blog – ascension! And we go deep!

I’ve been revisiting Gesanna Lahman’s impressive and expansive ascension material, and thought you might enjoy it as well while you’re laying low (if you are) during the quarantine.

What follows is like a book chapter… tho it’s not in the only book I’m aware of that she’s published (From Contact to Ascension). Her intriguing “Ja’li” series is here on this blog – it seems the Ja’li messages turned out to be the last messages that she released. She was living (and receiving these transmissions) in Hawaii, but I know she moved back to the states when a lava flow got too close for her to remain in her house there. Never heard from or of her again.

I’m posting this long transmission without “ado,” meaning, I haven’t enhanced it visually with graphics or formatting. I’m just letting it speak for itself, which – if you can keep with it, if it speaks to you – is quite enough!

I consider Gesanna one of the True Ones; bless her. This particular transmission came from her primary “galactic contact,” An T’na.

Big love, Whitehawk

Clarifying the Two Types of Ascension

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