The Moment of Quantum Awakening

Ken Carey’s Third Millennium is one of the best previews of the coming transformation available. (Oneness, by Rasha, is another one.)  If either of these luminous gifts to humanity has escaped you thus far, nurture your soul as soon as possible by finding and reading them. You will be changed :)  Moreover, they provide healing antidotes to the mayhem bombarding us currently!  Love all, Whitehawk


“At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth’s gravitational field will be affected in some way. There will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent, though it does have antecedents in the prehistoric events of this and of distant worlds. The changes that your generation will experience before it passes the torch to another are more fundamental than those that accompanied the agriculture revolution-and those changes took thousands of years. They are more far-reaching than the changes of industrialization, which took nearly three centuries to transpire. Yet, deep and fundamental, massive though these present changes are, they will occur within the span of just a single life.

Properly understood, these changes and their coming have the ability to inspire a degree of hope and optimism unprecedented in the history of your race; for they spell the end of mankind’s subconscious condition and therefore portend, as the scriptures of the world foretell, an end to bloodshed, starvation, warfare, exploitation, and needless suffering. Continue reading

Earth Rovers R Us

Life is a virtual reality game, and consciousness is the computer that programs, creates, and runs it. 

On that key point, two highly accomplished – and highly conscious – men of science agree.

Treat yourself to an excellent, mind-expanding chat between two luminaries who have integrated consciousness into their world views and their work: NASA physicist Tom Campbell & biologist Bruce Lipton.

Stay with it; just when you think you might be slipping into brain freeze from the ‘geek’ verbiage streaming at you, a concise, comprehensive line zings in that snaps it into a brilliant, coherent AHHH!! moment through which your awareness expands a little bit. I love those moments, don’t you? Well worth the 54 minutes viewing time. Continue reading

Duality & the Triune Force

‘Early wavers’ acknowledge Tom Kenyon’s enduring contact with the Hathors as clear, authentic, and reliable among ‘messages from beyond’ sources. He doesn’t publish many, but when he does you can be assured they are worth your attention. Here, true to form, is another message offering not only information, but additional tools for your ascension toolkit. Be sure to read all the way through Tom’s comments toward the end, as well, as they are equally illuminating.  ox ~W

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

You live in a dualistic universe. This is its very nature. It manifests as the principle of opposites in that forces tend to have equal and opposite reactions. This applies to the physics of your universe and to the very nature of dualistic consciousness itself.

This dualistic nature of your universe is being affected by the Time Acceleration that you are going through. One net result of this is an increase in duality or the polarization of human consciousness.

Polarized conflicts between nations, communities, religions and persons are on the rise. This unfortunate state of affairs is to be expected as planetary and galactic energetics increase.

Our message deals with a strategy for navigating through the difficulties of increased polarization. Indeed you may have already discovered that in some of your social circles there is a type of hostility and polarized views of situations.

The strategy we suggest is called the Triune Force.
 Continue reading

Planet Alert July 2012

I am feeling things hyper-acutely currently and find myself seeking solitude more than usual from all things “incoming.”  Perhaps the energies explained here are chompin on my personal energetic system, as well as sooo many things ‘technical’ lately. The commotion re: computers/hi-tech seems unrelenting. The Uranus/Pluto square is one of the forces with which we are reckoning, and it is a whopper. ~W

Planet Alert July 2012

on behalf of Mahala, published July 3rd, 2012

Are you prepared for lots of changes in your life and in the world?  In this article I am focusing on what the planets are doing because they are producing very intense energy. We do create our own reality and it is nice to stay in the energy of love and light, although sometimes it gets a little chaotic out there. If we stay peaceful we can watch the play in observer mode instead of being caught in the drama of it all.

There will be more drama played out for the rest of this year. The more intense the energy gets the more drama occurs. Continue reading

Events of Major Importance

This month’s message from Matthew is a whiplash synopsis of where we’re at and what’s ahead in this upshift from 3rd density into the 4th. I leave it to you and your own discerning soul to sort out the significance of the details of this information for yourself. Love & high forgiving vibes :) Whitehawk


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is our joy to tell you that a great deal of major importance is underway. Although some information that could be published very likely won’t be—namely, that a sizeable number of high ranking Illuminati are in line for arrest—most high level accomplishments are known primarily to the participating parties.

In various parts of the world, negotiations are ongoing between representatives of civilizations that are assisting Earth and some of the principals in your governments, banking, manufacturing, military, agriculture, mining, medicine, education, religions, transportation, entertainment—actually, every field that affects life in your world. Considering that spectrum and the level of attendees, you won’t be surprised to know that some within the Illuminati ranks are among them.  Continue reading