Your Luminous Bloom

One subject that arises regarding ascension is . . . what happens to my identity? My personality? My ego? As I move into vibrational realms where there is no duality, no pain, no conflict . . . what will become of WHO I AM? Will my individuality be annihilated in some energetic poof?

Many have pondered on this ‘annihilation of the self’ idea as you merge with higher realms. After all, the ego is all about responding to the pain, anxiety, separation, conflict, polar opposition, etc. etc. Ego uses life’s frictions to sculpt itself, to rate its progress in comparison with others who have, or are “more” — more successful, more attractive, more adept at navigating this earth plane in myriad ways. If the ego is dissolved in ascension, WHO, THEN, AM I?  

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Final Rigors Before Graduation

A wave of emotional release seems to be upon many at this time as the energies of transformation & ascension shift into yet stronger amplification and intensity. Old, perhaps forgotten issues from long ago may feel activated in the emotional body, triggering new confrontations with historic matters, creating much discomfort and possibly doubt about your “progress” on your journey. You are merely in a deeper phase of release; best to just witness it, love yourself “more,” forgive, and let it move through you. It hasn’t returned to torment you anew; it’s just leaving, and extractions (and birthings!) are seldom comfortable.

Do not fear; remember there is no pain in rarified energies, so these old stories and miseries must transmute. Just don’t re-invest in outworn emotions and judgments as this proceeds. It is progress, not a set-back!    Love  ~W

Dear ones, we come again to remind you of the many changes you are about to see and are now seeing upon your planet. Changes are now taking place within the hearts of many who before this time seemed oblivious, allowing them for the first time, to experience the light of truth. These are the dear ones that you will soon find yourselves helping as you explain to them what is taking place on the earth and in their lives at this time. Awakening humanity is making this shift happen, dear ones. Your light is manifesting in the outer as the higher forms that you interpret as change – higher levels of truth and understanding within all peoples and all facets of every day living. Continue reading

Your Ascended Mode of Service (AA Michael)

Much to mulch here… perhaps it will initiate contemplation re: what your future might look like in one of the ascended leadership roles of the New Earth!  

Love all, Whitehawk

Archangel Michael: The Councils of Light and the Emergence of the Multi-Dimensional New Earth

Also: The New Earth Energies May 2012 – May 15, 2012

Beloved Family of Light, at this time it gives us great Joy to be able to communicate with you again about the shifts and changes that are taking place on your Beautiful and Beloved Earth. Indeed, you are seeing many changes on your Earth, and some seem to be difficult and uncomfortable, but we ask you to know and to celebrate that all is unfolding according to the Divine Plan for the New Earth.

As you approach the 2012 Portal of Light and as you align with the Galactic Center, you are being brought fully into the Multi-Dimensional Energies of the New Earth, and the New Structures that will guide the Earth in her next cycle of Evolution are emerging.

From 2013, the Earth will be guided in her journey through Time and Space by two bodies of Awakened and Ascended Beings who will form the “Council of Elders of New Earth” and the “Earth Keeper Council” of New Earth. At this time, the Earth will be fully recognized as the Blue Star, or the Blue Water Star as she truly is, and the partner of the Fire Star Solaris. These changes will bring you to a new perception of your World and your role in the Solar System and the Galaxy.

So, at this time, these two new structures, the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council, are in the process of being formed and individuals being trained to assume their new responsibilities as citizens of the Blue Water Star and co-creators with the Light Beings in the Solar and Galactic Councils that are guiding the formation of the Golden Rose Galaxy and her future role in the Cosmic Evolution of Divine Consciousness through Love and Compassion.

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May 2012 Vibe Report

I know some of us can relate! ~W

Vibe Report – May 2012

by Nancy (‘Lila’) Ward


We are into the 5th month of 2012 and as I sit with the energies scanning the past 4 months I see and feel erratic fluctuations pulling and pushing like a sawing motion, accompanied by drops in elevation down into sinkholes, then popping out like cartoon toast from a toaster boing-ing up and slow spiraling down to land gently on soft moss that soon morphs into mud and turns into a slurry that cascades us with it to the edge of a precipice and off we go because there’s no other choice and instead of falling, we’re floating and then suddenly falling and then going up and on and on it goes. Yikes!

At times I’ve also felt like I’m on a carnival ride – the Cup and Saucer. I’m sitting in the cup and it begins to spin and the larger saucer is also spinning, faster and faster, at different rates and sometimes different directions. Centrifugal forces are bringing up our issues for integration and lightening up.

We may be feeling a little dizzy or nauseous, experiencing digestive issues, sudden feelings of panic, or a general flat-lining feeling that leaves us staring into space. Surges of energy are entering our nervous system affecting our physical bodies, our emotional/mental body and blurring the lines of reality. Continue reading