Help Wanted: Inquire Within

In challenging times such as these,
one position remains available!
oxo ~W

Help Wanted
by Patricia Cori

Large, blue-green multinational planetary body, Planet E-A-R-T-H, Inc. (formerly The Garden of Eden) seeks highly-qualified hero to help restructure existing management policies and procedures as required to redefine our objectives and help bring us into the foreground as active members of the consciously evolving intelligent universe.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

  1. Successfully contributing to directing our 7-billion member team in re-establishing the balance of life in all sectors to include all species and elements upon (and within) PLANET
    E-A-R-T-H, Inc. (herein referred to as ‘PE, Inc.’)
  2. Implementing seed thoughts that drop into the waters of our think tanks –the human spirit –and ripple out through all departments to create hope and the will to achieve overall P.E., Inc. goals and objectives.
  3. Developing of mind-stimulating alternatives to failing belief structures currently stripping the organization of its potential – to be distributed through all departments and sectors, throughout all international and regional locations and divisions.
  4. Serving as an inspirational model of the greatness and nobility of our founding fathers (and mothers), for whom Planet Earth was originally selected as the ideal environment to foster the Great Race of our members.
  5. Creating inspirational works of art, communication, public relations and related activities to be utilized by all members to successfully improve morale and instill a sense of hopeful determination in our members.
  6. Encouraging personal and global actions to implement ecological reforms required to return PE, Inc. to its former glory, as established and directly overseen by GAIA, the CEO of Planet Earth, Inc.

Some travel and uprooting from comfort zones may be required.
Salary (rewards) commensurate with abilities.

The ideal candidate will be a fearless speaker of truth and justice; will inspire trust and instill a sense of empowerment at all levels; will have highly-developed motivational skills; believe in a positive outcome and be willing to face personal risks in the name of Planet Earth, Inc. She or he must also have the following qualifications:

  • Experience of ‘outside the box’ thinking as required for developing new and dynamic alternatives to existing dysfunctional and disruptive Planet Earth, Inc. management strategies.
  • A strong and unwavering voice in calling all peaceful warriors to become personally involved in social rebellion and reform, despite resistance from some mid-level management and union members.
  • Human resources expertise and experience in all areas of soul development and character building.
  • A charismatic, light-filled energy field.
  • Significant education in the nature of human will and the journey of spirit, for which some knowledge of multidimensional geometry, physics, hyperspace and universal law will be an advantage.
  • A love for all living beings, as exhibited in Planet Earth’s Original Blueprint.
  • Compassion, vision and a strong sense that each member of the planetary team, if properly directed and motivated, can achieve extraordinary results throughout our organization.
  • Focused will and the desire to serve the highest good.

Additional opportunities are available for healers, lightworkers, environmentalists and activists – please contact us if you fall into these categories and offer your services to the department relative to your area of expertise.

Human Resources Department — IN YOUR SOUL

Human Resources Department
Planet Earth Inc.
22-22 In Your Soul,
NE Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Balancing Act(ivities)

The last few days have held a pronounced energy around the theme of left/right brain dominance, and energetic balance. It just keeps coming up! The hemi-sync audio technology developed at the famed Monroe Institute (and similar subsequent efforts by other parties); the ever-intriguing spinning woman optical illusion video (DO check this out, a source of enduring intrigue: which way is she spinning???);  the Dance of Shiva (below, demo’d by Havi Brooks; love this!), which is a dancing yogic practice that balances the body’s energies and the brain’s activity with its coordinated cross-lateral moves, and a Trance Dance version of Shiva Nata (Shiva Dance) with Shiva Rae — bottom screen. Balancing practice/practices for balancing (also releasing)… all helpful “chaos alkalizers.”

~~~~ ENJOY ~~~~

Radical Forgiveness Release Letter

As I was going through the files in my laptop, I came upon this Radical Forgiveness Release Letter.  Thought I’d share it with you. Perhaps it can support you in working through some forgiveness of your own?  You could copy and paste this into your own text file, edit it to your name, print it, and work it — if so inspired :). Just pointing out some water; whether to drink is always a choice! ;-).

Radical Forgiveness Release Letter

I, Whitehawk, hereby grant you, my Higher Self, my Soul, my Super-Conscious Mind, my DNA, my cellular memory, and all parts of myself that might want to hold onto unforgiveness for whatever reason, to release all of the misunderstandings, unfounded beliefs, misinterpretations, and misguided emotions, wherever they may reside, whether in my body, my unconscious mind, my DNA, my conscious mind, my subconscious mind, my unconscious mind, my chakras, and even my Soul.  I ask all those who want the best for me to assist in this releasing process.

I, Whitehawk, thank you, my Soul, for creating the experiences that created the unforgiveness and realize that on some level they have all been my teachers and have offered me opportunities to learn and to grow.  I accept the experiences without judgment, and do hereby release them to the nothingness from which they came.

I, Whitehawk, do hereby forgive (add name):


I release him/her to his highest good and set him free.  I bless him for having been willing to be my teacher.  I sever all unhealthy attachments to this person and send him unconditional love and support.

I, Whitehawk, do hereby forgive myself, and accept myself just the way I am and love myself unconditionally just the way I am, in all my power and magnificence.

I, Whitehawk, do hereby release myself to my highest good and claim for myself freedom, fulfillment of my dreams, wishes and goals, as well as clarity, love, full expression, creativity, health, and prosperity.



And so it is!
(Feeling a little clearer?)

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The Artist’s Creed

From the wonderful & inspiring audio program, Marry Your Muse, by Jan Phillips.

The Artist’s Creed

I believe I am worth the time it takes
to create whatever I feel called to create.

I believe my work is worthy of its own space
which is worthy of the name sacred.

I believe that when I enter this space, I have the right
to work in silence, uninterrupted, for as long as I choose.

I believe that the moment I open myself to the gifts of the Muse,
I open myself to the Source of All Creation, and become one
with the Mother of Life Itself.

I believe that my work is joyful, useful, and constantly changing,
flowing through me like a river with no beginning and no end.

I believe that what it is I am called to do
will make itself known when I have made myself ready.

I believe that the time I spend creating my art
Is as precious as the time I spend giving to others.

I believe that what truly matters in the making of art
is not what the final piece looks like or sounds like,
not what it is worth or not worth,
but what newness gets added to the universe in the
process of the piece itself becoming.

I believe that I am not alone in my attempts to create,
and that once I begin the work, settle into the strangeness,
the words will take shape, the form find life, and the spirit take flight.

I believe that as the Muse gives to me,
so does she deserve from me:
faith, mindfulness, and enduring commitment.

Keep Forgiving

I’m sorting and packing a lot of books here (I have hundreds, and am preparing to move) … an activity which lends itself to opening these wonderful books and scanning them for gems. So there may well be a flurry of book-quoting posts while I do this. This one is from Your Immortal Reality, by Renard.  I relate to some of this advice; maybe you will as well. Also brings to mind the huna ho’oponopono method, always worth revisiting as well!

When your forgiveness lessons are complete, then not one trace of guilt will remain in your unconscious mind. At that point, you will break the cycle of birth and death, and never dream of going into a body again. That is the end of reincarnation. Forgive whatever comes up in front of your face. That’s the work of salvation, and it’s the most important thing that anyone can ever do for themselves.

Have fun with your ministry. And don’t worry about fitting in with the other teachers or mainstream spiritual types who think they’re so progressive when they’re actually very conservative. What did “J” tell you? — Be a passerby. People will ask you where you fit in to a spiritual community. Tell them the truth. Given what you’re teaching, you don’t fit in. You’re not saying the same thing as the others, so don’t even try to fit in; just be yourself.

The Etheric Antenna

In the emerging paradigm of the spirit, conceptual understanding is of secondary consequence; those who function on the frequencies of love do not demand it at every step in their creative process. Their activity is therefore able to flow freely, rapidly, unhindered by the constant need to tabulate mentally each and every detail. They understand spiritually with their hearts and tangibly with their bodies. They also understand with their minds, should they choose to slow down enough to access that mental understanding. But — as lovers often do — they frequently choose to forego such a detailed analysis.

Beings who function in a state of grace are secure in the knowledge that conceptual understanding is there whenever they choose to slow into it, but they have released their addiction to the “fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” They no longer require a symbolic interpretation of each moment. Because of this, it sometimes appears to those observing through the old historical filters that those functioning in the new paradigm are ignoring common sense. But this is never the case.

The behavior of those who function in a state of grace makes perfect sense, but it is the sense that is drawn from a higher frequency of awareness. Its logic is not beyond the ego’s grasp, but it is of a more rapid vibration than the slower-frequency logic of the ego. For the ego to understand the lightning process through which the spirit reaches a sequence of decisions, it has to break down the process and study it one frame, one step at a time. While this can be done, it is much better to experience instinctual awareness than to analyze it.angel_pic

The etheric antenna is damaged by violent emotions such as anger or hatred. It is never in danger from any outside emotions, only from your own. It can remain open for months even in the midst of violent emotion, as long as you remain calm and continue to feel love for those around you. However, when your love is withheld, your etheric antenna closes, and then there are no shortcuts. Your heart must be returned again to God; it must resume the expression of love. And even then, time is required before your etheric antenna’s full sensitivity is restored.

Just as the latticework of galactic love, which holds this cluster of stars suspended, is mirrored above in the vibrational circuitry of this solar system, and then mirrored once again in the awakening circuitry of the planetary intelligence, on a smaller scale this same basic design pattern — of eternal love — is mirrored in human biology, thus providing us with universally compatible systems for the habitation, enjoyment, and continuing creation of these phenomenal realms.

~ The Third Millennium, by Ken Carey

Recover the Being

Jotted this down from somewhere a couple weeks back; unfortunately didn’t jot the source.  Thought I’d share it here regardless:


To Recover the Being

To hit bottom is the way to finally exit
from the formal system

Everything has a divine purpose
Even the worst of moments can be the best

Because at the bottom you reach the heart

It is when one can be reborn

Nocturnal Bizarrity (again)

I just made up the word bizarrity to put an even more bizarre spin on “bizarre.” Last night was a wild ride for me; I’m wondering if anyone else has been experiencing anything like this? If so I’d love to hear from you ~ if not via public comment, then via my private email, listed on the About page.


Some incredible things went on last night. I was up all night, in the in-between (ie in body while vividly sensing and feeling higher dimensional environs), having very unusual experiences. Didn’t get any sleep at all til after 6 this morning, and then lasting only til the lawnmowers roared up at 8:30. :-/

One scenario left me so disoriented, it took me a while to figure out where I actually was, physically; viscerally felt as tho I were in a large boat that suddenly capsized (that was the sensation, the spinning upside-down, then rocking rightside-up again; I didn’t think I was in an actual boat).  My stunned mind was wondering if the earth had actually flopped over (poleshift)!  It was off the chart. I heard voices of ‘neighbors’ yelling frantically and a child crying, and the sound of tree limbs snapping. GAWD. Very “you are there.” All in the ‘realm’ beyond my physical 3D.

At another point, I “overheard” a conversation between a father and his young son that was happening in the year 2731. The date was shown to me as an overlay on what I saw (a kind of domestic space) as this conversation took place.

And in yet another scene, I witnessed a man having a massive soul retrieval/recapitulation, where dozens, if not hundreds, of … fragments or aspects or whatever … were literally FLYING back into him (I could see them zooming into him from thin air), and he was SO HAPPY to be experiencing this, he was giddy with joy — it was like the ultimate homecoming of all his rejected or wounded parts, or lives, or whatever they all were, healed and back together!

This has been a banner night, even for me. It seems as tho parallel lines/streams have been splashing into each other (as the membrane separating other ‘versions’ and times are dissolving!) and I picked up on how it played out for various parties.  This morning, after I rose at 8:30, my whole body had the Hum going, in spades. I’ve talked about this before — feels like every cell in my body is vibrating heavily. I interpret this as my physical response to the incoming waves of energy pouring in from the galactic center, as I definitely feel IS occurring now, by virtue of my in-body experiences I’ve been having the last few years.


I just now (after writing above) rec’d the following incoming message, and am including it here. I had seen this newsletter from Sirian starseed Lisa Renee at the beginning of the month, but receiving it again from another source in the direct wake of last night gave it more personal significance. Note my Big Night happened the night of 9/9/9… and also that this night was filled with what seemed to be “you are there” experiences in other timestreams, or parallel lives perhaps… that I had an all-nighter tour of, somehow.

Attunement to Alignment
a message from Lisa Renee

Our Ascension themed holographic entertainment continues with the action packed, sitting on the edge of your seat feature, ”As the Universe Spins” (The Prequel and Sequel to our former soap opera “As the World Turns”) These days we do not even need a television set to tune in!

Truly this is a reminder to be engaged and alert to the swirling environment, however not attached to needing it to “be” anything. Self sourcing is more important than ever now, which also includes the responsibility given to the focused direction of your personal energies. This is a pivotal time with our frequency “Attunement to Alignment” in order to integrate ourselves with the next reality timeline. Many of us are holding this timeline field for spouses, children and beloved ones that may not be participating with the ascension process at the personality level. The pressure from being an energetic “anchor” can feel immense at the cellular level. If you feel anxious in these intense energies and just don’t know what to do, just find the peace inside yourself. Breathe peace and calm into your body.

Our current Ascension process is that many of us are acclimating ourselves to new Universal – Galactic-Solar -Planetary frequency alignments accessed through these larger (spin points) spinning fields. A different type of orbiting field has been accessed all the way through these multiple dimensional fields which is creating an entirely new impact on us. According to our Guardians, this reality has never circuited the frequency fields we are accessing now. So we all are traversing on unchartered territories, even our Galactic and Universal Guardians! No wonder we have an ET parking lot showing up around our planetary field. This impacts our entire Universe and all the consciousness contained within it.

Additionally these spin points are direct controllers of the fabric making our chakra system as well as the field of our spinning “merkaba” body. It is the rotation of spinning particles that moves our station of identity (therefore our focus of our consciousness) to another dimensional view. Particles that have different variations in vibration and oscillation along with the spin point is what allows multiple realities to coexist in the same space, even though we cannot perceive they exist.(yet!) That means although these things we are seeing with “new eyes” are now appearing, it was always there, it just appears different from your new dimensional “viewpoint”.

This phenomena of seeing “things” (never seen before) will increase for many people, including the third dimensional beings when they start to see 4D energies. (Some will not allow themselves to actually “see” because of fear programming, most organized religion has taken care of that) The important difference will be how the consciousness of that being actually processes what it “thinks” it is seeing. Since so few people have any context for multidimensionality or the Ascension Cycle happening now, that’s when our reality is going to get even more interesting!

Walking Meditation
As we swirl about in the midst of these ever expanding and spiraling energies we may feel akin to some new contemporary version of a “whirling dervish.” spinning clockwise, spinning counterclockwise as we learn to glide around in the flow of life! This spinning field sensation can be felt now energetically in our lightbody, without having to actually physically spin our body around. Continue reading

The Power of Life & the 2nd Chakra

Back when my kundalini was in its early stages of stirring — before I was even consciously aware that it had been the cause of various unusual experiences I was having — guidance told me that a tremendous amount of grief was jamming my second chakra, and now (meaning, at that time) it was involved in a deep “kundalini cleanse.”

A string of drastic — traumatic — events had taken a definite toll on my ability to manage my personal power. I slid between seeming to have none whatsoever, to having erratic bouts of distorted power that sprang out sideways in non-helpful ways, to feeling too powerful for comfort… which then ricocheted back to having none at all. All of this added up to my doubting myself a lot, which of course compounded my sense of disempowerment!

Flipping through The Path of Empowerment just now (by Barbara Marciniak, highly recommended), I came upon a section I’d highlighted a few years ago… about this powerhouse chakra. Perhaps portions of this excerpt will speak to you as well.

“Everyone encounters the raw power of sexual energy, yet very few understand the deep psychic and spiritual exchanges that occur when you engage in sexual intimacy. Sexual expression brings forth the lessons and experiences of passion and pleasure; it is also the connect to your ancestors and the center for building family. Your second chakra serves as the opening through which the frequencies of your identity and those of your partner merge to become creatively interwoven. Essentially, through sexual intimacy you can take on the other person’s energetic field, and if deceit is involved, or no love is present, the hangover from sex can be psychically, emotionally, mentally, and physically debilitating. Yet, with love and respect, you can soar with blissful emotions into the mysteries of the cosmos.

Everyone faces the challenge of learning how to honor sexual energy. If you are in a state of continuous fear with issues concerning your survival and your sexuality, then you will be stuck cycling in the lessons of the lower two chakras. Because the second chakra exudes the power of life, it is where discarnate entities most often attach themselves to the physical body. These non-physical energies will then feed off the energy that you are afraid to own, which, in turn, will never be fully free to travel up the spine and connect the lower chakras to all the other centers. In order to fully open your second chakra, you must honor your ability to bring life into the world and accept responsibility for your sexual activities. Your sexual identity empowers you in physical reality to build bridges of love and spiritual awareness between physical and non-physical reality.”

The part about discarnates is valid and important. I’ve had occasions of night attacks by nonphysical beings; not an experience I’d wish on anyone. And now with the membranes between dimensions thinning as they are, and depending on where we are individually in our journeys, such encounters can become more common. 3D is not the only place where the stuff is hitting the fan! A step or two up the ramp, in lower 4D — the astral — a whole lotta shakin is going on too, agitating entities and possibly driving them to seek more “juice.” Not to frighten anyone, but just to remind to practice psychic and emotional hygiene regularly — especially at the start of every new day, and — just as important, if not more so — at night before sleeping, when the body is vulnerable.

Speaking of sleep… the dreamtime calls.  A little prayer and shielding first, of course ;)

Love all, W

My New God

Alright, I know I gave this post a rather “big” title. But I had a big response to laying eyes upon this magnificently ethereal creature, the likes of which I’ve never seen before.  I swooned in devotion to the consciousness that dreamed it into flesh and blood existence. I imagine this brilliant ‘essence’ to be a blend of Source Creator (the Great God of our galaxy), and a more “local” creative divinity with a fantastic sense of the beautiful as expressed in this feline:

feline perfection

Unfortunate how small this photo is! It’s much larger in my iphoto file; go figure. Also I can tell this is a very large cat, probably 25-30 pounds. Hopefully you can appreciate him (for some reason I think “male”) regardless of the thumbnail size.  He appears to be sailing in an etheric Flow, incredibly long hair billowing forth from his form (even the ear tufts!). His paws are hanging; he is perched on the edge of something, and the complete airborne-ness of this pose just adds to his extraordinarily unearthly quality. Is he a messenger?  To me he is.

And the shape and proportions of his features — well, any appreciator of the cat can discern this one’s particular perfection. I swear he’s a master soul fragment, a bodhisatva, who’s set this incredible form among us purely to inspire feline adorers like myself. Mission accomplished! Deeply exquisite.

“What a piece of work is Cat!”

Great gratitude for such a stunning image to gaze upon at the dawn of my day!  :)))

What (or whom) might open your heart
to inspiration & appreciation today?

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3 Practices for Healing an Inverted World

Looking back through some posts, spotted this from Apr 4 of this year; thought I’d resurrect it for a little while.  ~ W

Three Daily Practices

  1. Strengthen positive emotions through daily gratitude and admiration.
  2. Disempower negative emotions daily through forgiveness.
  3. Practice innocent perception; perceive the world through the eyes of a child.

The mind generates structures as reality, and then breaks them in order to fix them for a price — breaking hearts, breaking lives, breaking wills — just to gain the upper hand through some kind of glorified structure.

In such a world, dominated by the mind and its oppressive structures, the heart has become a servant of the tyrant. The heart has had to compensate for all the loveless barriers and oppressive formulas that man-generated realities had sanctioned.  The powers of the heart have been locked behind a prison door, forbidden the freedom of exit.  In such a world the heart is considered to be feminine, a center of awareness which serves a person’s emotional and creative needs only… a “wife” to the mind, but nothing more. This is the tragedy of our upside-down world.

From Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, by Glenda Green

Human Metamorphosis

One of the most oft-used images for human awakening/ transformation is the butterfly’s metamorphosis. It begins life as a lowly, crawling, worm-like creature that devours everything in its path. Then, when its cosmic timer sets off its impetus to transform, it builds a cocoon around itself, literally “melts down” into a liquid substance (known as its imaginal period, as its very existence is re-imagined into a being of great beauty and flight)… to finally emerge as the wondrous new being it was destined to be from the beginning. I consider this very scenario to be our human story and destiny as well. Our timer is sounding!

All this to introduce the largest crop glyph to appear on this planet thus far (this beauty is huge!) — appearing last month in Holland — an interesting switch from England. Fantastic:


~ Homo luminous at last ~

(Praise to Kundalini in the key role as prime activator :)

Of possible interest: The Deception of Perception

The Arc of a Life

Bon Voyage, Terry

Last week a man I knew succumbed to brain cancer. He was one of the senior figures in the local metaphysical community — he’d had stores and expo booths and ‘centers’ and so on for decades. He was something of a character — passionate about Harley Davidsons, for instance, and spent much time cruising with biker buddies in his day. He also had a penchant for dallying with women he met along the way (working his Libran charm), to the perpetual despair of his wife, who ultimately divorced him after many years of hanging in a not-married, not-legally-divorced limbo, while their kids grew up. He had a distinct streak of rascal in him, and commented regularly that he regretted nothing.

I met Terry about 10 years ago, when I’d heard hethoth
was running groups at his center on a subject of interest to me. After attending one group, Terry suddenly started calling me for long conversations. He hadn’t even realized at first that I had been to his center; he’d received my card from another (forgotten) source, and just called me — a stranger — to discuss this interest he’d heard we share. And then he called again, and again…

Meanwhile, I wasn’t particularly resonating with his groups, and stopped attending. But one thing that did come of this crossing-of-paths was friendship with a woman who was Terry’s primary support person at the center. Turned out she was much more than “support” for a long time. However, what eventually transpired was, Terry just suddenly told her to leave — him, the center, everything.

She was devastated; he was The One to her, despite
his fuzzy marital status at the time (among other questionables). The center was also
her community. When he banished her from himself and everything/everyone else there… well. She went into a vortex of tremendous pain and darkness, and began phoning and emailing me with every detail of her experience — the relationship with Terry, her misery, all this stuff she had kept bottled up for years — because he was a teacher/therapist, after all, and she had loved him and remained discreet.

During this terribly awkward period, I had Terry calling for long philosophical talks, during which he also “explained” his relationship with this woman; and then she would call to continue her processing-of-everything, and these two stories (he said/she said) were vastly different. Terry was clearly trying to keep a certain image of himself intact, and the woman’s stinging emotions were exploding like the fermented contents under pressure they’d been for so long. Being in the middle of all this fast became a source of considerable unease for me; I ended the “chats” with Terry, and have maintained a friendship with the woman to this day.

Fast-forward to more recent years. Terry was still running his center, and had found a woman to partner with in the business. She became a very popular draw for the suburban seekers who frequented their programs. She also had more business and legal savvy than Terry, so he had quite a nice thing going for awhile. It was during this time he graciously encouraged me to run a few of my own experimental groups there, for which I was appreciative. The center flourished; the partner’s contribution was extensive — via her popularity and also her financial ability to bring many upgrades to operations. However, again, behind the scenes, this partner and Terry had something going on that soured, and she pulled out, leaving him with quite a void that would never again be filled.

Downward Spiral

All kinds of trouble ensued from that point: a new “assistant” came to help him, who blatantly flaunted to anyone within range that their relationship was “more.” Curiously, he seemed happy to let her go on like this; what it was about this one that was different than the others to him? we wondered. (I’m suspecting his advancing age was an influence; she was very young… ) However, she betrayed him, taking anything of value that she could from the center — and trotting over to someone else with it all, literally giving the other guy a “spiritual-center-in-a-kit” with which he opened his own similar business, downtown! He even named it almost verbatim the name of Terry’s place. It was incredible. Had Terry done something to make this woman angry enough to retaliate like this?  …Or had she always perceived him as a “mark” to be swindled this way?

Next up, in short order: the river next to the center flooded, washing out the entire place and its contents. (Quite a metaphor for all the emotional turmoil that had been wrought there!) Complete disaster for Terry, who apparently had no insurance to help with his losses. End of center, and a heartbreaking time for him. Almost immediately thereafter, he started suffering ‘spells,’ which were ultimately diagnosed as seizures due to brain tumors.

At this point, re-enter both his ex-wife and my friend, the “banished lover.” The ex — living on very modest means — found herself taking care of all of Terry’s worldly affairs as his health deteriorated. The burden she assumed was formidable; no point in going into detail. Then, in an interesting twist, my friend also stepped back into the picture, and became a source of primary emotional support for Terry, visiting him almost daily in the hospital, as he was letting go of life. She drove a long way each day to pay these visits, again offering him her love as his time neared, which he seemed to enjoy.

What was interesting to see (from my “bleacher seat” in this whole drama), was these two women — former enemies flanking this man at one time — becoming friends and support for one another. These two souls, of all the people in Terry’s life, stuck it out with him to the bitter end. My friend remarked Terry was her main teacher (not to mention love) in this life, and even on his deathbed her learning continued… if not by his intention. Her compassion for him was, in turn, a learning experience for me! She has inspired me in recent months with her giving spirit.

Terry transitioned within days of Ted Kennedy’s passing of the same disease. My friend (remaining anonymous here, as are all parties involved) discovered his two young-adult kids outside the hospital upon her daily-visit arrival; they told her she had missed him by about an hour. She went inside to console his ex, and the two of them ended up spending hours at a restaurant, talking it all out about this man they both loved more than anyone. They had plenty to share with one another: good, bad, and downright ugly.

Such was the arc of one man’s life. Kind of sounds like a new age soap opera, doesn’t it.

Terry’s wishes were to be cremated, and his ashes scattered upon the Nile. (He was into all things Egyptian. His remains, however, will not likely make it to Egypt, though the actual plan has not yet been revealed.)  My friend and I have pondered what kind of afterlife scenario might have greeted him, and what he’s been up to since crossing the great river. We also wondered — why brain cancer? He was all about the mind; any connection? Perhaps now this and many questions he had about the greater scheme of things have come to light. God speed, Terry.

(Post script: After finishing this post, I happened to hear an excerpt of an interview with Mona Lisa Schultz, the medical intuitive, in which she claimed that when a person’s crown chakra is blocked, it it indicative of their disconnection from Source, and what is likely to follow is a fatal disease. It wouldn’t surprise me if Terry’s last couple of years of tragedy instigated a disconnect like this. I send him prayers… )