February Vibe Report — Soul Transitions

This report resonated with me quite a bit, so I’m sharing it here. I’ve been having an interesting series of dreams in which I revisit long-gone relationships, and have, in effect, “do over” encounters with various people involved. In these scenarios I am calm and detached, whereas back in the actuality of these experiences, I was upset, reactive, and emotionally wounded for a good long time afterwards. So these have been positive and healing encounters with former events.

On the other hand, I have been in the crosshairs of a dear friend who seems to be in the midst of a major meltdown, triggered by a situation that to me seems an innocuous non-event, but somehow it completely blew him off center; he has been a raging, flaming volcano for weeks now. I have, for the most part, retained a stance of compassionate detachment (progress), which seems to be making him even more volatile and resentful than ever. I see that he is experiencing the ripping open of some deep, ancient (and likely unconscious) wound . . . and apparently it is his ‘work’ to torture himself in this state until it either plays itself out, or he manages to wake up from his own nightmare.

It has been a very trying time at every level of life (the 3D field is imploding), and Nancy’s article speaks to it very well imo; it might offer some comfort (or awareness) to you, too, if you find yourself activated by “insanity” — be it yours, or someone else’s, or both! Or ALL!

Keep the love vibe alive… oxo Whitehawk

Soul Transitions Vibe Report February 2012

a message from Nancy Leilah Ward

Loving Ourselves and the Crystalline Energy

Continuing with the feelings of ennui and urgency, February has been a month of turning inside out and shining Light on parts of ourselves that we’ve kept in the dark. This has rendered me frozen in place at times or swirling within whirlpools of emotion. Welcome to the 4th dimension!

Expanding with the tide, a wave has turned, come to completion and is spreading its energy across the sand. I feel this within me. The essence of my life expanding with a sigh across the pebbles and shells of long ago experiences, stirring memories, currents of emotions, all of my experience in this life so far. Feelings and memories that have been integrated, softened with love, tenderness, tears of release, all coming up once again, like mist rising from the sand. Not for review. Not for further exploration, just to be in the light of my conscious loving energy. Raw feelings, opening the tenderest places within my experience are triggered, and I realize that all I am to do is love everything that comes up within me.

During this process at the deepest moments of the remembrance of pain, I feel another energy rising within me.
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AA Michael, the Elements, Kundalini…

And re: kundalini further down…
oxo W

AA Michael ~ The Power and Majesty of the Elements

Ronna Herman | Star*Quest | February 24 2012

Beloved masters, an understanding of the elements of FIRE, AIR, WATER, and EARTH, which are unique components, facets or elements of the nature of our Father/Mother God within this Sub-universal experience, is vitally important as you seek greater wisdom and Self-Mastery. These are the four major elements which were encoded within the bodily system of the original human form to assist in Self-realization and Self-mastery on the material plane of existence. These elements are supplied to all created matter in this Sub-Universe via the great Archangels’ RAY-diation of the twelve Rays of God Consciousness from the Heart Core Essence of our Father/Mother God.

  • The Etheric Body and Soul Self are attuned to and fed by the Element of COSMIC FIRE.
  • The Mental Body resonates to and is energized by the Element of AIR /ETHER
  • The Emotional Body is attuned to and affected by the Element of WATER.
  • The Physical Body is anchored by and attuned to the Element of EARTH for the duration of each Soul’s journey into the realms of density, the first through the fourth dimensions.

The qualities, attributes and virtues of the Seven Rays of God Consciousness for this solar system were placed within Spheres of Light. These spheres, known as chakras, were designed to spin at a very high velocity, which made them appear to be spinning cones of Light radiating from the front and back of the physical body. Therefore, you are constantly radiating frequencies of Light out into the world of form. The power of the vibrational patterns, as well as the frequency level of the harmonics you project, will determine whether you will experience joy, peace and abundance, or limitation, stress and discord. Every living cell within your body is a capacitor which stores memories and energy patterns. For every feeling there are endocrine glands secretionsproduced which match the vibrational patterns you emit. Therefore, you might say that there is a specific energy pattern of hate and an energy pattern of love, and so on in varying degrees, depending on the power, force and consistency of the energy you project.

As you begin the journey of ascension back into the realms of Light, you gradually lose density within the physical vessel Continue reading

Do Less, Be More

Today I’d like to bring to your attention an interview between ‘Reconnection’ healer Eric Pearl and an enthusiastic young host with an online program called Energy Talk Radio. (His title could use an upgrade because it’s actually a video. :)  My reasons for sharing this particular clip are twofold.

First: if you have had no exposure to Eric Pearl before—or haven’t recently—I believe you’d do well by listening to him here. He’s got his ‘rap down,’ so to speak; he knows his material, being, he knows how to command profound healing in an instant and how to discuss it. He’s a colorful character so I find him rather entertaining as well… even while knowing that what he says here he’s said a million times before.


Hearing it now was a good reminder for me—the notion of just plugging into the Field, so to speak, and just being in that connection with something so much vaster than yourself that nothing sub-standard can perpetuate itself in that high energy awareness, or “allowance,” if you will. Eric Pearl was graced by this realization during his chiropractic career, and it launched him into a revised reality about 20 years ago that the world is accelerating into now: consciously integrating with and navigating through the quantum.

(Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics has a similar background: was a chiropractor whose perception blew open and – whew – he is a force!)

So anyway, since I’d been up half the night here, I started cruising around online and circuitously came to this interview. Listened to Eric explain how relying on ‘props’ for healing creates more distance between you and the actual field that surrounds and penetrates your very self, ready and poised to accept your intentions for not only physical healing, but mastering life in general. This is all part of the first reason I wanted to pass this on to you.

The second reason, interestingly (to me at least) involves my cat! During this interview, she came and curled up in my lap. By the end of the interview, she started vibrating! Continue reading

Your Path as a Divine Change-Maker

You and the Global Shift

from Selacia & The Council of Twelve

This is a year of revolution on a big scale – impacting you and everyone on the planet. A common theme you will see repeatedly is the need for humanity to come together as one family. This need has never been more important than right now.

The new Earth you want cannot come into being alongside centuries-old patterns of bickering, complaining, conquering, and killing.

A very long time ago people understood and valued the concept of community. People of those times knew about the power of unity and helping one another. In some cultures, threatened by droughts and other climatic shifts, people learned that they could survive through collective ideas, support, and actions.

Rather than fighting each other over dwindling resources, they used their joint creativity to adapt. They understood the power of a cohesive group; they valued the natural world and learned to work with nature.

With the Earth now sitting at a precipice – the future uncertain – humanity is being called to remember these things. Indeed, a remembrance is taking place all over the world, stirring a fervent desire for community. People like you from all walks of life are feeling this.

A New Paradigm of Community

Yes, a brand-new paradigm of community is in the process of being born. Continue reading

Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience

Greetings, all. When I started running this documentary and heard the young female voice narrating, I expected a rather thin, amateur effort. But, turns out, they did a good job, imo, and I suggest you tune in (in every sense), check it out, and see what you think/feel.

ox ~W

Witchi tai to — Everything is Everything

A departure for my blog — to return to the Native American roots of my spirit if not DNA. I’m having a joy-filled pow-wow here, having just re-found this Native American chant that I sooo love and have not heard in sooo very many years! I’m so happy to share it with you.

I’m celebrating this music tonight, posting 3 versions of Witchi tai to, originally recorded by Jim Pepper to whom is was passed down by his grandfather. Something about this makes me teary-eyed with ancient emotions, and I can’t seem to stop replaying it!  Been checking various versions on youtube—so many variations in sound quality, or video production (if any). Settled on the three you’ll find below.Anyone who has even the slightest appreciation of a good Indian chant will just LOVE this!  I defy anyone to sit still and not be uplifted in a big way by this chant.

So the three versions are—first—the original recording by Native American jazz saxist Jim Pepper. Second is a later, live/livelier and longer version (also Pepper) that I just can’t sit still to, it is such a soul-lifter! The only drawback on this second one is, it gets cut off prematurely :(.  Then the third one, since I’m on a roll here, is a whole other vibe by Brewer & Shipley.

Enjoy! Shake a rattle! Sing!
Love all ~ Whitehawk

Original Jim Pepper recording (short & simple):

Long & lively, w/a brief authentic pow-wow prelude:

Brewer & Shipley cover version (more folksy, harmonized, and ‘produced’ sound):

2012, Great Power, and You

Here’s a lovely contemplation on this radically unique year, and your experience of it. The opportunities to be stretched by the ocean of high-frequency energies will be coming at quite a clip this year — it’s the optimal context for developing true personal power. And as we are learning, personal power is a powerful platform from which to serve the great awakening in ways that only we—unique individuals that we each are—can!  Life itself is supporting the full emergence of the truth of who we are and what we bring to the All. Enjoy the video, and bless your evolutionary ride of a 3D lifetime — 2012!